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  1. Just delete it. No way should you reply or especially hit the link. All kinds of mayhem will follow.
  2. So, Michael Ray, what are you thinking now?
  3. You are shallow and offer lame advice. No teen would EVER want to live lakeside.
  4. I call bs on this OP all the way! Delbert Botts Moose Jaw, Canada
  5. What has your daughter done to make you want to do such a cruel thing to her? Unless this move is being forced on you, give it up. She will never forgive you.
  6. I have no idea. Even a valet key will start the car.
  7. I’m not sure how to properly reply to this.
  8. Anything from breitbart is by nature one sided and prejudicial.
  9. No it wasn’t. Glitter is deplorable.
  10. If someone would, please tell Ismat that Chucho says hello (Chucho is our doggie), that we hope all is well and that we are still stuck in Texas. We were Thursday Gossip’s regulars but it has been almost four years since we were in town. Everywhere we went people would ask “where is Chucho?”. One day at Gossip’s I overheard another diner whisper to her friend, “that’s the most famous dog in Ajijic”. We got a chuckle from that.
  11. Duckiedear, can’t you just overlook it? No one made you open it.
  12. the SSA will never come to your house or email you. Be careful, you may be about to be taken advantage of. Never just trust, always investigate.
  13. Sounds like a dish or receiver problem. Not the tv.
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