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  1. Sky uses telmex as provider. So no difference between Telmex or Sky internet. It doesn't use satellite for the internet service.
  2. People don't complain about it because they didn't vote for him although those will shout louder ofcourse, but actually most of those people also all agree this was highly necessary. But the main reason people complain (and not only those who didn't vote for AMLO but also those who did vote for him) is the fact there is zero communication. First of all they simply denied there were shortages and that most gasolineras had gasoline, until a few days ago they finally told they were wrong about it. ok you admit you were wrong, but then at least try to resolve the problem but they don't. They don't have any idea about how much time this situation will continue to take, they only repeat don't panic. Why they don't send more gastrucks to lower the shortages etc etc? Get some trucks from states with no shortages, rent trucks or whatever. There simply doesn't arrive enough gasoline to Guadalajara. 15 million liters is needed every day, they knew this since the beginning. Only about the half is arriving, ofcourse people start panicking, the situation is getting worse every day. There was already one week shortage in several states when the shortage also started in Guadalajara last weekend. And in that moment the responsible secretary of energy starts to twitter about a soccer game... I mean WTF?!?!?! Instead she should be working her ### off to get those shortages somehow resolved. Of course people start to complain. Of the 6 gas stations around me and where i pass to the school of my children me only one has gasoline all day and that line is enormous, I don't even bother losing hours of my time there. All others are closed. Sometimes other gas stations get gas but it gets empty within 2 hours. A teacher of my children was waiting in line for 5 hours last night to get his car filled up and arrived to the school totally exhausted. The main issue the people are complaining is the bad communication and even after two weeks the situation is getting only worse and no end is in sight.
  3. I use Solaris for many years now and totally happy with it. One side note though with solar heaters, buy a bigger one then recommended. So if you need one for 2 people, buy one for 4 or 6 people for example. Otherwise you might run out of hot water now and then. When you have a bigger one you hardly ever run out of hot water.
  4. The wire of axtel from the pole to the modem is fiber too. One string is metal to pull, the other is fiber. There are a bunch hanging in my street of old connections and you can clearly see the fibers. Also with remodeling of my house I had to cut the cable and could see the fiber. They had to come over to install a new fiber. Axtel, totalplay and ilox all use fiber to the modem. Telmex I'm not sure up to where.
  5. The advertised speed will be 100mbps up/down. I have the same one of axtel. It has fiber all the way to the modem. Ilox will be the same with fiber till the modem.
  6. If I remember correctly the international waiting room expanded to this old terminal 2 building now but it is all part of the same terminal now. On the other news, new direct destinations from gdl to Albuquerque and Charlotte, NC are being added in November by Volaris and also Charlotte by American Airlines from January (seasonal)
  7. That was terminal 2, but has been closed for at least 2 or 3 years now.
  8. Same terminal as all other airlines.
  9. Only when trees falls on those cables and take them down, otherwise no affects at all ofcourse.
  10. 2. Same account. Just try to log in, and you'll know right? 3. Not sure if us card works. Mexican debit card should work, no pin required. I would say again, just try. 4/6. Not sure why you want to ship it to DHL office unless you work there? Often it isn't shipped by DHL but an other transporter. So shipping it to DHL seems unlogic. 5/7. Shipping cost and time depends on the item, you can choose the shipping method when ordering and you'll see the total cost and time before you confirm the order.
  11. Megacable is not Izzi. Both are seperate companies and competition to eachother.
  12. There is, cost is 119 pesos per day
  13. I've got tiled my roof too. The first part about 10 years ago and still no leakage and no maintenance needed. Other part of the roof two years ago and also no problems with the rain. I will never choose anything else then tiles.
  14. I have an induction cooktop and didn't notice a much higher electrity bill. It is somewhere arround de 800 pesos per 2 months but most of it is because heavy computer use and some older refrigerator. An induction cooktop use way less electricity then normal electric cooktop as it heats way more efficient and much much faster. I'm pretty sure i spend less money then when i was still using a gas cooktop.
  15. There is a offramp headed to Colima, no need to find a retorno.
  16. Tomorrow is May 29th. The celebration is June 29th which is a friday.
  17. No, also not possible anymore. They closed that crossing too. You need to leave to the carretera again. There is no way to keep making circles without leaving the airport completely. I did see a few people looking for a spot to make the circle but they were forced back onto the carretera.
  18. The minimum is nowhere near $800 US. These are available: ❏ Ilox Triple Plan 50 (75 Mbps first year) total $9708 MXN ❏ Ilox Triple Plan 250 (300 Mbps first year) total $14748 MXN ❏ Ilox Doble Full VOZ y DATOS 50 (75 Mbps first year) total $ 7188 MXN First two include internet, telephone and tv. The last one only telephone and internet.
  19. Recently they closed the roundabout which makes it impossible now to go in circles arround the parking lot. Looks like this helped pretty much with this congestion. The last two times i went to there with the roundabout closed was a heaven compared to previous times which was complete chaos. It is still busy but nowhere near the craziness of before.
  20. Check your spam/junk folder. Mail with all the information of Ilox got sent arround february 12th I think they sent them all together to all who were interested, I don't think they sent them depending of your location. It was a general mail with the information no matter where you are located. After responding with the necessary documents they responded within a few hours with the contract and other info to complete the subscription.
  21. For family of 4 we have a solar heater of 280liters. It is bigger then advised but it only runs out of hot water about two times a year after several rainy/cloudy days which rarely occurs. Use if for showers, laundry and washing dishes. So we don't have any gastank anymore as it isn't worth it for less then 5 days a year we run out of hot water.
  22. All 20 and 50 pesos are still all valid and still can be used to pay with. Some older designs are in process of retirement but if not taken to the bank you can still use them. Modeeper you are talking about the old pesos. These 20/50 pesos of giltner68 are however the new pesos but with older designs.
  23. The triple also has telephone. On their website you'll find those plans mentioned in the mail and what is included.
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