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  1. You think I do not know Spencer? Geesh I send him business regularly. He and his wife have been here in San Miguel with us. There have been times he has been unable to renew FMM's stating offices closed and FMMs were to be stopped at end of April. And he stated: "Immigration has been reissuing tourist visas for 180 days from date of issuance, not from the date that the old visa expired." That creates a huge issue for people when elsewhere they are issued with a full 180 days. Adios
  2. I have clients who come to SMA from Chapala to renew FMM's and car permits. The most recent was in the past week with no issues driving. And the point is which you missed is there is a huge lack of consistency when Spencer states INM is closed as obviously it is not elswhere!!! And there are options vs being illegal and car subject to confiscation and insurance null and void in the event of an accident.
  3. INM is open in San Miguel. So the post above is not relevant to all INM offices.
  4. In PV and Riviera Nayarit, new 180 day FMM's are being issued as humanitarian, for no cost providing a letter is submitted stating why needed. In PV they take 2 days. In Riviera Nayarit they take 2 weeks. There is no cost. Teresa who works for me, submitted as recent as this week. In San Miguel, INM renews FMM's taking 3 weeks and 3 fees. I have completed several and submitted as recent as today. At Aduana in Queretaro new car permits are issued either once one starts FMM renewal or when issued. In PV they will not issue new car permits. Yet, when calling Aduana in Mexico city car permits are to be issued but deposit lost. Ask for Ana Mora Aduana in Mexico City 1-877-448-8728 options 7 and 8. The others in the office are not as informed. I believe the rationale for issuing new TIP is based on the following. Article 106; Fracciónes 17.1 & 17.4, 17.1.- Para estos efectos la prórroga de la vigencia del permiso de importación temporal del vehiculo se acreditará con el documento oficial que emita la autoridad migratoria, sin que se requira autorización de las autoridades aduaneras; en este caso, el permiso de importación temporal se mantendrá vigente aún y cuando el importador haya obtenido cambio en la calidad migratoria de no inmigrante a inmigrante rentista, (Residente Temporal), siempre que exista continuidad en las calidades migratorias. 17.4.- En caso de que el trámite de importación temporal se haya efectuado mediante tarjeta bancaria, y la documentación esté completa, el responsable del CIITEV de la aduana que corresponda, procederá a informa al interesado que no es necesario la presentación de dicho aviso, en virtud de que su vehiculo se encuentra legal en el territorio nacional mientras continúe vigente su calidad migratoria, incluyendo sus prórrogas, ampliaciones o refrendos.”
  5. The FMM must be expired to be renewed. Then the TIP usually is renewed but it has expired so deposit is lost. There is no fee for the 180 day TIP extension. Some INM offices treated an expired FMM under the humanitarian regulations. I believe most or all of those INM offices have quit doing so including in PV where I have an office. In SMA, the expired FMM was treated basically the same as an expired TR visa. There are a total of 3 fees amounting to 3700 pesos. But it saves a trip to the border and it saves having an expired FMM and TIP except briefly. Remember if a FMM is expired, person is illegal and in the event of an accident insurance will not cover you. A person needs a valid FMM AND TIP to legally operate a foreign plated vehicle in Mexico. This I have confirmed with insurance brokers.
  6. In San Miguel once an FMM expires I am renewing them. And also TIP's are being renewed in Queretaro but deposit lost. I have had clients come from lakeside to do this.
  7. Not done from a computer. It requires presenting documents to INM staff.
  8. They did not merge. Seguro Popular is now called INSABI. Take your visa and a printout of you CURP.
  9. The Mexican consulates in Laredo, Brownsville, El Paso and Denver resumed activity Tuesday; Wednesday the consulate in Del Río opened; on May 8 the one in Douglas and on May 15 the one in Phoenix.
  10. There is no interview with INM in SMA. Nor does the person have to go to INM. Why INM is not consistent is beyond me. I have people coming from other parts of Mexico for new FMM's and TIP renewals.
  11. I submitted 3 FMM renewals today. The process here is a regularization and not humanitarian.
  12. Canada is ~10 deaths / 100,000 (3681 deaths) and 59,400 cases.
  13. The INM offices with no fees are processing the FMM renewals as humanitarian and they are taking 1 hour to 3 days.
  14. I am continuing to submit requests for new FMM's once a person's FMM has expired. In some places free and in some places fees. Also, Aduana at the Queretaro airport is providing new 180 day TIP's for those with a new FMM. There is no fee. All of this is done without driving to the border.
  15. I am continuing to submit requests for new FMM's once a person's FMM has expired as confirmed by INM staff yeesterday. In some places free and in some places fees. Also, Aduana at the Queretaro airport is providing new 180 day TIP's for those with a new FMM. There is no fee. All of this is done without driving to the border.
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