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  1. I thought that I was sending a private Message,.. Can't find Private Message option

  2. I have a  ReACTIV  Softcare  Soft2500 Single Bed Air mattress for Sale.

    Very quiet(no noise) , adjustable pressure.  Air moves from chamber to chamber allows for more comfort.  (not a flat surface)supports 100 kgs..

    Like new, used 10 days . Bought in Guadalajara at Special Store for Medical/Hospital products

    Paid 2,000 pesos , will sell for 1,200 pesos

    check @  www.reactiv.com.mx

  3. Can't find Mailbox ?

  4. Price on 2002 Sentra ,  50,000 pesos

  5. Thanks Zeb for your comments.. I also found Nutz's comments to be insulting. I need a doctor that can prescribe the best pain medications. And thanks to the other responses that did not find the need to insult
  6. Thanks, but what city is Dr Maytorena in?
  7. Anyone that can refer me to a pain Management Doctor would be much appreciated, as I have been diagnosed as Terminal Lung & Liver cancer. I have been prescribed Tramacet , but understand from prior post that Tramacet will probably be les than needed.
  8. Salud Digma will probably be much less Very professional, clean
  9. I have lived in Mexico for 15 years. 14 with USA plates. I paid enuf mordida to buy another car. Asking for the ticket has been a useless act. I have had my car confiscated when everything was legal and I had the Laws in Spanish for the Federales tp read. Their response(and other police at other times) was to the effect "I am the Law here". In the last year plus, while driving a Mexican plated vehicle, I have never been stopped This same story applies to many of my friends that drive USA plated cars
  10. I, and my friends, have been ripped off several times by Escalara. Mechanics change frequently and often are inexperienced. Pricing has been quite high
  11. I hope the comments on this board never approach the rudeness of TOB
  12. My Mother is 98 and never had a flu shot
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