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  1. In lower Chula Vista, we run out of candy about 7pm, after 300 kids, parents and grandparents. They bring little ones in a stroller with makeup on, really cute. They sometimes start by 4pm. But the streets are wide and safe, and they come by the car or truck load. They are having so much fun. Millions of smiles and lots of thanks yous in Spanish and English.

  2. There is a young man, looks about 16 and a little bit overweight, who is asking for a ride to San Antonio, possibly saying he has a sore leg. Two of my friends have given him one in the past week. Along the way he asks to be let out, saying he can make it the rest of the way. He then runs away and the lady discovers her wallet has been stolen. Once he carried a rather flat canvas bag, and the other time a small packsack and another see through nylon bag. Once happened from Walmart and once from Cristina Farmacia. Both times the purse was left between the front seats. Don't give this kid a ride!

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