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  1. When I need wood I rely on viagra. Jillin, would you please chill out?
  2. Ewww. Have some self respect. That stuff always looks trashy.
  3. I have stayed at the la Quinta airport several times. In years past it has been well kept up and has a fair Tex mex restaurant next door. The restaurant is a little on the pricey side for Tex mex.
  4. OH MY! I can feel the chunks rising up in my throat!
  5. I am so sorry for my comment that sent this thread off on such a tangent. It was not my intent. The area has many things to offer and for seven or so years it was really good for us. Thing is, one morning over coffee and looking out over Ajijic and the lovely lake I came to the conclusion that we had done all the town had to offer too many times and I was restless and it was time to move on. Unrealistic as it sounds I have alway felt the the place I live now is not the last place I ever want to live. One day it will be, I know that (MC we also considered Las Cruces at one time). I worried about telling the husband my feelings, I knew he would not agree. I was correct, he did not! But still we left Ajijic behind and moved back to Texas. It was the correct thing to do as my mom is 95 and we needed to be closer plus there has had several heart events that he might not have survived had we stayed. I don’t want to be without him. I stay on this board because he likes to hear the goings on in the lake area, so do I. We have friends still there. The towns and Mexican nationals are charming. Even the poorest among them are proud and rich with dignity. A true pleasure to have lived among. Smiles are beautiful things. I wish all of you the best and am happy you have found the right place to be. I will always look back at our time in Mexico fondly. We had some good times. Texas is not permanent, we are already looking for the next adventure. Maybe Destin FL or Salisbury MD. Not sure yet, time will tell. Again, live your climate and all the open doors. Best wishes to you all and mostly ENJOY LIFE!
  6. Thanks for your unsolicited opinion. I will do as I please.
  7. Positives .. weather .. negatives .... everything else. And before some of you get all bent out of shape that is just how it is for me. I’m sure many of you feel differently (including my spouse). To each their own.
  8. Two iPhones, three iPads, one Apple TV and now a MacBook Pro. I’m not sure when Apple installed the implant but am pretty sure it is working. My other half told me to get rid of the win 10 laptop but I hid it in an upstairs room he never goes in. Its a security blanket until I get used to the MacBook.
  9. Just delete it. No way should you reply or especially hit the link. All kinds of mayhem will follow.
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