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  1. Casi NuevoThrift Shop has a used dishwasher. No warranty though.
  2. I can do that. I have some family coming from the UK at Christmas. PM me
  3. And Mexico sent 200 firefighters to BC to help with the wildfires this summer. Can't make that political!
  4. Thank you, that is a very kind offer, but I have just found a pair that will work. I appreciate all the help.
  5. Thanks, we haven't time for Mercado Libre although we have used it very successfully before. Same thing for Amazon.mx although their delivery times are amazing. I will check Walmart, Super Lake and the thrift stores.
  6. Does anyone have a pair of small binoculars that they would like to sell asap? We would like them for bird watching when we travel soon. TIA
  7. Thanks, that sounds like a worthwhile stop. Will go there first.
  8. Nice advice for someone in the future - doesn't help if the person having the job done 20+ years ago didn't leave any extra tiles. But they left us some extra of tiles that are no longer in the house!
  9. Thank you, we'll try that store. When we needed to match marble tiles, we went to stores making headstones etc. and found some similar.
  10. Does anyone know if there is a store lakeside or in Guad that handles discontinued, or old stock of tiles? Naturally we are trying to match or come close to some 20+ year-old floor tiles. TIA
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