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  1. One of the best climates, yes, but not perfect. These days are hot. Even Mexicans complain about these hot days. And Ferret wasn't complaining but giving suggestions how to keep your house cool which is more then helpful especially as lot of houses here don't have good insulation. If you see that as complaining you really must question yourself not other people.
  2. Twice a year is only for cars that are marked for heavy use, like taxis, buses etc. Cars with normal use only have to do it once a year.
  3. Yeah computer tech here too. Not sure why to bring that up? im aware facebook is everywhere on websites. So basically what your conclusión is what was i was saying, it depends on the brand/model of phone. Just don't go for some cheap phone which are heavily sponsored by some company just i said. I have android phones and never got any popup on any phone i have which this post was about and how to avoid them. But the number of ads on websites are basically the same on apple or android if i compare them on both type of phones, the origin of them i really don't care at all. If Zuckerberg has some billions more or less i couldn't care anything. If it wouldn't be him it would be some other evil company. It would be naïve to think apple doesn't make money with some kind of tracking/ads in some kind of way. Just choose your phone wisely whether it be android or apple which don't have any sponsored apps on it and you shouldn't have any ad popups. But i'm not going to limit myself switching over to apple just because to make sure zuckerberg makes a tiny bit less money as Stream suggested to do. Then just take dumbphone if you are that afraid of tracking or that some guy makes money from you using a smartphone.
  4. what has Zuckerberg to do with google/android? It depends of the user and brand/model of phone. Nothing to do with only being android. Sure there are some cheap android brands with ads which you should avoid, but all android phones i had never had any ads/spam and used them without any problems.
  5. I use it for many years now for both, paying and receiving money. Never had any issue with it.
  6. It is the paymentsystem of mercadolilbre. So you should be able to use it without problems.
  7. Cars from other states need or temporary permission (limited days per year) or need to do the testing just like Jalisco plated cars. Depending on the last digit defines the the month when you need to do the testing.
  8. Never heard about this rumor and not true anyway. No test needed for flights within Mexico.
  9. They are expanding the airport right now. New runway, new terminal, hotel and about the double amount of parkingspaces. Some things should be finished around 2024 others a few years later.
  10. They take photos there. It takes about 1-2 hours to receive the passport after the pictures are taken.
  11. Av. 20 de Noviembre #545, Colonia Nuevo Fuerte Ocotlán, Jalisco, CP 47899 Also available on the same site where you need to get an appointment where also a map is available with the stations: https://citas-verificacionresponsable.jalisco.gob.mx
  12. Only by appointment right now. Check https://citas.sre.gob.mx/ to for available appointments. If none available check every day few times a day as available spots run out fast. We did it about 2 months ago and had luck after one week trying and got appointments at the office at Plaza Patria. Other website with more info and to create appointments by phone: https://guadalajara.gob.mx/gdlWeb/#/detalle/233/Evita-fraudes-en-tramite-de-pasaportes
  13. Most likely it will be sent by Google yes. I have several accounts and one by one they are getting this 2step authentication. As it is sent completely random by computer to each account they don't look at those dates like thanksgiving or Christmas. Some accounts I have already have 2 step, others not yet. 2step isn't that much of a hassle, it is only used when you need to login again on a new device or when you are logged out on your current device. And basically requieres to click yes/accept on a already logged in device like your phone to login on a new device. Otherwise you won't notice any difference and does give extra security. But do check when you start the process setting up 2step if the domain is google.com or gmail.com or other google related domain.
  14. Well you didn't say it the first time so how would I have to guess it? After that you seem to make a big problem of it for I don't know what reason. Next time if you don't need help with a problem tell your problem and say you don't need help, or simply just don't post on a forum or just ignore the answers.
  15. No why don't you just stop posting if you don't want answers/help? Or you don't understand what's the point of a forum?
  16. Yes it is pain in the a** to can contact them. If you are able to at least login and you can get to the help menu (Ayuda), choose the following: - Configuración de mi cuenta - Dudas sobre validación de mi identidad at least there you should be able to send a message to them which they normally answer (if it is available to you because that also seems to be different to each person). Then you will still need the luck of getting a smart person. If not, well better find an other platform.
  17. I know exactly what policies changes as i get notification by mail and by app for each change as i'm a seller too. But this policy already has several years, not months. The only thing what changed lately which affects buyers directly is the minimum price for free shipping, which was $399 and changed to $299 in December of 2020. But even all of 2020 was the same policy only different minimum price. Again, no need to be rude to people who are trying to help you when you started talking about your problem and especially not after just 1 or 2 times answering. I can't read your mind you only want to tell your problems but don't want help to solve them. Not sure why you were telling this problem on this forum then. And even then if you don't want to listen, my answer can still help others who don't know how to get free shipping. It will help more then your outdated experiences.
  18. Wow, I only answered two times trying to help. Not sure why the anger? Again, add 4 or 5 cans to the basket (or any products as long as the total of the same seller gets over $299) and you pay nothing of shipping. No need to contact the seller about it. As shown in the image i attached, shipping is free when buying 5 cans.
  19. I'm not wanting discuss just wanting to help as I'm both a buyer and seller on ML Put 4 of those cans in your basket and the shipping is free. I just tried in and it says free shipping just paying for those cans. The system of ML automatically adjust the shipping price, no need to ask the seller. And free shipping above a total of $299 is always true when bought from same seller or for products marked as Full. There are only a few exceptions but those are rare mostly large items or marked as dangerous goods or in some cases a product is put on a wrong category. Otherwise there is no way a seller can sell items of $299 or more without including shipping.
  20. With ML shipping is always included when your total of the same seller (or buying products marked as Full) is $299 or higher. Only exception are mostly oversized items or not included destinations. Sellers can decide if they include it to the products when its price is lower than $299. But if it is higher they always have to include shipping. But it isn't very convenient to them to change prices to include shipping as any price change can affect their position in searchresults. Also it happens too often a buyer asks things like this and then takes hours before buying it which can affect their normal sales. They can't adjust the price to include shipping only for you. You can better ask the seller if they can make an extra publication of the same product but with shipping included but that is only necessary for products of less then $299 and no shipping included. And the price difference between the seller paying shipping or the buyer paying shipping is at most $30 for smaller items so it won't be that much of a difference anyway. Other option is to look for an other product of the same seller to complete the $299 and in that case ML will absorb the shipping cost.
  21. It is possible with passport and permanent visa. But you must have the luck when contacting support to get a not stupid person who understands the situation and don't answer a standard response. It can take several tries but eventually there will be one who will accept passport/visa.
  22. That would totally depend on the model of your phone. I use android phone and get messages instantly and so all other Android phones we have. While my brother had an iphone and didn't receive messages instantly and on the end basically he didn't receive them anymore even after a factory reset and had to buy a new phone. It has nothing to do with android being silly it just depends being an older or newer or better model of a phone no matter if it is apple or Android phone. The only reason we have an ipad is for the school of the children where they demand to be an ipad basically because of the apps being available on it. But otherwise I would never have bought an apple device because of all the limitations it has compared to android devices which is for me way more silly.
  23. Yes but those malls are basically already up en running, this one is about to open and is on Mariano Otero not on Lopez Mateos.
  24. The mall is Distrito La Perla, situated on Av Mariano Otero. Roughly between av Patria and av Lopez Mateos, nearby plaza del sol. Liverpool is the first store to be opened. No other stores are open yet. The Liverpool store in plaza del sol has been closed as they move the store to the new mall.
  25. But is the answer to the question. And the IDE was in that time for everyone with Mexican bankaccounts.
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