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  1. IF no money is owed to the demonstrators, .. Why are they not arrested for blocking traffic???
  2. Dangerous Narco Country next to the Border http://www.borderlandbeat.com/
  3. Barking Dogs, Stray Dogs, "Crappin' in the street dogs, Spreadin' the garbage dogs, Dogs not vaccinated, vicious dogs, dogs in a pack, Dogs not on a leash, Threatenin dogs on a leash, ie Rotweillers, bulldogs, etc. ALL a problem Lakeside. I lived in Tlaquepaque for 3 yrs, Union de Tula for a year, AND THERE WAS NONE OF THESE PROBLEMS...WHY no Problems (???), Dogs on a street not on a leash were picked up & taken to a dog pound
  4. Lot of bad advice from CHILLIN.. I carry the Maximum liability available Call your Insurance Company.... If you leave the scene, you are breaking the Law, and if someone is injured(or claims injury). it will be harder to get you out of jail. Stay on the scene & do not converse about the accident to the other party. Call the Police, and they will complete a report. If you wish to negotiate, do it thru the Insurance adjuster
  5. You are correct, I was I Guad in a shopping Ctr on Revolucion, and in the Food Court the only place doing business was DQ, with a long line, which I joined and waited for my Blizzard ... 70 pesos is not a cheap item for Mexicans
  6. Many times , I ask for the ticket & the police refuse, and begin to add charges. I do not need to be lectured about "rights" when they have a gun & the Power I had USA plates.. After selling Vehicle & having Mexican placas. No mucho problema.
  7. THIS is MEXICO. Some Police are Crooked, and some are Honest(altho, I believe a minority) I have lived here 17 yrs and have paid enuf bribes to buy a nice used car. The biggest was to the Federales in Autlan, when at a roadblock they confiscated my car "for not paying an annual tax. I had all papers, copies of Law in Espanol & English, but was told by the Federales that these papers did not matter, that they were the Law here. I was taken to the jail , released same day, but days later , had to pay a LARGE bribe to get my car back & give testimony ,that I was guilty(at all times ,I was accompanied by a Mexican) Lakeside, I have paid many , many bribes, and other areas also. IF I am Guilty, I do not complain, but when innocent, they have the Power.
  8. Is it possible to pay property taxes for property in a municipality different than where the property is located?
  9. Tijuana is a battleground for the Drug Cartels.. Also hot & cold ...read some postings & follow this website http://www.borderlandbeat.com/
  10. I am amazed that there are so many "Walmart Haters" , but continue to shop for the selection & low prices. Why do you live in Mexico.. One of the reasons is the "cost of living" ?? I do not hear or read any of you critics making statements about the Mexican businesses that pay less than Walmart, do not have the selection, and do not pay IMSS for their employees. No One is forced to work for Walmart. They apply for the job. For smart & willing to work employees , there is advancement opportunity. Evidenced by the growth (and because of that "ugly" word profit) , Populations from many different Cultures & Locales continue to spend their money in Walmart Stores. I do not subscribe to the belief that Capitalism is a bad system. And for your charges that Walmart violates Human Rights, there is probably no other Company in the World that is monitored /inspected that Walmart.
  11. Brakes can check good on "flat land" , but become overheated with excessive use(Mountains, etc), and fail.
  12. Topes will be necessary at the top of the hill to bring the trucks to a very slow speed and then more topes to force maintaining a slow speed.. IF at this point the driver senses Brake problems a "Run-A-Way lane would be available and the Driver could enter. If the Brakes fail, "Jake Brakes" would not halt the vehicle. Jake Brakes are only to help regular brakes. In the existing situation vehicles enter the downgrade at an excessive speed, and for a Run-A-Way , the driver would have to have time to enter, and the entry would probably have to be across from Pemex. BUT TOPES will be necessary to cause reduction of speed at the top of the downgrade, and more topes closer to the intersection. Probably at least three in total
  13. I have terminal cancer, AND, I hope no "Nosey Busybody, with their intentions" take action to move me in a facility that I do not want to die in..
  14. I have terminal cancer, AND, I hope no "Nosey Busybody, with their intentions" take action to move me in a facility that I do not want to die in..
  15. Take a good look at the Taco stands everywhere in Mexico(Mexican"fast food" is spreading fast in America), How about all of the "Sweets & Sugar drinks" causing Mexico to lead the World in Diabetes, etc? And what is wrong with Profits?? I never wanted to work for a Owner/Company that did not make a profit, and Computer Guy, "WHY ARE YOU IN BUSINESS??" What I see in these two posts, is only a distaste for America
  16. Where is there any truth, that America is causing "High Blood Pressure in the Mexican population" ?? I would suggest you continue as a Computer expert, rather than Doctoring.
  17. I can't find how to respond to your post. I left a message on your "feed" , whatever that means I have a very good (used for 10 days) for sale Soft2500 www.reactiv.co.mx 331 174 7133
  18. I thought that I was sending a private Message,.. Can't find Private Message option

  19. I have a  ReACTIV  Softcare  Soft2500 Single Bed Air mattress for Sale.

    Very quiet(no noise) , adjustable pressure.  Air moves from chamber to chamber allows for more comfort.  (not a flat surface)supports 100 kgs..

    Like new, used 10 days . Bought in Guadalajara at Special Store for Medical/Hospital products

    Paid 2,000 pesos , will sell for 1,200 pesos

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  20. IF You can believe any of these "Narco Employees".. I listened to the taped phone conversation , AND, definitely got the belief that the Narco Jeffe was talking to thr Commmandante of the CHAPALA Police..New news to me that the Fuerza Unica has power over the Chapala Police
  21. Is this the same Commandante that had the telephone conversation promising to "call off" the Police on the "Narcos"?? The Narcos would be well protected if Chapala increases "Police Personnel" to these numbers....
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