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  1. I am taking mine into the Canadian Consulate on Friday this week. They have promised that so long as they receive the ballots by Oct 15th, they will get them up north on time. If you want me to take yours for you, PM me.
  2. He sets up music/mic inputs and speakers both outside on the patio, and in the event room. He also has controls to moderate it during the event. It is Robbie Burns Night at the Real de Chapala.
  3. I don't know if he does houses but Alex Flores in Ixtlahuacan always sets up the sound for Burns night. It's a little bit complex. He speaks good English and answers his phone ‭(33) 1229 7113‬
  4. The Tepehua ladies make them too, so there is quite a good selection at Tepehua Treasures in Riberas.
  5. If people don't recognize "primavera" tree by name, it is the brilliant yellow tree flowering in the early spring. I think it is a Mexican native and disappearing rapidly.
  6. When we reported it to 071 about 9pm, some one else already had done so. Maybe the lower Chula vista area is broken up into a number of service divisions. We thought it was the transformer at the east end of Del Parque that went.
  7. Ours came back on after about two - three hours last night, but apparently the Del Roble area is still out.
  8. Cuca by Telecable in Riberas usually has them, or Flor Exotica.
  9. Gracias, Cecilia. It will be good to see you again
  10. The cashier in La Paz said that Cecelia told her she just didn't want to do it anymore. I miss her too.
  11. Chile Verde and Fonda Dona Lola both have signs. Hopefully polite people ask if it is allowed when there is no sign.
  12. Most of the thrift stores and bazars have them, many in great shape.
  13. I was just able to get online on my iMac now. It was changing pages in an odd way, and in fact didn't ask for my password, but still wanted the code from the token. I was able to change my password from 7 to 8 digits successfully. I have always had to use Chrome as the browser, not Safari for this site. I notice the URL is bbva.mx now. Good luck!
  14. Just checked based on what Computer Guy said and in the first three blocks in lower Chula Vista we have 19.6 down and 5.19 up. Never seen it that high before. They keep telling us we are getting new modems. I thought the Telmex tech had moved into the box for the last week. He was always there. But we aren't really feeling the difference. Maybe when we stream.
  15. There is a concert June 23rd, Sunday at noon in the Auditorio to raise money for the surgery for the wife of Alex Flores, sound engineer, from Ixtlahuacan. He has worked many charity events here at lakeside. The performers are excellent - The Ixtlahuacan Folklorico dancers, who have won state championships, Ricardo and Blanca, the Rondalla Anhelo, a men's chorus, and a very good mariachi group, Mariachi Centenario. Please come if you can.
  16. Does anyone have a pair of walking poles that I could borrow for a visitor June 22 - 30? She can't fit hers in her suitcase. Please PM me. Thanks
  17. Some years ago I had Carlos digitize some old photographs in slide format, but I have lost his contact information. He was working on his own. Does anyone know how to reach him?
  18. We've had good work from Francisco Nando at Las Salvias Aluminum 766-0454 or 331 769 6454 fluent English, worked in the US. Just west of Perry's Pizza.
  19. There has been a couple in a white pickup on the corner across from La Paz. He was squeezing fresh pineapple into juice, and she was passing out samples. Nothing added. Don't know if they are still there. Maybe they didn't get enough business.
  20. April 25th, Guad INM refused to do it for me so I had to find the INM in Mexico City.
  21. No sign yet, but there are embroidered blouses hanging in full view at the entrance. She knows she needs a sign put up.
  22. It's on the right hand side of Marcos Castellanos just below the church.
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