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  1. have not had Ilox service for 5 days. When it was working, I seldom had speeds over 15, usually around 5. paid for a year in advance in May. Any chance I can get a refund?
  2. Have not been able to connect to ILOX for 5 days. paid for a year in May. Tried visiting store, but seldom  open. When i did have ILOX service it never was over 15 gps. Is it possible to get a refund?

  3. I had shoulder surgery 4 years ago. X rays showed that both the "ball" and the "cup" might need replacing---approx. 4 hours work. When Dr. opened up my shoulder he felt that only the "ball" needed replacing. He put in a titanium ball. Three or four hours after the operation, I was in my room, eating a very good lunch. Next day, I went home. Have played tennis 3 days each week since then (after a 3 month recovery period) with no pain. Only problem is going through airport security. My Dr. was Jose Miguel Huerta Vazquez in Guadalajara. He could do the procedure in any hospital I chose, but since his office was close to Hospital Angeles Carmen I chose it. It´s easy to get to and park, although one of the 2 or 3 most expensive in Guad. After examining me in his office and checking my X rays he was able to schedule me for about a week later, on a Saturday morning. He checked on me several times Sat, after the operation, the last time around 8 P.M. Checked me again 2 more times Sunday and sent me home later that day. I suggest you go to an internet site---""OrthoInfo"--"Shoulder replacement" for good info. on the procedure. The total cost for the hospital was c. 190,000 pesos and the Dr´cost was, as best I can remember , no more than 100,000 pesos.
  4. has it ever occurred to anyone to simply call the new hospital (Hospital San Antonio) and ask if they offer MRI service? I know they do cat scan..just had one .
  5. Oticon hearing aids was in Clinica Maskaras. Anyone know where they are now?

  6. we had the same problem. My wife uses a wheel chair--actually, a "transporter" because someone has to push it. A ramp in the house was not possible because of space limitations. So we built a long ramp alongside the house and added a door at the back of the house , at the top of the ramp.Now it´s easy to push her down the ramp to the car or the street and fairly easy to push her up the ramp and into the house.
  7. I just cancelled my Telmex internet service after a month of using ILOX and keeping Telmex internet, too...just to see how well Ilox worked. So, when I cancelled Telmex internet, but retained myTelmex phone, they said that the free phone calls service to USA and Canada will be cancelled. For me, not a big problem. Those calls are infrequent and I still have Skype. But, just a warning about cancelling Telmex internet.
  8. the box containing the ink bottles shows the printer types that can be used. Also, the Epson site for Mex. can be translated. A small box should appear ,upper right corner of your screen. buen suerte
  9. If ILOX is finished with central Ajijic, why have they not installed my house in La Floresta? I paid $9948 in June 2018 and have been promised installation in November, and promised "this week" 3 weeks ago. I have a CFE concrete pole in my front garden...so what is the problem ? my "code"# is 8Q23+C3...c.Pinos # 340;La Floresta (La Villita).
  10. I´m 90. Play a decent game of tennis (doubles) 2 hrs. for 3 or 4 times a week. Have not been to a gym or any kind of work-out area for at least 25 years. eat what I like; drink regularly; occasionally smoke a cigar or pipe. Sleep 7-8 hours a night;do normal household chores (no more roof visits), help take care of my semi- paralyzed wife; for the past 5 years travelled to France or Italy with her and daughters for 2 week stays. Admittedly, have household helpers to help care for my wife;cooking; cleaning;laundry etc. Maybe I´m the proverbial exception that proves the rule. 😄
  11. Ross played tennis for many years at La Cristiania courts as part of a doubles game with me and 2 others. He always liked to serve from north to south for some reason he could not explain. He was a good player and obviously enjoyed playing, win or lose. For a number of years, I gave lectures and hosted seminars at the LCS and Ross was a regular attendee and always took part in  the discussions afterwards...congenially. We´ll miss his friendliness and his contributions to our organized and informal discussions. ¨may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.¨

  12. I need to change my home address on my "residente permanente" status. Where can I do this and what documentation do I need?
  13. why not invest in the USA? There are many splendid investment vehicles...i.e. Enron--a utility with good government ties...I mean, a utility--what could go wrong? Or in a fund that pays out healthy dividends? I hear there´s one in New York..the Bernie Madoff fund. Or an old established investment fund, like Lehman Bros. Or an honest, frontier founded bank like Wells Fargo? And by investing in the USA you´ll help make America great again.....(edited by Mod to remove political content)
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