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  1. WOW! I am impressed. Good for them.
  2. Don’t get discouraged. What goes down will mostly come back up in time. Just hang in there.
  3. It could be the beginning of a new career for both of us!
  4. You are so right, please forgive me. I am sure China did lie. But, the orange posterior is visible from orbiting satellites for all to see.
  5. China lied, okay. China didn’t lie, okay. Donald is still full-o-crapola.
  6. Then why did you bother to respond grumpy?
  7. https://www.wcax.com/content/news/Tiger-at-NYCs-Bronx-Zoo-tests-positive-for-coronavirus-569394791.html
  8. Sure, let’s make it together! What fun!
  9. Yes he was. Forgive him for he is shallow.
  10. Follow these simple steps and you will have no problem with social distancing.
  11. And lots of old goof balls too. Just sayin’😁
  12. We once bought a house that had been vacant for a long time. One bird pair had built a nest on the patio fan blade. We removed it and all was well until spring came and the pair returned. We sat on the patio a lot so when they would show up with a load of mud I would turn the fan on. It took about a week but they finally gave up and moved on. I hope it wasn’t to any of your patio fans!
  13. OMG at first I thought it said swallow detergent! WHAAAATTTT!
  14. Hmmmm, most who get infected only have mild symptoms. Some, no symptoms at all.
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