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  1. Are there places lakeside where gay men socialize? (Couples and/or singles?)
  2. I'm just beginning to realize the vast amount of video entertainment available via streaming. However: - Is there a clean, legal, long-term way for me here in Mexico to obtain the experience of a streamer in the United States? Thanks. ---- I've seen both VPN and "Smart DNS proxy" mentioned, and I suspect that VPN worked better in the past than now. Also, I've seen this web-site comment: - If you’re looking for a long-term fix to watch American Netflix outside USA, you might end up disappointed. (And that's just Netflix.) ---- By the way, my whole house
  3. PS: They naturally stay inside our (enclosed) property. Greg
  4. We have 5 cats and it is too much for us. We would like to find another home for two of them. They are sisters, a little less than 2 years old, orange tabby cats. They have both been spayed and are current on their shots. They are very affectionate with each other and with people. They have never been around dogs. They are indoor/outdoor cats, they use a cat box or go outside. They are used to dry cat food. If you or anyone you know might be interested in them, please contact us. Thank you, Paul (my housemate) 33 15 45 75 57 (387) 761-0254
  5. Thanks everyone! PS: The phonebook that I got my hands on has two clinic listings and two private listings for Ajijic. No Léon. No Lastra. PS: Why did I want a list of 20? To find a *good* one. (Okay, I've had some bad luck.)
  6. This note is a search for medical doctors. In the four years that we've been lakeside, we've heard of (and visited) Dr León and Dr Lastra many times. No complaints, but we are hoping to expand our two choices to something more like twenty. So: - Do you have a doctor to recommend? - Does a listing of lakeside doctors exist? - We're interested in doctors with regular office hours. (This rules out some or all clinics because the doctors rotate schedules.) - About language. I think that with patience on both sides, we could work with a Spanish-only doctor. However, from what we saw
  7. Oh, I forgot my promises! Well, I've got the impression that even simple data of a negative sort is treacherous in Mexico, so I will keep this very simple. In the big pianoforte store in Morelia, the pianos are not arranged for easy testing. On the other hand, the pianos sold by "www.magiapianos.com" are presented accessibly and, I would guess, lovingly. (Now, if they can just improve the sound of our C below middle C :-)
  8. In Canada, the store for TVs, amplifiers, speakers, cables, and such was "London Drugs". Other electronics like converters (and other stuff that this layperson didn't understand) could be found at Radio Shack and Circuit City. Well, yesterday (before we learned about "sound bars"), we wanted to boost a flat-screen TV's volume with an amplifier and cheap external speakers. But from where? Is "Best Buy" the right store for that sort of thing? Many thanks, Paul and Greg Weeks
  9. We've got our piano. After one bad experience in Morelia and one good experience (today) in Guadalajara, we are expecting delivery tomorrow evening. So, I can supply information about two local piano vendors; and I will -- after delivery tomorrow. (Is there an emoticon for crossed fingers?)
  10. Hi everyone. Since we were last on chapala.com we've been to Morelia, checking out a couple Acrosonic spinet pianos. [Awful details suppressed.] Now we are checking out lakeside people and Guadalajara stores. We are interested in the two people with pianos who have responded. Thank you, and we're in the process of following up. We're also interested in piano stores in Guadalajara. Any suggestions? (We've googled with little success.) Regards, Paul and Greg Weeks
  11. Please excuse my ignorance, but where is Barbara's Bazaar? And thank you for the information! Paul
  12. If you have a bank with a branch between Ajijic and Jocotepec inclusive, and if you like their service, please post the name of the bank. Thanks Greg and Paul Weeks PS: We're not pleased with out bank, and we'd like to switch.
  13. We are looking for a used upright piano. We are not interested in anything electronic. We had a Baldwin Acrosonic piano for many years and we were very happy with it. Neither Greg nor I are pianists. We enjoy having a decent keyboard in the house and I even sporatically take a lesson or two. Anyway, we're not looking for junk or for a concert level instrument, but rather something in-between. Thank you for any information, Paul
  14. I didn't, but my husband did. They said that subtitles and CC are controlled by the content provider, ie, the channel, not by SKY. I don't consider that to be conclusive, however.
  15. I would like Spanish-language television programs that have matching Spanish-language subtitles (or closed captioning). I currently have SKY. SKY has no captioning other than Spanish subtitles for non-Spanish programs. And there is no subtitle control. This is true even for channels like Univision and Telemundo that do have subtitles north of the border. Can I get better results if we switch from SKY to something else? Greg Weeks
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