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  1. On the website you can find all the prices and info https://www.ilox.mx/iloxhogar/index.php/paquetes https://www.ilox.mx/iloxhogar/index.php/servicios/tv-digital Not sure what other info you can't find on the website?
  2. 5G mobile has nothing to do with the 5G (5ghz) on this modem. Just coincidence it has the same name.
  3. What could be a solution maybe is change your dns servers manually to or maybe the dns servers of ilox aren't that fast which could lead to this kind of problems. Ofcourse this is if you didn't do this yet. Could still be an other problem, but i got similar problems solved with this solution in the past.
  4. Also it might be possible you can choose the audio language of your ilox digital box. This was possible on Telecable digital and also axtel tv which both worked with a digital box where you could change the audio somewhere in it's menu. (So not on the menu of your TV)
  5. If you have a monthly plan yes, but it sounds to me ezpz has a prepaid plan.
  6. Looks like the route is canceled after june. The planes between gdl-abq were only 28% full. Also on their promotion calendar of 1 or 2 weeks ago they didn't show information for july-march 2019 on this route so i think it is safe to say it is canceled. Personally i don't mind flying with volaris. Most of their flights aren't that long anyway so i don't care cramped seats especially if it means i can fly directly in stead of making a transfer. Other than that no much difference in other airlines.
  7. As far as i know you can't pay a year in advance. The longest a saldo is valid is 1 month, no matter how much saldo you put. So what i think what happened is you paid for a whole year but they put that money to your saldo all at once which expired after one month. You can reactivate the unused saldo by adding more saldo to your account but that will also expire within 1 month or less depending with how much money you reactivated your saldo. You should check how much saldo you have at https://www.mitelcel.com/mitelcel/login there it will tell you how much saldo you still have and when it expires and other information about your plan.
  8. Yes the one at Rafael Sanzio. When you go shopping at Costco or Mega, the cashier will now ask you for your parking ticket and give you two hours of free parking if you buy a certain amount of stuff at Costco/Mega. No need to stamp it as soon as you enter the building. It isn't that big of a deal, just don't forget to give your parking ticket when you pay your stuff with the cashier and you won't have any hassle at all. The problem was many people who visit Plaza GalerĂ­as parked at the parking of Mega/Costco leaving few parking spaces for those who went shopping at Costco/Mega.
  9. The old ramp isn't open and won't open again. Use Google maps in either case you don't understand completely. It gives the right directions: https://www.google.com/maps/dir/20.5860103,-103.3193903/20.5881531,-103.3260336/@20.5888426,-103.3239742,17z/data=!4m2!4m1!3e0
  10. If I'm not wrong, you now take the ramp to the east which now get you to periférico where they made a crossing with lights to go to the left (west).
  11. Just google ilox tv and the first link will get you to it. https://www.ilox.mx/iloxhogar/index.php/servicios/tv-digital But as said above, ilox tv is not the best service for television because there are many other better options. But most will use ilox for the higher internetspeeds which should be much better then other options available lakeside.
  12. Sky uses telmex as provider. So no difference between Telmex or Sky internet. It doesn't use satellite for the internet service.
  13. People don't complain about it because they didn't vote for him although those will shout louder ofcourse, but actually most of those people also all agree this was highly necessary. But the main reason people complain (and not only those who didn't vote for AMLO but also those who did vote for him) is the fact there is zero communication. First of all they simply denied there were shortages and that most gasolineras had gasoline, until a few days ago they finally told they were wrong about it. ok you admit you were wrong, but then at least try to resolve the problem but they don't. They don't have any idea about how much time this situation will continue to take, they only repeat don't panic. Why they don't send more gastrucks to lower the shortages etc etc? Get some trucks from states with no shortages, rent trucks or whatever. There simply doesn't arrive enough gasoline to Guadalajara. 15 million liters is needed every day, they knew this since the beginning. Only about the half is arriving, ofcourse people start panicking, the situation is getting worse every day. There was already one week shortage in several states when the shortage also started in Guadalajara last weekend. And in that moment the responsible secretary of energy starts to twitter about a soccer game... I mean WTF?!?!?! Instead she should be working her ### off to get those shortages somehow resolved. Of course people start to complain. Of the 6 gas stations around me and where i pass to the school of my children me only one has gasoline all day and that line is enormous, I don't even bother losing hours of my time there. All others are closed. Sometimes other gas stations get gas but it gets empty within 2 hours. A teacher of my children was waiting in line for 5 hours last night to get his car filled up and arrived to the school totally exhausted. The main issue the people are complaining is the bad communication and even after two weeks the situation is getting only worse and no end is in sight.
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