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  1. Can anyone give me a reference for Ideal Cleaners and/or Steam Clean? I know about Spring Clean, but I would like to get more than one quote. TIA
  2. Ours had similar symptoms. We took her to the vet. She has a chronic dermatitis that is responding well to special food, and a medicine.
  3. Thanks for that info. Street-side reuse is working. We love that!
  4. As we keep checking they are disappearing. Hope they will be replacements for someone else.
  5. We just had our solar water heater replaced and are left with old tubes to dispose of. Does anyone have any idea where they can be recycled? They are a bit hard to handle, not something we can do ourselves. Too long to fit in the car. Thanks for your ideas.
  6. He's still calling this morning. He hung up instantly when I said I knew of the scam. Called from 331 230 4780
  7. Thank goodness. For those of you needing it for lupus or arthritis or similar, a rheumatologist just told us that he expects Guad Farmacia will be getting a shipment soon. Go and get your prescription. Please don't go buying any in case of Covid-19, the hospitals will have it if you get that bad. If anyone out there has some left over or unneeded, please take it to a rheumatologist or your doctor to get it back into circulation.
  8. The Tepehua Sewing Ladies were making masks and selling them at Tepehua Treasures, but the shop and Community Centre are closed now.
  9. Yesterday Farmacia Maskaras had 40 boxes. Today none. What are the people to do who need it to stay comfortable with lupus or a nasty arthritis? Price is now up from 264 to 860 per box. Generic no longer available, and who knows if orders from the farmacias will be filled.
  10. I really really hope that when you find you don't need it for the coronavirus, you will give it to someone who has rheumatoid or spondyloarthritis who requires plaquenil (hydroxycloroquine) to live comfortably and hasn't been able to buy it recently.
  11. It is so scary to see you all talking about hydroxycloroquine. It may cause a run on the drug that is required for many people with rheumatoid and other nasty arthritises other than osteo. They won't be able to buy the drug they need to keep functioning. The brand name is expensive and the generic is almost impossible to find even now. Please stop this thread.
  12. I had mine done here in Guad. Didn't need any post-op physio as I had it for a month in advance. Much better result from what I've seen. Sorry I don't know total price, my insurance here covered it.
  13. Thanks, I didn't know any of them could do more than lead the horses through the village and along the edge of the lake. We can go look for him. I will also check where the horses are kept on Ramon Corona in SA. There used to be a place west of town where they did some charro.
  14. Does anyone know where one might get some riding lessons within reach of a bus? Our housesitter coming for May is asking.
  15. The Canadian Consulate does not offer any services in the Chapala/Ajijic area. They don't come out here periodically. To find out what you need to do you can call them at 333-671-4740. It is a very easy office to get to in Guad.
  16. Maybe all that is needed is your recipe for your version of the real thing. The recipe has certainly changed through the years here. It is difficult to make it in that quantity. But everyone does their best. Everything that night is done by volunteers trying to make it enjoyable for the guests. Not quite sure why you are all being so critical. So don't come if you don't like it.
  17. So are you offering to make it for 200+ guests at Burns Night this year?
  18. Walking in Cristiania Park last week, we noticed a roped off area at the car park to the north with what looked like two helicopter pads marked out.
  19. That's a wonderful photo of him, with his memorable smile. We will miss him.
  20. I'm glad you had a good day. I'm sorry if it is rare, I would hope for more for you. We stay because we, more often than not, experience good days in some ways. It is getting much more expensive, so it's nice to get a good deal. We used to think accomplishing one significant thing in a day was great, and more than one, fantastic. But service and availability of service has increased. So you had a fantastic day and that is super! I wish you lots more, and now expect them. After all, these people are smart and kind.
  21. SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCING - It’s old… it’s new… it’s social… it’s fun! Scottish country dance is the traditional social dance of Scotland It’s based on ancient folk dances, mixed with elements of ballet, influences from the Royal court of France and some overlap with Highland dancing. It was carried around the world by Scottish immigrants, workers, and Highland Regiments. It remains popular worldwide, in unlikely places such as Holland, Japan and Moscow, and anywhere the Scots went. Some people can pick it up on the fly, but the better way is to take lessons. It is challenging mentally and great aerobic exercise. Anyone who dances SCD will tell you “it’s fun!” Who: LCS members, no partners required When: Thursdays 11:15 - 1pm from Oct 17 Where: LCS Gazebo
  22. We are going to the Canadian Consulate on Friday October 11. If you want us to take your ballot in for you, call 376-766-2722.
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