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  1. STOP.... don’t try to open it. Just delete.
  2. We have always played it safe and had a wills for both countries. US assets on US will and Mexican assets on MX will. And yes, after that many years have passed I would get new US wills drawn up. Rules and laws change. Also, depending on the state you may need to have the US wills notarized and witnessed. Years back a Texas based will had to be filed with the state somehow. They don’t do that now. I email our TX attorney every few years to say hello and see if laws have changed and we need to update things. But then, I’m not retentive, I just like things tidy!
  3. Oh Mark sorry, it was sarcasm not bigotry, being that I am gay myself. The folks in most of the upper eastern USA are calling me the snow queen right now. Just trying to have a little fun at my own expense.
  4. Everyone knows that climate change is controlled by the gays. They have more power than you can imagine. Go ahead, try and tastefully decorate your house without one.
  5. Yes I do. We left MX to care for my ageing mom, not for crime. We were mugged, burglarized and vandalized while there but didn't leave for those events. But now that we are gone I would only return if my spouse insisted and just for short visits with friends. I would never invest in property there again. Just my opinion. Not trying to say it would bethe right thing for all, just my family. I know there are many who would never want to return NOB and I respect and understand that. The weather is great. Can't say I miss the scorpions much.
  6. isn’t RT the propaganda rag from Russia?
  7. A service who’s time has come! it’s always wine-o-clock somewhere.
  8. Please explain how a populations ethnicity works into this? False flag?
  9. https://www.focus-economics.com/countries/mexico
  10. Okay, that worked, sorta. Checked the box, scrolled WAY down to the bottom. The screen turned gray and then I scrolled back up to the top where a message asked me if I was sure. I said yes and it deleted. All that scrolling has made me thirsty so it must be wine-o-clock!
  11. I went to inbox and put in check mark. No trash can will appear.
  12. Okay, I applaud you for upholding a true Mexican family tradition. Keep up the good culinary work. Viva la Bisbee!!!!!!
  13. Ianos, my turn now, with each of your progressive post of yours you are just sounding more and more like a narcissistic jackass. Do yourself a favor and Netflix and chill. when Jan(?) opened 4 we loved it and went often. Once she became less involved we lost interest.
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