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  1. Definitely fiber optic cable. The question is who is behind this project... http://www.waveoptics.net/
  2. So this is Telmex? I asked the kid installing in Riberas and he said it wasn't Telmex but who knows? Would be nice to know who is behind this.
  3. Definitely said fibra. I asked if he was from Telmex or Ilox. He did say USACel as you are correct. I asked again about the fibra and he said yes. The cable was for tv. phone and internet.
  4. Some workers are installing a fiber optic cable on the utility poles in Riberas behind 7-11. They are wearing vests with logos of different cell phone companies. One was AT&T. The kid informed the cable is for tv, phone and high speed internet. He said they are working for US Cell. Anyone know anything about this?
  5. What was your issue w/ them? I've tried several and it's always good to know the bad ones to avoid.
  6. Doing it yourself via youtube is a trap. Makes sense.
  7. I've been using Area 51 iptv. I really like it for $5 per month. Very simple to install. You will save lots of time and money just going to youtube. There's a tutorial video for everything free and pay nowadays. No need to be paying anyone (they use youtube as well). https://youtu.be/G-RcWWuey6w
  8. Let me know when Riberas is in the plans and I will sign up. Looking like an Ajijic thing.
  9. My roof was leaking and my contractor looked at the roof this morning. It appears the issue was trash clogging the drains. Check out the drains on your roof and save a little money. You can always call a repairman if the issue is bigger.
  10. I agree with this. Also look up Mobdro (live tv) and Terrarium (movies and tv) APKs. I use the APKs as backup in case the Kodi apps have an issue. Very easy to install.
  11. I would go with an Android. Kodi apps are working fine if you do a little youtube and google. Non-Kodi alternative APKs like Mobdro and Terrarium are great with the Android boxes. Simple to add with the youtube and google search.
  12. I also should add that Dish Network is currently going after 3rd party "IPTV" providers. I would not pay anyone a dime for an Android or Roku addon that likely could go poof at any time. Buyer beware.
  13. Just go to youtube and search for "live tv Roku" or whatever you wish to watch. There are thousands of how to videos. Same for android devices/ Kodi. Set your search for more recent videos.
  14. I was mailed a paycheck from the US and was curious if anyone would know where I could cash it. I had read that check cashing rules had changed. Any info would be much appreciated.
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