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  1. We followed Giovanni from one endeavor to another, the first one being in Upper La Floresta about 20 years ago.  He was so engaging and charming and even had the opportunity to watch his cooking show on Azteca TV.   Even with his businesses coming and going, he seemed to maintain a very positive attitude.  He will be missed....

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  2. Is there anything somewhat similar to the meals on wheels program in the lakeside area.  Does anyone know of anyone who cooks and delivers meals .    Or does someone have recommendations for an individual that could come to one's home and prepare some meals.  This would be in the San Antonio area of town....   Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  3. We also went into Guadalajara to do ours.  Just make sure you get there before they open as mentioned above , they only issue about 100 or so tickets.  We arrived by 8 and were 75 and 76 in line.  There is a form to fill out which is in Spanish, but it is not really difficult to understand.  We had our card in hand by noon.  And we were able to get half price tickets on the bus ride home.   It was an adventure and we met some lovely people in line.   Chapala was a waste of time....

  4. Thank you Angus - I had seen that formula on Rollybrook;s website and just wanted to make sure it was current.   Do you have any idea what would happen if this maid was kept on, but was no longer required twice a week, but was needed only once a month.  Is there any compensation to be paid under this circumstance.


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  5. 2 questions:   Has anyone taken the ETN busline to Guanajuato and if so how far is the bus station from the centro historico.   Is there any other busline that one would recommend to Guanajuato.

    Also has anyone stayed at the La Casona de Don Lucas in the central area  or does one have other recommendations for a place that includes breakfast.   


  6. I agree regarding dust, bugs , etc but the reason I ask is for someone who is having great difficulty walking on the tile floors due to some leg issues and feels carpet would be more beneficial in their case.  I guess it doesn;t have to be wall to wall, but large enough to cover large areas - wouldn;t want several small carpets as that would increase likelihood of a fall.....


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