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  1. There is nothing to obstruct the signal and there is voltage on all lines at the LNB
  2. Thanks johanson I have known time was running out for the Shaw satellites but it was very strange for those 2 channels to switch off like a light turned off. Our channel list still shows the 2 channels and others that we don't get and are supposed to get oh well I guess the demise of Shaw Satellite is on the way. Thanks Out ! but my cables are 1 year old and I have checked with volt meter and they are fine, and by the sounds of things wont be needing them much longer.
  3. The channel 175 is Global Saskatoon Sask. and the 176 channel is CTV Saskatoon Sask. and the dish is a 75E with the XKU LNB.. Not sure what the package is called but it is of limited size, and Shaw says they are on our package and we should be getting them but of course they don't know we are in Mexico. We have always had them until one night last week.
  4. As there have been a few Shaw topics of late I thought I would give it a number. One evening last week we were watching Channel 175 which is ctv Saskatoon then switched to 176 and then it came on as satellite has lost reception, I then tried the bed room tv and when I switched to 176 it came on as as lost satellite signal. I went on Shaw site and did a chat and they said the dish was out of alignment and they would have some one out the next after noon to adjust the dish but sadly had to decline the offer. So I had Ajijic Electronics out to adjust the dish but they could not do any thing as i
  5. Just out of interest in this topic I was a coin machine operator for some 30 years . Out of some 400 units on the road we operated some 70 juke boxes which were in the area of 50 s 60 s 70 s 80 s and were Rock-Olas as they were the best to have on location 200 miles from home.I tried Seeburgs and Wurlitzer but they were high maintenance and not to have to far to go to service. The Rock olas will endure many miles of travel with out a problem . If you need some assistance with problems I may be able to help.
  6. Well what can I say We have the most wonderful park owners They have a very nice bathroom and showers A great location wonderful view, quiet area and a great town with pretty well everything we need. Handy to the airport easy to get to Soriana or Wal Mart It is quite new and things are still developing
  7. We live here at RV Park Chapala
  8. Check out RV Park Chapala on the internet it is not in Chapala it is 2kms from Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos on the Chapala Guadalajara highway
  9. You might wish to check with Gustavo at Ajijic rv park on Rio Amazonas at the corner withRio Chamela he might put something together for you his phone # 33 1352 5125 a nice location just on the west edge of Ajijic
  10. Arturo at the plant pot place there is supposedly looking after the place.
  11. We bought carpet and underlay at Home Depot in Guadalajara a couple of years ago. They didn't have a knee kicker so had to order one in so if some one needs one I just happen to have one.
  12. We crossed at Columbia back in April and went to fill out the forms the fellow handed them to us and saw that we had Resident Temporary cards and took back the forms. He then informed us that we don't fill out the forms anymore and then stamped our passports. Same thing when we came back in Oct. no forms just a stamp in the passport.
  13. I have been picking up new ones at Superlake they generally have one on the shelf and not at an inflated price.
  14. Thanks to everyone for your advice and info, I have just been trying to make sense of this importing thing and all the different costs. Also didn't know the vehicle had to be less then 10 years old. So I guess I give up.
  15. All is well,but why is the cost so high on something you say is of no value. No I am not married to the car but I know the history and the service and low mileage and yes it has leather seats and all the rest of the goodies and I like it I don't need a new car with whole lot of new gadgets I would never use. Basic transportation is all that is needed. A few years ago we exported a motor home from the U. S. to Canada , no cost to export but in Canada at the border we paid the tax, done no brokers involved. As some one mentioned to use our local people in Ajijic, well we tried that and that is w
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