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  1. We have some out of town guest and would like to take a three day trip to the ocean and need a six place auto, van. Does anyone know where I can rent one? I've called several places and they all they offer is Five place Thanks
  2. I pulled up Superama on Google maps and there are a bunch in Guad. I did a 360 degree street view and it should be easy to find. Thanks for the info
  3. Thanks very much. I've made the trip to Costco dozens of time and never seen it. Must be a small store. Will plan to go there this week
  4. Did not know Superama had stores. Thought they were just online. Wonder if I could find the Superama store in Guad and have them order my flour and I pick it up a their Guad store. Right now, my only option is, to have someone bring it down from Texas. A trip to Guad would be much easer.
  5. Wish the "prudes" would all go back North. My wife and I love Chillin and go there ever chance we get. We always try and take someone with us that has never been there before. The kids do a great job and deserve all the help they can get.
  6. I tried to order from Superama.com. I ask the help of a Spanish friend and we located the Flour we wanted, but the site want me to set up an account before we ordered. We got error messages trying to set up an account. One message said that the Zip code of Ajijic was not recognized . It looks like most of their business is in Mexico City. Do you know if they will deliver to the Walmart store or my home in Ajijic? Thanks
  7. Just read in one of my Pizza forums that the 2014 World Pizza champion from Au won the Championship using Le 5 Stagioni flour. I'm going to try and get a bag. Not doing so good trying to get Caputo 00. Thanks for the info
  8. About given up on finding good Pizza flour in Mexico. I've looked , emailed and called 15 places trying to find Caputo 00 flour and struck out. My only option is to find a friend coming from the states to bring me a 50 lb bag.
  9. I've spent a lot of time researching home security systems. The system that are best use the cell phone. Almost impossible to disable. I have a large hidden horn that you can hear two blocks away. It's hard to imagine a theft will stay in my house with all noise going on. My alarm will also call up to five numbers. I don't call the police. The best system coming out is the Apple homekit.. This will be the system of the future and hopefully will be shipping in about three Months
  10. I looked at their website and they do have a lot of flour and one of them is for Pizza. However, there were no spec. I need to know the amount of protein in its content.
  11. I've been trying for the last several Months to find Pizza Flour here in Mex. I'm looking for high protein (13 %). I'm sure there is an flour importer somewhere down here. I would love to find Italian Caputo 00. I found a 50 lb bag in the states for around $50, but they wanted $128 to ship it to me. There would probably be duty on top of that. I want some good flour, but not going to pay $250 for a bag.
  12. Went to Coppel and had no luck. Today, made my Monthly run to Costco and they had a big bin of very nice robes. Went to the hot tub tonight and loved it.
  13. Not looking for the best price. We go in the hot tub ever night and with the colder weather setting in, be nice to have a good terry cloth robe. Wally world has a cheap version that is too small, even though the size is Grande. Will go there tonight.
  14. Where is Coppel located in Chapale? Is it located next to Soriana?
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