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  1. Of course no politics until it suits one person who will give a final comment and then close the thread. So for those ranting, please educate yourselves. A lot of those travelling from Central American could be discouraged if their country was given aid and means to fight the corruption and violence. The cost would be likely no more than the cost to process and manage all the asylum seekers. https://medium.com/s/story/timeline-us-intervention-central-america-a9bea9ebc148 https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/dec/19/central-america-migrants-us-foreign-policy https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/qvnyzq/central-america-atrocities-caused-immigration-crisis https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/trump-migrant-caravan-where-mexico-honduras-guatemala-central-america-a8597741.html Asylee vs. Refugee Though the terms are sometimes used interchangeable, asylum status is not the same as refugee status. The difference is procedural in nature. Refugee status is only available to persons applying from outside of the United States. Someone seeking refugee status must apply for it to a USCIS overseas office. An asylum seeker is one who is physically present in the United States or is at a port of entry. https://www.rescue.org/article/it-legal-cross-us-border-seek-asylum Is seeking asylum legal? Yes, seeking asylum is legal. Asylum seekers must be in the U.S. or at a port of entry (an airport or an official land crossing) to apply for, or request the opportunity to apply for, asylum. "There’s no way to ask for a visa or any type of authorization in advance for the purpose of seeking asylum,” says the International Rescue Committee’s director of immigration, Olga Byrne. “You just have to show up." "While the administration is saying people should come here legally and follow a legal process, it's making it impossible to do so,” says Byrne. “So many individuals and families have been trying to follow a legal process, but instead they’ve been stranded in Tijuana or other northern Mexico towns because they have been denied access to any U.S. official.” Yes those seeking asylum need to be discouraged from the long trek, the dangers in doing so and the endless process of asylum but there are ways to help their countries especially after the root cause of what they are fleeing was a result of foreign intervention. Happy Easter Sonia
  2. Sorry I have little knowledge of a fideicomisso.
  3. Please read Buying a Car In Mexico: http://www.soniadiaz.mx/vehicles.html If buying a car "imported" make sure it was done legally as many were not and some have DF plates meaning totally illegal.
  4. Here is info re: CURP and RFC http://www.soniadiaz.mx/etc..html
  5. You would not ask the Mexican consulate regarding working in Mexico as you will be denied a pre-approved temporary resident visa. Once you have a temporary resident visa fully issued in Mexico you may apply for permission to work. That is not expensive. The fees are on my web site. You would first need to register with SAT for taxation before your work visa. As to your business model, as the others noted, unfortunately, the chance of success is extremely poor. Come and explore different places in Mexico including San Miguel for livability relative to your lifestyle and expectations. Only then would I recommend you consider business models. There are opportunities here and some expats have had amazing success so do not be discouraged. Also, on my web site you will see the requirements for a temporary resident visa and our book comparing various locations in Mexico . www.soniadiaz.mx
  6. Start by registering with SAT. To do so I recommend retaining an accountant as there are so many classifications and you will also need to be shown how to report income even if it is "0", etc. Then apply at INM for your permiso para trabajar visa. The INM process is similar to a visa renewal. You will need to provide INM with your proof of SAT enrolment including cedula. http://www.soniadiaz.mx/immigration---visas.html
  7. Finally ..... 2016 - 2000 now and soon also 1990 - 1999 http://www.soniadiaz.mx/nationalizing-cars.html
  8. Vacation pay for part-time workers is required by law. Aguinaldo is NOT!!! LEY FEDERAL DEL TRABAJO
  9. Part time staff may be paid but not obligated to be paid Aguinaldo.
  10. Diclofenaco is to be taken with food and if taking it for any length of time do regular blood work to check liver and kidney function. This from a friend and excellent Canadian doctor.
  11. http://www.soniadiaz.mx/-employees.html On a related note, when selling a home at least in San Miguel notaries always make sure the maids, gardeners etc are terminated to ensure the buyer of the house is not required too pay severance from the date of employment at the property. This is even when the buyer of the property plans to retain the employee.
  12. Sonia

    Seguro Popular

    Update for QRO... today a friend went for SP in Queretaro. She needed her CURP, Queretaro state driver's license and recent utility bill. They did not want her passport nor her visa. If no QRO driver's license they wanted proof she was a citizen. In Mexico, the greatest consistency is inconsistency,. :-)
  13. Rick in the past the 89 vehicles I nationalized were from many parts of Mexico. Yes I work with UCD and the person in charge of the program for all of UCD in Mexico lives nearby. The program will be for cars, already in Mexico and we anticipate a lower cost.
  14. Sonia

    Seguro Popular

    We believe once signed up you will have coverage for the duration of your policy. Not using it to this point should make no difference.
  15. We had an agreement with AMLO almost a year ago, if he was elected, he would again allow nationalizing of vehicles located in Mexico. Based on a discussion last night, SAT has approved nationalizing. They are determining costs, model years and NAFTA vs non-NAFTA. We believe we are weeks away from nationalizing cars starting with those who have patiently been waiting. I have no other answers but we are very optimistic. My web site www.soniadiaz.mx has a page dedicated to this subject and there I will post updates. saludos Sonia
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