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  1. The amount is 575 pesos for a new FMM. The only issue is if one has been entering repeatedly and consecutively with a FMM tourist card there is always a chance on their next entry they are told to go and apply for a temporary resident visa pre-approval. It does happen, including immediate deportation from an airport in Mexico.
  2. 575 pesos for another at the airport and as noted go early. They will not give you another on a prior day. Let's hope there are flights then to your destination. www.soniadiaz.mx
  3. If you quit working for a Mexican company then you need to change your status with SAT to inactive and then inform INM within 90 days of having done so. If you got your entry / work visa in to Mexico by being sponsored and quit working for that company you may be told to leave.
  4. Spencer those who enter with a pre-approved visa have a permit for 30 days when they apply at the border. I am still waiting to see one who obtained aTIP on-line.
  5. At a very few INM offices after 4 years as a TR they do ask for proof of financials again. For some that is difficult as last year minimum wage went up 16% and this year 20% making the financials requirements harder to meet. http://www.soniadiaz.mx/immigration---visas.html
  6. http://www.soniadiaz.mx/-employees.html
  7. Thanks Spencer. I wonder if those with a pre-approved visa will have a 30 day or 180 day TIP? Up until now those who ordered a TIP on-line, even though pre-approved at a consulate were receiving 180 day TIP's.
  8. All consulate web sites are down and have been for 4 days. All of the Canadian consulates have raised their requirements 20% in keeping with the change in minimum wage. My web site has the requirements based on the law. Now I am waiting to see what the MX consulates do in the US. As to spousal amounts some consulates want the same full amount for both and others offer a reduction. There is no consistency. You may have to wait until consulate web sites are up again or contact them. I suspect maybe they will be standardized. Then again maube that is wishing for too much.:-) soniadiaz.mx
  9. The senate denied allowing nationalizing other than at the border. The senate dances to the tune and bribes of the powerful auto dealers.
  10. Mexican nationals living abroad may obtain a TIP as per here: http://www.soniadiaz.mx/vehicles.html
  11. The person who produces that record in Mexico City was ill and then died months ago. Since then I am not aware of any records being issued. As to re writing test I had a client do it twice in one day and he passed the second time.
  12. http://www.soniadiaz.mx/citizenship.html
  13. http://www.soniadiaz.mx/immigration---visas.html
  14. In several states one must be a citizen to obtain Seguro Popular. This includes the states of QRO and Guanajuato. Several of my clients go to Puerto Vallarta where Teresa who manages by business is able to obtain 3 years of SP. Coverage is national. At least in Guanajuato state I am told some time in December Permanent Residents may apply for Seguro Popular. The only one who will gain in challenging it will be the person who you pay to ask. In some states such as Nayarit the rules even vary from one SP office to another. www.soniadiaz.mx
  15. It is a must that as you enter Mexico you obtain a FMM marked CANJE. Your FMM and pre-approved visa must be date stamped.
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