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  1. In several states one must be a citizen to obtain Seguro Popular. This includes the states of QRO and Guanajuato. Several of my clients go to Puerto Vallarta where Teresa who manages by business is able to obtain 3 years of SP. Coverage is national. At least in Guanajuato state I am told some time in December Permanent Residents may apply for Seguro Popular. The only one who will gain in challenging it will be the person who you pay to ask. In some states such as Nayarit the rules even vary from one SP office to another. www.soniadiaz.mx
  2. It is a must that as you enter Mexico you obtain a FMM marked CANJE. Your FMM and pre-approved visa must be date stamped.
  3. INM has not for 4 months plus, processed visa history requests nor time out of country and may not for rest of year. So you have lots of time to prepare. SRE in some cases will waive this requirement so all the more reason to record exits and entries.
  4. Correct except you do not get in the Mexican citizens' line.
  5. A spouse may sponsor as a temporary resident for one year and renew for one more year. Name matching on marriage license and passports must be identical as per my web site under "when sponsor is a permanent resident". http://www.soniadiaz.mx/immigration---visas.html
  6. Obviously you missed the point when I stated i response to: "but it is up to you to be able to list your exits and returns. They will check the details and add up the time out of country, confirming that with any existing FMMs and passport stamps, etc." You do not provide that to INM!!!!! And SRE accepts what INM provides. Does SRE ask for copies of course. I have processed several citizenships.
  7. Not true. The first step in citizenship is asking INM for a letter which includes history of visas and time out of country in past 2 years. INM does that without looking at your passport, FMM's are any other documents one has. They do not even have your passport. The letter is generated in Mexico City. And on a side note INM in Mexico City has not processed such a letter in 4 months since the person who does the letter died. I have processed several of these letters.
  8. Not true. They do not ask for receipts, tickets, nor even see your passport at the time one requests time out of country for the purpose of applying for citizenship. Nor is this a role of SRE.
  9. If one has a travel letter it is very difficult at Tijuana to obtain the necessary stamp when you leave Mexico and when you return. But it is a must. If not your visa process will be cancelled.
  10. As a temporary or permanent resident one is to complete a FMM each time you leave and enter Mexico. There is no rationale for stating it only applies to one exiting by plane. And, to suggest they are thrown in the garbage is a typical myth reported by someone who was told by someone who knew someone who saw it happen,. Try applying for citizenship after you complete a FMM when leaving and not turning it back in when returning. Since you may only be out of the country 6 months max in past 2 years when applying for citizenship you have a huge issue. www.soniadiaz.mx
  11. You may want to read about buying a car in Mexico here: http://www.soniadiaz.mx/vehicles.html
  12. My web site which averages 40000 views per month will answer your questions. www.soniadiaz.mx
  13. Federal noise law: http://www.dof.gob.mx/nota_detalle_popup.php?codigo=5324105
  14. Only a TR or PR with a fully issued visa may obtain SP. And in many states SP is only available to citizens. SP is available to visa holders in Cuernavaca, Puerto Vallarta and one of the SP offices in Riviera Nayarit. Other may answer regarding at lakeside. In it not available to non-citizens in the states of Queretaro nor Guanajuato at all. RVGringo answered re cars.
  15. You can have any screen name and it does not mean you live there. Others have also questioned your location and your attitude. Really odd you tried 60 times according to you ... mmm.... and did not discover how to make an appointment. The SRE web site for appointments which I use several times a week for clients rarely has issues.
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