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  1. Sonia

    Cost of Real Estate

    I do not understand why people are so off re number of expats in SMA. For International Writer's Conference, International Tango festival etc yes more expats visiting but I am talking about those living here. And the large "organic" market on weekends is popular with expats and nationals. On weekends maybe 3% of the people you see in the jardine are expats. As to traffic on special weekends yes crowded but we are in centro almost daily including weekends as we take our daughter to math tutor and most of the time doable except when a parade. There are many routes in to centro. When in Ajijic I do find major traffic problems and faulty traffic signals. We have no traffic lights. :-) http://www.soniadiaz.mx/san-miguel-de-allende.html http://www.webcamsdemexico.com/webcam-san-miguel-de-allende Internet speeds are all over the map. Many blocks around centro has new fibre optics and in the jardine and surrounding area free internet. Livetelecom for instance goes up to 20 mbps. The city has changed dramatically in 5 years. At one time for example many of the artists were mediocre producing what I call "tourist" art and now world class artists selling internationally. There is a link to some on my web site. People such as Michael Tolleson, Cathy Taylor and Marilo Carrilo plus many others are very talented and successful. Fabrica Aurrora has about 40 galleries, studios etc and there is a waiting list of many wanting to rent. La Luciernaga Mall (Soriano, Liverpool, etc) for years had several empty stores and only busy on Sundays. Now every space is occupied. There are now many places where even on a Monday evening you see 18 to 30 year olds with friends having a beer, wings, burger. There has been a huge shift in those while not wealthy having affordable incomes. Rarely do we see people looking for work but rather offices, restaurants and construction sites often have help wanted signs. I stress both areas are very different and each need to be explored. It is not a matter of one being better than the other but rather simply different with pluses and minuses. SMA has been very good to our family. My web site last month had 40070 views. I process more visas, INAPAM cards, Seguro Popular policies, driver's licenses than anyone here and I have learned much from my many clients. if you visit SMA pls let me know. I would enjoy meeting you.
  2. Sonia

    Cost of Real Estate

    Weather... Ajijic has 2 months of hotter weather, mid April to mid June with some installing A/C. SMA has 2 months of cooler weather closer to the temperatures of Guadalajara when a heat source is really appreciated. It is easy to go to a weather channel and confirm this. We also have been to Ajijic in late December and January and it can be cool but not as cool as SMA. In both places some expats head to the coast at the coldest times. The election difference is about 1000 feet. Expats: Ajijic has a higher density of expats vs SMA. The total population in SMA is ~190,000 and max. 8% are expats. On many weekends there is a huge influx of visitors. The expat community in SMA is much younger than in the past. Some have children of all ages and I have clients with as many as 4 children. Almost weekly we meet new families with children and also several single women unlike before. Real estate: centro is SMA is up significantly in price but as you go out further a major drop in price. But in seeing some prices in Ajijic it too can be expensive. This house is 13 minutes from centro and 3 from new hospital, movie theatres, banks, Soriano, Liverpool and schools. It is $230,000. The number of expats coming to SMA dropped after the US election for a year. The numbers are up some but many of the expats moving here speak Spanish and are from Central and South America and Spain. The large SMA growth in population is nearly all Mexicans and the city is booming with at least 20,000 homes under construction and approved. We will build a house starting in January with amazing views of the presa and centro. The land was 3000 p a sq meter wth all underground services, concrete roads and sidewalks. I doubt Ajijic would be less. Our architects are from Cuernavaca and very reasonable. A contemporary home with extensive glass, 10 solar electric panels, water softener, dual pane aluminum windows, solar hot water, extensive marble, heat pump and 6 mini-splits, dropped ceilings with hidden led lighting, 2 meter high walls, landscaping, plus many upgrades is $82 US / sq meter. The architects who will manage the construction, teach architecture and they have projects in many parts of central Mexico. I believe that cost is as good as anywhere at lakeside. Three developers have stated, when built, thanks to views and location re-sale price will be double. In summary not easy to compare lakeside to SMA. They are very different communities and where one has pluses, one has minuses. For anyone with a business, SMA has been very good to a lot of people including expats. And, it's central location to QRO, MXCity, Leon, Guanajuato, Celaya is making to extremely attractive to Mexicans. Comparing anything to 25 years ago is senseless or even 10 years ago when someone may have lived in SMA or Ajijic. I meet more expats than most anyone and a comment I ofter hear is the friendliness, the broad range of entertainment, the proximity to several large centers within a short distance and the inexpensive fruits and vegetables at local markets. There are several hot springs, 3 hospitals and some very good private schools. Throughout most of Mexico the variable is accommodations. Utilities, gasoline, produce, transportation all vary little. Out CFE bill for example is 300 pesos every two months and our property taxes with January discount is 900 pesos for the year. These factors all are important when considering real estate.
  3. Sonia

    vehicle legalization

    Agree totally. If anyone offers to nationalize a vehicle and the process is to be completed within days and / or it includes state plates including EdoMex the process has a 100% chance of being illegal. If you want to check out such a process go and ask your local SAT / Aduana office if it is legal. There is no process available today that allows one to nationalize a vehicle already in Mexico.
  4. I now provide Inmigracion services in Mexico City. Next will be a full range of services in Puerto Vallarta.
  5. Sonia

    vehicle legalization

    2009 and 2010, NAFTA made, at Laredo, ~$3000 US There is no other legal process today. AMLO our president-elect has signed an agreement with UCD stating he will be allowing nationalizing cars and a motion is already before the Deputies. We do not know the timing. The notice has been published in Milenio.
  6. Here are a book summary and links to our book on Amazon, book's web site and FB page: http://www.soniadiaz.mx/about.html Available as both Kindle and hard cover October 1.
  7. Sonia

    Mexico and China - the future is knocking

    Someone keeps deviating from the original post bringing in politics related to other countries. Statistics from the Office of the United States Trade Representative refute Trump’s claim of a trade deficit. The U.S. government agency said U.S. had a $12.5 billion trade surplus for goods and services in 2016, exporting $320.1 billion and importing $307.6 billion. And that is with a lot of exports from Canada of Kock brother's oil. So the words from the US President are akin to these recent words: I am done and I am sure this thread is too.. :-)
  8. Sonia

    Mexico and China - the future is knocking

    The United States enjoys a large dairy trade surplus with Canada amounting to $400 million dairy surplus with Canada. The Americans and other countries choose to subsidize to the tune of hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars, their agricultural industries including their dairy. The US has an over supply of dairy. in recent years there been an increasing demand for high-fat products, such as butter, so more milk is needed to produce it. But that leaves farmers with excess protein, which is where ultra-filtered milk comes in. Ultrafiltered milk, the product at the center of the dispute, wasn’t part of NAFTA and has been exported to Canada tariff-free since the trade agreement was finalized in the early 1990s. Effective April 1, 2016, Ontario changed the pricing for milk proteins, including ultrafiltered milk making it competitive with unfiltered mild from the US meaning US importa dropped. The U.S. dairy industry is off base because ultra-filtered milk is not part of Canada's supply management regime, and was created after NAFTA, which has allowed it to flow into Canada from the U.S. duty free. The U.S. claim of Canada dumping subsidized milk into its' market is unfounded. There are a lot of ways to compare and contrast the differences in milk and industries between the US and Canada. The most popular difference between the two countries is the use of recombinant bovine somatotropin, or rBST. What is that? Health Canada states that rBST is a synthetic version of a naturally occurring growth hormone. It is approved for use in the USA to increase the production of milk in dairy cattle, but is illegal in Canada. Why is this illegal for use in Canada? Health Canada determined that it did not pose a health risk to humans, but they also determined that it had negative effects on the health and welfare of cows. As well, Canada's maximum Somatic Cell Count (SCC) is also lower than the American standard. What is a SCC? It’s the total number of cells per milliliter in milk. Primarily, SCC is composed of leukocytes, or white blood cells, that are produced by the cow’s immune system to fight an inflammation. It’s a Canada measures milk quality. For example, a reduced count of SCC is associated with better quality milk. Often if the count is high, it means the cow might be sick. Canada maximum allowable is 400,000. Canada's provincial average is well below this maximum at 205,000. In Canada, each load of milk is tested to ensure it’s below that standard. In the USA, the national standard is 750,000, but the export standard is 400,000.
  9. Sonia

    Mexico and China - the future is knocking

    Blame American companies for not producing products in the US and American consumers are the one's buying Chinese products. Americans will keep buying and pay the higher prices. :-) Meanwhile: Chinese company producing Trump 2020 flags Buick, Range Rover, Volvo, etc all build cars in China and export to the US. I suspect Americans must be buying them. :-) Nearly everything trump family sells is made outside the US. lol As to Mexico it buys 4 x as much steel from the US vs what is sells to the US, yet tariffs. I suspect the numbers for aluminum are also in the US favor. As to China building relationes with Mexico it is because Mexico wisely has about 50 trade agreements with other countries. Therefore, it buys and sells with other countries with little or no duties. BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc all produce cars in Mexico much of which is for export. The post was about China and Mexico. Guess who made this topic "political" and included the US? Guess who will shut it down? :-) Give it a short time and "moderator" will close this too.
  10. Sonia

    Hotel in Matehuala

    hotel las palmas matehuala
  11. Sonia


    WOW: https://www.haaretz.com/world-news/americas/in-first-mexico-city-elects-a-female-mayor-and-she-s-jewish-1.6240123
  12. Sonia


  13. Sonia

    Peso Rate Alert

    Even after all the negativity by American newspapers that had done no research regarding AMLO the peso is stable. Mexicans have spoken through the ballot box. Viva Mexico.
  14. Sonia


    And in Mexico, when you get the most votes you win. What a concept. :-)
  15. Sonia


    As mayor, López Obrador implemented various social programs that included extending financial assistance to help vulnerable groups in Mexico City, including single mothers, senior citizens, and the physically and mentally challenged. He also helped found the first new university in Mexico City in three decades, the Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México. López Obrador (center) with former President Vicente Fox (left) and former México State governor Arturo Montiel (right). He directed the restoration and modernization of Mexico City's historic downtown, which has 16h–17th century buildings and a large number of tourist attractions. He led a joint venture with Carlos Slim Helú, a native of downtown Mexico City, to expropriate, restore, rebuild, and gentrify large parts of the area, creating attractive shopping and residential areas for middle and upper income residents. López Obrador used fiscal policy to encourage private sector investment in housing. He granted construction firms large tax breaks and changed zoning regulations to make construction projects more financially attractive. This led to the construction of more condominiums and office building during his tenure than during any other period in Mexico City history. New high density condos have emerged in the upscale neighborhoods of Polanco and Lomas. To improve traffic flow in the city's two main inner city roads, Periférico and Viaducto, he added sections of second stories to their existing infrastructure. The effect of this in aiding the traffic problem in Mexico City is positive. His favorable polling was 80% when he was mayor of a city of about 25 million people at that time, 1/4 of Mexico's population.