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  1. I'm searching the friendly Google and can't find a website for them.
  2. I think you are right. I just know for sure I have fiber cables in front of my home on San Luis (Riberas) not being used. lmao
  3. I hope this is the case. I live in Riberas and just want to go with whatever is the better service of the 3 installing fiber (Ilox, Izzi and Telmex). Competition is good.
  4. A barbershop in Riberas would kill as well.
  5. Drives me nuts the men's clothing and shoes are geared to the 5'9" and shorter crowd. Wormless Cream of Wheat would be great as well.
  6. I hope the pizza is at least half as good as it looks on the flyer that was left in my mailbox.
  7. Your thread. My bad for asking.
  8. Any idea where this is available at this moment? Riberas?
  9. So best just to buy a router before install?
  10. Sounds like there's a lot of figure it out yourself involved or maybe folks are over complicating this? Do they or do they not make sure everything is bueno after installation? As a potential future customer, could someone with knowledge clarify?
  11. I should've just searched the google. I'm going to wait and see which company has their sh*t together after a few months. The more fiber choices the merrier. https://telmex.com/web/hogar/macronet
  12. Anyone know if this will be fiber or not? I clicked the link and didn't see it.
  13. I love my Area-51 iptv. Makes you wonder what else they block? May as well keep Telmex if I have to go the VPN route. Maybe Telmex speeds will improve if half the lake gets on ILOX? lol
  14. Here is a good list of iptv providers. What I have plays well on my Amazon FireTv. Just look 'em up on youtube for reviews. Some are better than others. http://cablekill.us/paidtv
  15. Dude, there was a Pemex truck delivering gas this morning in Riberas. This is what? The 3rd day in a row they have delivered gas? Yes, you are creating the crisis/shortage by sitting in line.
  16. Went for a walk. The sheep are lined from Mom's to the 7 Eleven to the lake. Pemex in Riberas magically got more gas and are pumping.
  17. Dumbassery is all-inclusive...
  18. The fact that a tanker delivered gas should be a clue that the folks lining up for gas are the problem...
  19. Appears the buy all the bread and milk for a half inch snow folk have made their way down south.
  20. Not sure the baggers are stealing from people. I've noticed many times the cashier will start scanning items of the next customer before the bagger is finished with the customer in front of them. My guess... the customer that was behind you or in front of you are enjoying your items.
  21. They are running it the entire lakeside according to the workers I spoke to.
  22. I'm wait and see with Izzi and Ilox. I'll sign up to the better service. I'm sure there will be complaining on here if either suck. 😂
  23. Their plans seem alright. I hope it pans out? Yay competition! https://www.izzi.mx/home
  24. Just to update... spoke to one of the workers who spoke good english. The fiber optic being currently installed is being done so by Izzi. I took it they are upgrading for the hospital being built and it will be available to all of lakeside within 6 months.
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