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  1. Anybody have any idea when "old farts"can get their 2nd shots? Thanks!
  2. Some friends told us about a place in San Juan Cosala that's carrying Sonora beef. It's about 50 yards past the entrance to the Racquet Club on the mountain side and is called Steak Brothers. We bought 2 rib-eyes and 2 N.Y. Straps. Had the rib eye today and it was excellent. Extremely tender and incredible flavor. WELL worth the drive!
  3. CBGUY

    Pasta Trenta

    First time at Pasta Trenta today....definitely NOT the last! Absolutely the VERY BEST Carbonara I've had since coming to Mexico. Service is a bit iffy but, unfortunately, gotten kinda used to that. 2 carbonates, small salad and 2 soft drinks...$353! Excellent meal.
  4. Thanks for the spelling correction. Been going there since it opened and never noticed!😄
  5. What ever happened to breakfast at Nissa's. I guess I should be used to this!
  6. I just spoke with Chuy, the chef at Nissa's and he said they never had Eggs Benedict on the menu. What ever you're smoking, I think you should share!
  7. All I know is that we have NEVER had a bad meal there! I don't even remember seeing Eggs Benedict on the menu! Restaurants, especially now, are having a rough time so, I think the old saying should be thought about...if you can't say something good...
  8. Heidi and I went for breakfast this morning. We both had Arrachera, eggs and REAL hashbrowns. All I can say is WOW!!! Can't wait for next Sunday. Rick
  9. So, were you permitted entry? What about Super Lake?
  10. Being SLIGHTLY over 60, can we get in to Walmart and Supersnake? Any experiences...?
  11. By no means is this the "best" chili-dog I've ever had but, it sure hit the spot. The fries were excellent.
  12. Damn, have you tried this chili dog or just judging by the photo? Gee Dorthy, you're not in Oregon any more...too bad!
  13. This is really Heidinrick. CBguy is from our former corned beef business! Rick
  14. Just ate at Jorge's Place, on the highway immediately west of Strom Moving. Excellent burger, fries a th "huge" chili dog. Going back real soon!
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