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  1. Be awesome if one of these companies would notice people not living in Ajijic like high speed internet as well.
  2. https://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?/topic/35442-bonafont-water/&do=findComment&comment=276624
  3. I am a happy Area-51 customer. I mainly use it for the SEC Network and boxing ppvs. Iptv is great as long as your net has the juice. I live in Riberas and Telmex is pretty consistent for me. Here is a nice site with multiple iptv providers all in one place. Set up is rather easy. There are many youtube videos with reviews and how to install. Takes 10 minutes tops. http://cablekill.us/paidtv
  4. The top secrecy and lack of advertising should bring in the customers.
  5. Here is a nice list of iptv services with links to the apps. Just do a little youtubing and figure out which one is right for you. I know this isn't exactly legal but you're already in the gray area if you're having to resort to a VPN or Shaw satellite for USA content. http://cablekill.us/paidtv
  6. I'm searching the friendly Google and can't find a website for them.
  7. I think you are right. I just know for sure I have fiber cables in front of my home on San Luis (Riberas) not being used. lmao
  8. I hope this is the case. I live in Riberas and just want to go with whatever is the better service of the 3 installing fiber (Ilox, Izzi and Telmex). Competition is good.
  9. A barbershop in Riberas would kill as well.
  10. Drives me nuts the men's clothing and shoes are geared to the 5'9" and shorter crowd. Wormless Cream of Wheat would be great as well.
  11. I hope the pizza is at least half as good as it looks on the flyer that was left in my mailbox.
  12. Your thread. My bad for asking.
  13. Any idea where this is available at this moment? Riberas?
  14. So best just to buy a router before install?
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