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  1. This is referring to the USA and yes, It is true. The bad antibody tests were allowed by a federal government that did not do due diligence and allowed testing kits to be approved willy nilly. The FDA (or whoever) let any and all produce kits with no over-site. The Texas city of Laredo got bilked for hundreds thousands of dollars for test kits that did nothing. Money down the tubes. this was antibody test kits not virus infection test kits.
  2. A little bitchy tonight? Maybe some sleep will keep you in good standing with that moderator person. We should all be kind to one another. Peace to you brother. Try harder
  3. He is listed on the right side panel for this board. Under fumigation.
  4. Bigoted and unpleasant. Suits you well deary. 💋
  5. Well, I will post pictures and then you might change your mind. 🙂
  6. It should. I will never forgive my parents. Born that way stay that way.
  7. Take pictures of the bloody sidewalk and the dog.
  8. Sell your car NOB. Nationalizing it can be a pain and ripe with scams. Also will be uninsurable (a chocolate).
  9. Can highly recommend Strom White. They did a great job for us. Don’t bring too much. Many items that are usable NOB are not appropriate here. Kitchen items are a must bring. Expensive art work is better sold. Electronics are good to bring. Clothing is a good thing to bring.
  10. I agree but monsters, Maple Street? That’s above my pay grade.
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