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  1. Good idea I’ll suggest he do that. Thanks
  2. Does anyone know of a government service or a charity who can help with housing for a wheelchair bound man and his teenage son? His disability pension is tiny but he would be willing to work. His spoken English is fairly good. The son is at Conalep for another year. TIA
  3. Now that one I hadn’t read. Good thing the pandemic caused a pause of two years instead of the usual one. But I guess the bottom line is that no one can answer my question.
  4. Of course the side effects are not funny but I have known about them for years. I was asking about the local application and its cost. Thank you, AndyPanda.
  5. Funny, I wasn’t asking about the side effects of aclasta.
  6. Maybe they will be able to accept Canadian Insurances other than Provincial Health Care ie private insurance or veteran's or something. They used to be in Riberas on the lakeside of the carretera.
  7. Has anyone had an Aclasta infusion done by a local doctor? If so, what did it cost?
  8. Never mind, they will not accept patients with Mexican insurance, only US or Canadian. Nice new premises, though.
  9. Lakeside Med has just opened their new office today across from SuperLake beside Bellon Insurance. Can anyone recommend a primary care doctor there?
  10. This is all good information, thank you.
  11. Thank you, especially for the contact information.
  12. Since we sadly lost Polo from LCS, can anyone recommend a local audiologist?
  13. Can anyone give a recommendation for a really really good roof repair contractor? We need one who can provide scaffolding rather than working from ladders. TIA
  14. I was told by a GP who was there that they changed the aloha grouping today to A-L and tomorrow will be M-S, Saturday T-Z. But he assured me that he had asked and that G would be allowed tomorrow.
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