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  1. We will be adding IMPORTED COWBOY  STEAK Wow what a beautiful delicious Steak, Chef Julina brought it back yesterday and can't wait to try it, only problem at my age don't know if I will be able to eat it all. Oh well I can take it home as I love Steak and Eggs for breakfast.

    He is also adding Lobster Tail,  (by reservation only) and I believe for Friday and Saturday nights, plus  one more appetizer Escargot.

    Should all be in place next week Julian wants some special plating for the Escargot so we will get them this coming Monday

    Plus he is not finished yet. Will keep you up to date and as always we could not do it without you and your kind support.





  2. Our new enhanced menu was introduced yesterday. We have added the following: Oysters Rockefeller, Stuffed Mushroom Caps, Rack of Lamb, Sirloin Beef Burger, Chicken Burger, with more additions to follow next week. We have kept over 90% of the existing menu with no increase in prices and we believe you will be very happy with what Chef Julian has done. 

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  3. We will be closed both Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be open from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm, Friday and Saturday will open @ 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm, Sunday open @ 9:00 am for brunch until 9:00 pm.

    In addition we are adding to our existing menu some very popular exciting new fine dining entrees and appetizers.

    As always we appreciate your continued and kind support.

    La Mision Rio Bravo #7 Tel: 376 108 0887 or 331 298 2560

  4. Never stated that it was"Choice Prime". The USDA has 4 rating brackets....Prime, Choice, Select and Standard. The prime rib we serve is from bracket #2 Choice. When we purchase the beef it has a clear wrapping which permits you to see the beef ie for marbling etc. The USDA Seal is clearly displayed on each purchase we make, has not be broken or tampered with thus we know that is exactly what we are getting. Happy to show it to you anytime.

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  5. We at La Mision serve USDA Choice Prime Rib every week. Our Chef Julian goes into Guad every Tuesday morning @ 3:30 am to personally pick the items he needs for the week. He starts @ Abostos Market and then continues on to other vendors including Costco, Sams etc. He chooses the Prime Rib plus the other items and returns with same by 12:00 noon each Tuesday. Each serving of Prime Rib is 300 grams, price is $295 pesos including sides, horseradish etc.  To guarantee your dinner it is best to make a reservation for the day and how many in your party want Prime Rib. Call 108 0887. As always we thank you for your support. 

  6. Rafael is fluent in 3 languages English, went to high school in Spokane WA. graduated from University of AZ. in Tucson (Music) and also speaks Portugese and his native tongue Spanish. We are mentioning this as he also sings in those 3 languages, and welcomes your participation for sing alongs, duos, trios you name it he will do it.

    So "Come on Over" and have a great time! Rio Bravo @7  or call 108 0887 for your reservation.

  7. We are very happy to announce our new weekly lineup of entertainment for La Mision. We have made improvements to our acoustics and also are only having music that you can enjoy but will not prevent you from having a conversation with others at your table.

    Wednesday and Saturdays 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM will feature the wonderful string duo of Victor Garcia and his father Ignachio. They will be performing on Violin, Guitar, Cello and Harp.

    Thursday and Fridays will feature Pianist and national TV personality Rafael Buccio on piano and keyboard. You can read more about him on the post in this section of Restaurant Happenings under La Mision Piano Bar.

    Rafael will be performing first from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM on our grand piano in the VIP area. This will be an intimate Piano Bar setting with special accommodation for "Singles to Mingle" and will be a blast going down memory lane, be it sitting @ the piano, humming or singing along with all your favorites from "the good old days".

    From 6:30 to 8:30 he will play keyboard in the main dining area of the restaurant. By having moved the Grand Piano from this area it has opened up space which makes it possible for us to have a very nice dance floor for you to enjoy. Rafael knows the entire Great American Song Book and we believe it will be very difficult for you to stump him with a request.

    He appears every Wednesday evening from 10:00 PM to 12:00 PM on national telecable TV on the program "Otra Noche"!

    We look forward to seeing you soon and reservations can be made by calling 108 0887 and are greatly appreciated.



  8. We have moved the Grand Piano from the main dining area into the VIP, Chef Table area and have been blessed to have one of Mexico's premier pianist and performers join us. His name is Rafael Buccio. He was born in Mexico, attended high school in Spokane WA., studied music at the University of AZ. in Tuscon. He has performed all over Mexico and now resides in Guad. where he both performs and teaches. Rafael can be seen every Wednesday evening from 10:00 PM to 12:00 PM on Mega TV nationally on the program Otra Noche. You are invited to check him out on facebook @ Rafael Buccio Lira. He is fluent In 3 languages Spanish, English and Portugese. He is a great vocalist as well and knows every song in the Great American Song Book. You will be amazed at the variety of his repertoire and you will love his great big smile.

    We are in the process of making the acoustics much better in the restaurant and are having a glass top made for the piano so we will be able to seat guests at the piano as well. The Piano Bar will start Friday Sept. 22nd @ 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM and then the following week will be both Thursday and Friday. Rafael will also be Thursday and Friday nights entertainment in the main dining area. By moving the piano has opened up the area available to those wanting to enjoy a dance. Rafael will be performing on his keyboard in the main dining area, which is the same one he performs with on TV.  Our goal is to have the Piano Bar Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday soon.

    We want this to be a fun place for everyone, with a special attraction for the singles locally. We are assigning our Chef Table  to singles only ie so "Singles can Mingle." The other tables will be available to parties of two or more.

    Reservations will be most appreciated and we encourage you to let your friends and neighbors, especially those who are single know.

    As always we hope to see you soon and thank you for your continued support.



  9. Thanks Gringal. It never was or is our intention that anyone ever is a victim of "Bait and Switch" We know enough about business to know that there is never a winner who pulls that stunt. We are sorry this happened and please be assured that we have put in place the proper safeguards.

    The menu is only available after 5:00 PM Fridays.

    PS The past president of CASA (George) says in his opinion we have the best Salmon dinner.

    Would love your opinion. 

  10. So sorry for the confusion. I have just finished speaking with Esperanza. First thank you so much for choosing La Mision last evening and your kind words about your dinners. We only remember you as being a party of 2 and are glad that there were no friends with you as they would have been disappointed as well. As to the entertainment this has been our entertainment ie Victor and his father Ignachio have been performing Thursdays and Saturdays for over a year now and Fridays has been different entertainers.

    The problem was caused by your waiter who failed to ask if you were here for the Friday 2 for 1. I understand he tried to make it right by offering you 2 free beverages. I assure you this will not happen again as we will be putting in place new rules and procedures  which will make it impossible for this to happen again.

    We want to as soon as possible remove that bad taste from your mouth so would please ask you to return and let us make sure that the bad taste will become a good taste.

    Hope to see you soon. 

  11. On ‎8‎/‎21‎/‎2017 at 0:26 AM, PORTIMOM said:

    Is the candlelight 2 for 1 menu a special menu for the 5-9 dinner or the regular menu?

    If a special menu, does it change each Friday?

    Are reservations required for this special, or can one drop-in?


    Sorry I was unable to answer your post until now as I left yesterday morning @7:00 AM for a full day of medical tests in Guad and when I got back the internet was not functioning.

    Our Friday Candlelight 2 for 1 is a Special Menu which has a variety of entrees, such as Pork Chop, Shrimp, Currie to name just a few that I remember off the top of my head.

    Our regular menu is always available.

    Reservations are appreciated but you can drop in as well.

    Thank you and hope to see you soon.

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