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  1. I guess I just don't get it! If the flies, mosquitos etc, etc bother you so much, why do you "dine there frequently"? To me, that's like going to a topless bar, complaining about the nudity, and, then returning! I guess complaining is just in some people's DNA!
  2. We have 2 dogs that we never take to restaurants. Not because of rules and regulations but because they are spoiled rotten and would want to sit on our laps while we ate....that's out. My question is with all these discussions about dogs why has no one ever brought up Yve's? Please don't get me wrong, Sandi and I go to Yve's frequently. We love the restaurant, Yve is a great guy and most of the time Sandi brings "treats" for the burros! But, my question is if dogs aren't allowed.....?
  3. Please let's not start another discussion about dogs vs. no dogs. Personally, I would like to see an "adults only" restaurant. I guess the bottom line is if you don't like a restaurant's policies, don't eat there!
  4. Shame on you Rick for eating a burger anywhere but Cydney's. Please, no best burger discussion, but Sandi and I think they're the best in town. We ate at Trips once and both thought the burgers were mediocre.....at best. Now, with these prices, we'll never go back! Maybe the Guadalajarans will put up with those prices but the locals sure won't!
  5. CBGUY

    Just Chillin

    Hugs are great. I love hugs! When we go out to eat, we want good food and, besides, I get hugs at home.....somerimes?
  6. CBGUY

    Just Chillin

    Sandi and I went to Chillin's the other day and were underwhelmed! We both had burgers and Margaritas. The burgers were less than so-so and were over cooked. The Margaritas were good. We think the place is more for drinkers and less for "foodies"! We just got home from Cydney's and we still think her burger is the best! She's added another table and doubled the size of her kitchen. ABSOLUTELY DELISCIOUS!!!!!!
  7. I agree about the music. You can hear it when you 'round the corner by the church! I don't get it?
  8. We don't think you owe anyone an apology! I don't think there are many employees that work as hard when the boss is gone as they do when the boss is there. As I said earlier, there are those that dwell on the negative like gringagrinch that commented on your restaurant beingin a garage. If I remember correctly, that's hoe Perry started and he seems to be doing quite well! Keep up the good work and we'll see you later this week!l
  9. We just ran into Cydney at Wal Mart. Hooray, she's back. Try her place now and you'll be muy feliz!!!
  10. I agree Travis! It seems that a lot of people revel in the negative! As I said in a earlier post, Sandi and I have eaten there many times and found both the food and the service to be really good! Thankyoufor your post. One more thing I noticed is that Cydney's thread began "bad experience", had it started "great sandwich", it might get a couple of hundred views and 3 or 4 posts. Because of the negative start, over 1500 views. The only thread with more is "french bakery closing", more negativity! It seems that a lot of people are drawn to the negative like " a moth to a flame"! Kinda sad don't
  11. I goofed, look at next post!
  12. Cydney is in Texas and I think she's coming back around the 26th. My wife and I have eaten there many times and have always been pleased with the food and service. I was one of the very first to "sample" her burgers and thought it was excellent. Give her another try, you won't be disappointed!
  13. Being "cheery" is obviously something you know nothing about. Living here gives me many things to be "cheery" about. Look around and, just maybe, you'll cheer up!
  14. I agree, El Serapd was always a great meal especislly their Chamorro! Hensley...if you can't say something nice....!
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