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  1. A reminder of the meeting with the mayor TODAY at 2pm.
  2. We were just there. Tacos al pastor. They have a special of 10 tacos for 80 pesos. That's enough for 2 people. It was very good. I love the bit of pineapple added at the end. No cerveza though, so if you want a beer you could get one across the street. The taqueria is located across the street from Pemex and opens at 6:30pm.
  3. Hi, since this thread is over 2 years old, I want to make sure the chapala plus directo to guadalajara via the Libramiento still runs from the ajijic ticket office near Colon every hour on the half hour. Gracias.
  4. We like the Parma brand hot dogs sold at Walmart. It has CHEESE in it!
  5. We stopped in this very nice coffee place after hearing good things. It's easy to find. As you head into Chapala from Ajijic, go straight through the light and it will be an attractive yellow building on your right on a corner. (1 or 2 blocks) It's called Historica Buenos Ayres Panaderia Argentina. They are open 8am to 2pm and closed on Sundays. The address is Morelos 152 and the phone number is 376-765-2504. They have another store in Guadalajara. (I took one of their cards) We took a long walk into Chapala from Riberas and this was the perfect resting place. We both had a perfect frappuccino topped with whipped cream and served in a tall glass. It wasn't too sweet. We also had their last baked item which they heated up and served to us. This was worth the long walk!
  6. Closest place to Riberas to get the tank for the BBQ refilled? Gracias.
  7. Does anyone out there know what day the trash truck picks up yard waste? Our gardener puts the yard clippings in large plastic bags and we put them out with the trash today. They took the trash but not the yard waste. Is there a certain day they will pick this up? Gracias!
  8. It has no sign yet, but is open. Coming from Chapala it is on the right hand side opposite the "La Huerta" sign. Rio Bravo and the caraterra. It is a long light colored building. No signage so my friend and I call it "Bed, Bath and Beyond" lol.
  9. I second Ajijic Suites. Very reasonable, especially in summer. Easy walk to village and you are able to cook in your room when you want.
  10. I found large pots at a good price at Rancho de Oro vivero next to the new furniture/housewares store. He doesn't have a large selection but the larger pots are reasonable. He speaks great English if needed. I also checked out the one behind Ajijic clinic and he has a large selection of sizes and was great for that odd shaped one I needed. A bit more money. Great selection of plants. He also sells the little dollies that you can put underneath for moving.
  11. Does anyone know a good place to buy large terra cotta pots at a good price lakeside?
  12. I bought Comal incense sticks at the "dollar store" 30p and they seem to work for purification. I am using in a house before we move in.
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