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  1. Yeah, Mexico is an awful place. Why not go home? Can't afford it?
  2. I think your dish has to be aligned with the satellite. I doubt Joe Lunchbox can do that.
  3. You know what works for me? .. a change in environment or routine. It's called tipid turkey. Anything that directs the ritual, is part of the ritual, must go.
  4. Be careful a newbe is watching. I just wanted to confess I took Tramadol while in Thailand. I took it everyday. I didn't have pain, I had misery. The sense of well being I got helped me through it. I've taken a lot of different drugs. Cigarettes are the most addicting of them all. Any others were easy to kick. I swear, many people have addictive personalities. Shopping can become an addiction. So can playing golf.
  5. Best to talk to people in the daytime. Anytime before happy hour.
  6. My brotha from another motha. Never in the history of my time on Earth has there been so much American propaganda on the media. Go figure, everyone with a three-digit IQ should know by now 30-40% of US citizens are dumber than dirt. What's a politician's golden rule? Stay in power.
  7. I think they are in Mexico but I can't remember.
  8. For years the Mexicans have tried to show me how it's done. I always tell them, if I couldn't do it for my mother I won't be able to do it for you. Tied tongue. They say if you split a crows tongue he'll be able to talk. Maybe that's what I need. Can somebody recommend a good tongue doctor? On topic: Let's say two emergency patients just arrived to the ER, both with the same condition; a broken arm. One is a 10 yo girl, the other an 85 yo woman. A nurse comes out and tells the patients, "The medical staff will have a shift change in an hour. The on-duty doctor
  9. It's sarcasm. Everything there has been mentioned at least 4 times.
  10. Good one! Nobody has mentioned any of that.
  11. 36 years in country. A completed Master's dissertation in Mexican Family Values, WWU 1981. BA in cognitive anthropology, U of Washington, go Huskies! Grew up in East LA, 80% Mexican population. Mom was a polyglot and university prof., Spanish, French. First came here in 1950. 30 years in TEFL, 20 of those in Latin America, Most of those at Mexico's second-ranked university, El ITESO, and six years in the Marine Biology Dept at UABCS, TOEFL, English to Spanish textbook translator. Six months in a Mexican jail, San Juan del Rio, Michoacan. Three terms (Three months of
  12. What if you knocked and heard a faint voice .. Go away, let me die in peace. Would you respect that? I would.
  13. Call an ambulance. Tell the driver/dispatcher you heard some moaning and now there is none.
  14. Well put. Yes, it's a crap shoot. Boxing is fixed. Football is fixed. Horse races are fixed. But the Stork Market isn't? Everybody has a motive. The bigger the money the bigger the motive. The other day we were discussing the days of the New Peso devaluation. Now we all know those with a palanca knew a day before it came. Were any of us informed? The unconnected lost three zeros. I doubt anything NoB is that volatile. But Mexico is. So let those peace on Earth enzymes flow to your brain .. everything is going to be alright.
  15. Right on! It's rolling disclosure. They will disclose it the day after the WaPo cracks their nut. Hey, I'm just a little man. I could sit on the edge of a dime and swing my legs. I'm just happy that my grandson hasn't been shot at school ... yet.
  16. How about this Mod5? Where does this fit in? Just asking so I know what political correctness is for you. Please remember this was directed to me. This reporter sees this comment as a political correct way of saying, "I know, you don't, shut up."
  17. Now if that bar had one of those lil alcoves with a statue of Jesucristo ringed in lit candles you'd have bout everything you'd needed.
  18. So glad you pointed that out. I'll return the favor, honest I will. Saying the future is finally bright isn't a plug?
  19. Oh sure it is. With the cast of The Apprentice in charge how can we lose.
  20. 86 years ago 8.1 magnitude, 15 km depth Las Primaveras [Invernadero], Jalisco, Mexico 5 months ago 8.1 magnitude, 69 km depth El Palmarcito, Chiapas, Mexico 22 years ago 8.0 magnitude, 33 km depth El Colomo, Colima, Mexico 32 years ago 8.0 magnitude, 27 km depth Arteaga, Michoacán, Mexico 90 years ago 7.9 magnitude, 20 km depth Santa Catarina Roatina, Oaxaca, Mexico 86 years ago 7.8 magnitude, 15 km depth Minatitlán, Colima, Mexic
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