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  1. If you don't mind Spanish, on Youtube there are several official streams with live events and repetitions https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqfCJBfrFSO4tZM1LNZTBFQ
  2. If you push that ok/center button a menu should popup. Totalplay mentions on their facebook and twitter pressing that center/ok button twice to open up the language/subtitle settings, while some other people mention other ways. But as I don't have access to a totalplay tv at the moment, I'm unaware of the exact procedure. Might also depend on each tvsetup. Just try it out by pressing buttons, it should be possible to change the language basically on any tvprovider, (i never encountered one provider where it wasn't possible at all, telecable, izzi, axtel, megacable, sky etc. it all worked), it almost always depends on the tv channel if it is possible or not.
  3. A friend of me has totalplay and he can choose the language without problems, he wouldn't choose totalplay if he couldn't do that. The same goes for a cousin of us, she also can choose the language. I specifically asked her one time about that as I was thinking about getting totalplay one time. And basically every remote has that button (the one in the center of the left right up down buttons), otherwise get an universal remote control to solve the problem.
  4. You should be able to change the language of some channels to the original language of the movie/program by pressing the ok button while being on the channel and then choose from one of the menu options. That is what totalplay explains at least and i also remember to be with several people who had Totalplay and had the channels in english.
  5. Im certainly sure. I can check the mails of the my children's school to confirm it. May 1 2019 and may 1 2020 were both celebrated on may 1st and not any other date. They never moved that date.
  6. That is true for some holidays. But May 1st never moves to a Monday even if it falls on a tuesday-friday.
  7. I don't blame him. My wife works in vacation rentals, and many people thought it was a puente this weekend for some reason, so even my wife started to doubt.
  8. Well, even he is lawyer he can still be wrong. May 1 doesn't move to mondays, never had. The list above does mention it correctly which days are celebrated mondays and which not.
  9. True, but it also depends much of the school/city/time etc. The public schools in my neighborhood in gdl are really bad quality and to be honest, it will make your life much harder further on the road in the University. So my kids are going to a private school. Especially in the beginning it was economically hard for us but it is worth it. Especially now this past year with the pandemic they only missed about one week of school, the week of March 17th 2020 when they closed all the schools. It took our school about 3 days to start with the online classes while public schools in our area basically never got any lessons anymore for the rest of the schoolyear. Now, our kids are physically back to school since March while public schools are still with online classes. At the public schools they would be way behind compared to the private school and totally not prepared for the university even without the pandemic. My Mexican wife went to a private school for the same reason, only the university she went to a public one which was better, but she wouldn't be able to enter the public university if she went to a public school first because she would be way below the needed grades. While on the other hand family in Mazatlan went to public schools that were good quality there and they even got english classes which in that time was rare for public schools. So it totally depends on where and when you go to a public school. Is it possible with public schools to get a good life? Sure. But depending on the quality of the public school it will make your life so much harder or easier. And in many cases it makes your life harder.
  10. Well try out it yourself. I don't think that there are too many people willing to wait for hours in line only to be turned away because of address especially when they repeated it over and over they will only vaccinate those from Guadalajara. But anyway, basically they already ran out. Today they gave numbers to the people who were still in line today to come back tomorrow Monday which are the remaining vaccines they have. Only those with a number will get one of the remaining vaccines. Tomorrow is the last day for this batch which was originally planned for Tuesday but they sped things a bit up. The batch for Zapopan from some reports might arrive next week but nothing sure yet, but I would wait for that one in stead of gambling going to Guadalajara.
  11. He was going to cancel it, but canceled those plans when covid arrived.
  12. Used Dalton at Patria/Vallarta. Horrible experience with two different cars. I have no experience with the one of lopez mateos.
  13. Those direct flights you mention are cargo flights. No passenger flights. There are no nonstop/direct passenger flights from gdl to Europe. There were plans starting one to Paris or Madrid maybe. But obviously with the pandemic these plans has been put on hold.
  14. With Banamex they send the replacement cards to my address during the month the old ones expires. I imagine other banks will do the same.
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