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  1. As explained before in other threads they don't want to risk invest their money into something if they aren't sure if there are enough customers. That is why they want some prepaid customers for the first year. It is only a small company and it would set them a few years back in time if they would do the construction and not enough people would contract them. Telmex and izzi have loads of money and still don't invest in lakeside. Ilox just want to know there are enough customers willing to pay. The constructioncosts are much higher then those 300 prepaid customers they want so most likely they are already financing the construction with banks. And just don't cancel your telmex for some time until you are sure it works fine.
  2. They use the infrastructure of telmex. So they also offer the same speeds as telmex and even telmex people come to your home to connect the cables. Only a sky person will bring in a modem which has a slightly different firmware then the one of telmex (basically just an other logo on configuration page). So speed depends on telmex in your neighborhood. Don't expect miracles about getting higher speeds.
  3. I recommend checking once a month or something like that the website http://gobiernoenlinea1.jalisco.gob.mx/vehicular/ if you have any tickets to avoid the late fees and avoid other hassle.
  4. This is where you go wrong, you have no idea how much an AC or heaters spend in energy. Only one of them using only a few hours a day would bring you into the DAC scheme which would costs over 4 pesos each kwh which is 5-6 times the costs of the first 280kwh in normal domestic tariff. Also you don't need to double your kwh to pay the double. The CFE tarifs are devided in 3 tiers. The first 280kwh you spend each 2 months are under a peso per kwh. After that it triples the cost per kwh. So the first 280khw cost the same as the next 90kwh. Your difference in price is only a difference of 120kwh in difference with previous months which could be anything. No need to buy and turn on 2 freezers, AC, heaters and tv which would put you way up in the DAC tarif which you would pay thousands of pesos. I took an old CFE recibo of 2014 and compared that with the one i received yesterday and hey surprise, the cost of the first 150kwh went down from 0.795 to 0.793 pesos per kwh. The cost of the next 130kwh went down from 0.966 to 0.956 pesos per kwh and even the exceeding kwh went down from 2.826 to 2.802 pesos per kwh. You and i and everybody else who are not in the DAC scheme are all paying the same per kwh in these tiers so it is impossible to pay more money without spending more energy. So post a picture of your recibos if you think i'm wrong but i'm sure you spent more energy then previous periods.
  5. Posting what you pay makes no sense at all if you don't post also what you use in kwh in those periods.
  6. Going outbound of Guadalajara on Lopez Mateos and you want to take periferico South, they are constructing the same thing and it will open somewhere in 2018 and they will eliminate that cloverleaf too once it's done. The remaining two coverleafs will stay the same.
  7. The entrance to the west is now before passing periferico. Now you have to take the exit to the South and right away before merging onto periferico there you will find on your left side the exit to the west. It has its flaws but it really helped merging onto periferico west.
  8. Axtel had a internet service by antenna but not by satellite. But that service was even way worse then telmex the last few years and it was only an option for those where no other internet service was available. Axtel now offers only fiber optic internet which is a good fast and reliable internetservice but it's only available in some big cities.
  9. As said most likely it is not the fuse which is bad, but hanging telephonewires or trees over the main wires. The same happened to our neighborhood where a fuse popped out three times a week. They never changed it. But it got fixed by clearing all the main wires of trees and telephone wires which were making a shorts and popping out those fuses. In the racquetclub I saw several places where trees and telephonecables are interfering with the electricity wires and most likely causing those poweroutages. If you want to get it fixed, show those points to the CFE people or to the board of the RC. Otherwise it will never be fixed and the outages will continue forever.
  10. Maybe not much help but it is most likely the only way to get it fixed. Those at CFE don't have the time to check all the cables. That is why all the neighbors in our neighborhood had to check for situations like this for them selves to can point them out to the CFE.
  11. Most likely a tree or something else (telephone cable) is somewhere in the neighborhood pushing the cables together which are hanging in the street making a short and forcing one of those "cuchillos" at the transformers going down. Happened with our neighborhood too. We as neighbours had to point to someone of the CFE some of those problemspots so they could cut those trees or telephonecables so the cables didn't make any short anymore. Since then we hardly ever had problems anymore. So go walk around the neighborhood and and try to find those spots where trees or other cables are pushing down/up the electricity cables.
  12. The only way to get telmex and izzi making real investments is by adding an other provider to the market as i mentioned in this thread long time ago. That's what happened in my neighborhood. It was until axtel and totalplay entered my neighborhood with fiber optics when telmex and telecable made their services much better. It is nice to see Tom found ilox as a new provider to enter the market at lakeside.
  13. Angus, your picture is of the crossing Chapala-gdl highway and macro. The picture of Rick's is of Lopez Mateos and macro crossing.
  14. Just check Google maps and turn on the traffic layer. When there are problems everything turns red on and around the airport.
  15. Unfortunately it is still far from being standard to put it underground. This year Telmex put in zapopan new cables on the existing poles. Also Totalplay recently put a new main fiberglass cable on the poles. Nothing underground however.
  16. I could help with setting up and sponsor the hosting of a new page. Besides that I could also automate most of the data so manual actions would be much less necessarily. Only someone else would need to buy and put up a weatherstation at their location.
  17. Recommended speed for Netflix 4k is 25mbps and even then you might get problems with streaming so actually you would need at least 30mbps to don't get bufferproblems. HD streaming shouldn't be that much of a problem but still depends on the area, 4k streaming however the internetspeeds are still too low for that at lakeside.
  18. Seriously, if you expect tips from riders you are having the wrong job. One of the main reasons people use Uber is the price and that's why Uber exists anyway. So tipping makes it more expensive which is not why people use Uber. Besides that I hardly ever carry cash with me and you can't tip in the app so tipping is not doable in most cases for me anyway.
  19. And if I see a driver gives me a bad rating because of this I give this driver a 1 star rating. If enough people do this Uber removes this driver from the system. Fair warning.
  20. In Mexico you can't or tell me where you can do this?
  21. Tipping when going to the airport and when they help with the suitcases I would totally understand. But when they start using the cellphone during driving like the last few times happened with us then they don't need to expect a tip of me. On short trips I never tip.
  22. As far as i know you can't tip in the app in Mexico. The only way to add a tip is paying it in cash. Most people in Mexico don't tip uber drivers so your list might get large. What would be the purpose of this list anyway??
  23. As far as I know when you are already in the Uber they don't change the price anymore. But if the traffic is already terrible at the moment before you order the Uber it tells you you will be charged an X factor. Especially when there just passed a rainstorm the prices go way up. If that is the case better wait an hour or so until the prices are back to normal again.
  24. Also free WiFi available, no telmex login whatsoever needed, pretty good signal everywhere in the airport except for the boardingroom downstairs.
  25. Just a thought, not an idea to inform also with axtel and totalplay about those costs? Those two companies also deliver high speed internet (200mbps symetric and 300mbps asymmetric), telephone and television in Guadalajara. Maybe it won't be much of a difference in price, but getting a third company would help much in getting things speed up and more stable. For example I can choose between five companies in my neighborhood and the quality of all five is excellent.
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