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  1. And, believe me, the traffic problems generated by the lineups for the open ones were awful. It was a slow crawl up Patria from Lazaro Cardenas to almost Pablo Nerudo because there was an open station at Nationales Unidos.
  2. ladner

    ISO Bran

    Try The Granary in Ajijic on the carretera next to Gossips across from Ajijic Clinic. They sell in bulk.
  3. Best of luck. It is amazing what they can recover from.
  4. Hector Ladron is the only one I have found with the gel. I think it was about 1000 pesos for a month but the cat was kept in great condition and it is easy to administer. His people trained us to do the subcutaneous hydration. I get all the supplies from Farmacia Cristina for a third of that, but I would definitely go see him right away. You want your cat to be comfortable I'm sure.
  5. I don't know about kidney support drops but for my cat with no kidney function, we can get a gel from Ladrones that works very well. With either get or thrice weekly hydrations, he has lived about six years without kidney function. Gel is quite expensive, hydrations are cheap because we have learned to do them ourselves.
  6. I've seen them in Casi Nuevo thrift shop opposite 7/11 in Riberas.
  7. I have a cassette player that could be for sale or loan.
  8. In lower Chula Vista, we run out of candy about 7pm, after 300 kids, parents and grandparents. They bring little ones in a stroller with makeup on, really cute. They sometimes start by 4pm. But the streets are wide and safe, and they come by the car or truck load. They are having so much fun. Millions of smiles and lots of thanks yous in Spanish and English.
  9. Call the thrift shops. They often have them available for sale. I know Casi Nuevo did a while ago 376-106-2121
  10. Call the thrift shops. They often have them available for sale. I know Casi Nuevo did a while ago 376-106-2121
  11. ladner


    Abarrotes Mary, one block down Jesus Garcia from the carretera, gets bolillos fresh from a bakery in Ixtlaucan about 3pm daily. They are great.
  12. He has his sign up now. Very large over the garage.
  13. There is a young man, looks about 16 and a little bit overweight, who is asking for a ride to San Antonio, possibly saying he has a sore leg. Two of my friends have given him one in the past week. Along the way he asks to be let out, saying he can make it the rest of the way. He then runs away and the lady discovers her wallet has been stolen. Once he carried a rather flat canvas bag, and the other time a small packsack and another see through nylon bag. Once happened from Walmart and once from Cristina Farmacia. Both times the purse was left between the front seats. Don't give this kid a ride!
  14. At El Parque, it is a Taoist Tai Chi set preceded by Chi Gong exercises. Total about 45 minutes.
  15. Check Casi Nuevo. They had some recently. Across from the 7/11 in Riberas.
  16. Yes, Casi Nuevo is on the corner across from 7-11. Supports the School for Special Children.
  17. Lots of the thrift shops have them, not necessarily old and used.
  18. If you look back, you will find I did recommend two: - Dr. Eduardo Gomez Sanchez and Dr. Gonzales, both come to Lakeside
  19. It's always a good idea to check with your insurance company which surgeons and hospitals they have agreements with. Makes your claim a lot easier. Haven't heard of any surgeons to avoid locally.
  20. Dr. Eduardo Gomez Sanchez who comes to Dr. Leon's weekly, did mine at Hospital Country 2000 in Guad. Very happy with the results. I have also heard that Dr. Gonzales from Maskaras Clinic does a good job.
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