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  1. There is no indication consulates will be using UMA. For the past three years, minimum wage has gone up 10, 16 and 20%. Slowly consulates implemented these increases. They are just as likely to implement the 15% this year if approved. You will also find consulates are not consistent in the amounts they require for financials nor how it is proven nor even how to make an appointment. Each consulate has a web site although some are not current. FYI, consulates are not a part of Inmigracion.
  2. That is because they use minimum wage which likely goes up 15% Jan 1. If you enter with an expired visa you still have to convince immigration at your point of entry not to mark you tourist. Clients have done so but I prepared documents in advance which they had with them. Do not count on every immigration person at every point of entry to know the law. Once you enter as a tourist that is what you are. And people may disagree all they want. INM offices have different processes they follow whether you like it or not. In SMA for example, in some cases I can and have applied for TR afte
  3. Expired FMM Renewal Process in Mexico This is a temporary program and end date is unknown. Not all INM offices offer this process. If you are not in Guanajuato state and not available where you live but wish to renew your FMM you will have to come to San Miguel de Allende. The process will take about 2 weeks. Your FMM must be expired but by no more than 60 days. This is not a humanitarian process. There is a review fee 1365 pesos, FMM fee 575 pesos and a fine determined at time of submission to Inmigracion. Your FM
  4. Temporary Resident Visa Application In Mexico Not all Inmigracion offices in Mexico, may be offering this program. Please ask locally. If not, you may complete your process in San Miguel. THIS PROCESS IS ONLY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE A CURRENT HUMANITARIAN FMM TOURIST CARD THAT HAS NOT EXPIRED. THOSE FMM’S WERE ISSUED IN MEXICO THIS SUMMER. Names on passport and financials must match 10000%. Larry R Smith is not the same as Larry Robert Smith to Immigration. Financial requirements below are based on La Unidad de Medida y Actualización (UMA) which is currently 86.88
  5. Consulates use minimum wage. INM uses UMA. You will need your bank statements translated by a certified translator before you do anything. INM has two fees for the process. My web site covers this subject, re PR when one has not been a TR for a full 4 years. http://www.soniadiaz.mx/immigration---visas.html INM is PV is taking 3 weeks to process. I have an office in PV.
  6. Sonia


    Someone needs to do their research. Most cities in Canada have a lower murder rate than Merida. It has the same murder rate as Toronto. As well, in Mexico, it is estimated 90% of crime is not not reported and only about 2% goes through the justice system, meaning stats have even less value. It reminds me when someone states Ajijic has second best weather in the world.
  7. I know SRE in Queretaro where I am to submit citizenship applications is closed and when I asked when it may open I was told not this year.
  8. http://www.soniadiaz.mx/-employees.html
  9. All the INM covid exemptions have ended, unfortunately. From my FB which I posted today: The law says you may enter Mexico up to 55 days after expiration of a Temporary Resident visa. In reality, INM at point of entry will usually keep your expired visa and / or issue a FMM marked tourist unless you are able to convince them otherwise. If you enter as a tourist, the result is you need to start over, proving financials at a Mexican consulate. If allowed to enter and your FMM does not indicate tourist and you keep your expired card, you have 5 days to start the process at Inmigraci
  10. Sorry I just saw this. Teresa Sanchez represents me in PV and Riviera Nayarit. Email: marinvallarte@gmail.com. 322-303-2623. She is bilingual and great feedback from her clients.
  11. At least in San Miguel, and the rule exists with INM so it should be national, an expired FMM tourist card may be renewed with 3 fees. They total just over 3700 pesos. It is called regularization.
  12. I do not believe there is a time limit.
  13. To marry in Mexico, you need a valid FMM. The easiest place to marry is Mexico City as a gay couple. And to be sponsored by your husband again you need a current FMM. As to the process please read my web site under visas / family and marriage to a Mexican national. Your names must match 100000% on passports and marriage license. You obtain an apostle of your California marriage license. Then it is translated in Mexico by a certified translator. Next, register your marriage with Registro Civil. Finally, you apply at Inmigracion. It is easier than it sounds. I have more than 500 INM proces
  14. Consulates are not using UMA. INM in San Miguel uses UMA where applicable, such as a TR visa application after renewing an expired FMM.
  15. In San Miguel, I am obtaining every type of visa and expired FMM renewals in 4 hours or less. This includes consulate pre-approved visas, TR renewals, PR visas. A person, when prepared may renew an expired FMM in half a day and the following day have a TR visa for 1 to 3 years. https://www.facebook.com/www.soniadiaz.mx www.soniadiaz.mx
  16. It should not be an issue. In the same way I have has clients with fingers missing.
  17. Now in San Miguel and Riviera Nayarit, you may submit FMM renewal and any visa process (except a first visa with a consulate pre-approval) and you will have finger prints and visa all in same day. This is coming to all of Mexico. Expected later is the office will require appointments.
  18. INM is doing away with the need for infantile size photos. When one goes for finger prints and signatures they will also take your photo and eye scan. Once done, you leave with your visa. This is now in effect in San Miguel (and likely other INM offices) and in time throughout Mexico.
  19. Mexico does not require an onward ticket. If airline insists, buy a fully refundable ticket and cancel once on the plane. If one renews an expired FMM in Mexico, using humanitarian process, they may then apply for temporary resident.
  20. When becoming a PR after having been a TR, it takes longer as approval comes from INM in Mexico City. Similarly, when apply with a pre-approved visa from a consulate it takes longer than a renewal as your local INM checks with your point of entry to confirm you entered as per your FMM.
  21. In San Miguel, I have renewed 40+ FMM tourist cards, once expired. After renewal, Aduana in Queretaro will renew your TIP (car permit). Once you have your new FMM you may apply for Temporary Resident, again locally. I have had clients come from as far as Zihuatanejo and Ajijic to renew FMM's and TIP. I also have TR applications being processed using financials and this temporary program. Last year, in San Miguel, I had more than 500 immigration processes not counting my office in PV / Riviera Nayarit. www.soniadiaz.mx
  22. Mexican nationals are being turned back on the bridge in to the US. This weekend an American with a Mexican wife had his wife denied entry.
  23. Yes as always in Mexico. You may do so up to 30 days prior to expiration.
  24. Visa Expiration During COVID These are temporary programs and not all Inmigracion offices may implement. This process is available in San Miguel and where else, I do not know. 1. Visa Expires When in Mexico You may renew a Temporary Resident visa which has expired. There is no fine. There is no penalty. 2. Visa Expires When Outside of Mexico You may renew a Temporary Resident visa which has expired. There is no fine. There is no penalty. However, it is critical, when entering Mexico, that you
  25. Do you really think they did not weigh this option? Plus they have dogs and it is summer time.
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