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  1. After migration in Mexico City you can pick up your luggage go through customs and leave them on a transferband for transfers right after that. But on an other trip it also happened no pickup was needed but suitcases were anyway checked (and opened if needed) in Mexico City for customs. If they do open the suitcase they they leave a note in the suitcase. So it changes every time.
  2. Not true. If you already have a driving license from other state/country then written test must be done anyway because rules are some different in every state. What you might skip is the driving test but it depends on the person who decides that. But you won't need to give up your existing driving license.
  3. Mine also in juguetron, bp gas stations and other companies. So?
  4. Soriana only bought most Megas and Comercial Mexicana and a few distribution centers but Fresko and City market wasn't included in that deal.
  5. They do own Mega. But Fresko and Citymarket are owned by the previous owners of mega not by Soriana.
  6. The governor of Hidalgo turns out to have coronavirus. They met each other about 10 days ago. That might finally woke him up.
  7. Restaurants and movie theaters are only 25%-50% occupancy allowed. Schools are already closed in Jalisco. Bars are already or are going to be closed, he did far more then most other politicians especially the president who is still hugging everyone.
  8. In this video they give some more info about taking carretera a Chapala from periférico but of course things can be changed meanwhile.
  9. They are constructing roughly from carretera de Chapala to López Mateos, from López Mateos to av Guadalupe and from av acueducto to carretera a Tesistán. Both directions at all of these sites are affected. Maybe more to the north there is an other part being worked on.
  10. Right now there are several parts of all periférico being constructed. At those construction sites they closed all the lanes of one direction. All the traffic is being redirected on the lanes of the other direction leaving only about 2 lanes each direction. So both directions are equally heavily affected.
  11. https://censo2020.mx/ They won't enter to your house. They will only ask about 10-20 questions from what I remember the last time.
  12. Yes it is a new highway but still under construction. Construction was (or still is?) however paused for some time. The old one will become double lane one way to Guadalajara and the new one will be double lane to Manzanillo. However no date of when it will be opened.
  13. Only cardnumber shouldn't be a problem. Doing this several times each month without problem and many people do the same when i need to pay them. Just be sure they don't get exp date and security numbers of the back.
  14. On the website you can find all the prices and info https://www.ilox.mx/iloxhogar/index.php/paquetes https://www.ilox.mx/iloxhogar/index.php/servicios/tv-digital Not sure what other info you can't find on the website?
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