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  1. That would totally depend on the model of your phone. I use android phone and get messages instantly and so all other Android phones we have. While my brother had an iphone and didn't receive messages instantly and on the end basically he didn't receive them anymore even after a factory reset and had to buy a new phone. It has nothing to do with android being silly it just depends being an older or newer or better model of a phone no matter if it is apple or Android phone. The only reason we have an ipad is for the school of the children where they demand to be an ipad basically because of the apps being available on it. But otherwise I would never have bought an apple device because of all the limitations it has compared to android devices which is for me way more silly.
  2. Yes but those malls are basically already up en running, this one is about to open and is on Mariano Otero not on Lopez Mateos.
  3. The mall is Distrito La Perla, situated on Av Mariano Otero. Roughly between av Patria and av Lopez Mateos, nearby plaza del sol. Liverpool is the first store to be opened. No other stores are open yet. The Liverpool store in plaza del sol has been closed as they move the store to the new mall.
  4. But is the answer to the question. And the IDE was in that time for everyone with Mexican bankaccounts.
  5. There was a 15000 cash deposit limit (IDE). If you got above this limit the bank withheld some taxes about 2%. This rule has been removed in 2014 and was only for cash deposits. Nowadays the banks only have to inform SAT about cash deposits to your accounts which SAT will use to compare with your tax declarations.
  6. Yes but only for second dose. They don't do first dose of pfizer anymore in gdl. Only Astra and a chinese one from now on.
  7. If you don't mind Spanish, on Youtube there are several official streams with live events and repetitions https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqfCJBfrFSO4tZM1LNZTBFQ
  8. If you push that ok/center button a menu should popup. Totalplay mentions on their facebook and twitter pressing that center/ok button twice to open up the language/subtitle settings, while some other people mention other ways. But as I don't have access to a totalplay tv at the moment, I'm unaware of the exact procedure. Might also depend on each tvsetup. Just try it out by pressing buttons, it should be possible to change the language basically on any tvprovider, (i never encountered one provider where it wasn't possible at all, telecable, izzi, axtel, megacable, sky etc. it all worked), it almost always depends on the tv channel if it is possible or not.
  9. A friend of me has totalplay and he can choose the language without problems, he wouldn't choose totalplay if he couldn't do that. The same goes for a cousin of us, she also can choose the language. I specifically asked her one time about that as I was thinking about getting totalplay one time. And basically every remote has that button (the one in the center of the left right up down buttons), otherwise get an universal remote control to solve the problem.
  10. You should be able to change the language of some channels to the original language of the movie/program by pressing the ok button while being on the channel and then choose from one of the menu options. That is what totalplay explains at least and i also remember to be with several people who had Totalplay and had the channels in english.
  11. Im certainly sure. I can check the mails of the my children's school to confirm it. May 1 2019 and may 1 2020 were both celebrated on may 1st and not any other date. They never moved that date.
  12. That is true for some holidays. But May 1st never moves to a Monday even if it falls on a tuesday-friday.
  13. I don't blame him. My wife works in vacation rentals, and many people thought it was a puente this weekend for some reason, so even my wife started to doubt.
  14. Well, even he is lawyer he can still be wrong. May 1 doesn't move to mondays, never had. The list above does mention it correctly which days are celebrated mondays and which not.
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