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  1. Yeah he started fresh. His iptv and movie app content are gone. Hate youtube did that to him.
  2. I like TroyPoint. I would have included his youtube had youtube not taken his content down.
  3. I'm using Area 51 but it has a subscriber limit and is hard to get. This youtuber does iptv reviews and has a site. Here is his youtube channel. CableKill
  4. Plenty of youtubers with Firestick tutorials. I pay for an iptv that works great but there are a few freebies like TvTap. You really don't need a vpn for apps you sideload, just for official Firestick apps that only work in the US. Anyways here are a couple of good youtube channels with the good stuff. Electric MD Kevin Porteous NewTech
  5. I had my photos made at the new Farmacias Guadalajara at the new medical building between Riberas and San Antonio for 20 pesos. The Consulate accepted them.
  6. There's no point even doing business with them without the option of iptv streaming. I've done concluded people living outside of Ajijic and a few fracs aren't going to get decent net. Not serving 90% of the local population makes sense.
  7. Hoping the units they ordered have working wifi. Two guys working for them did install fiber on my street last week so there's that.
  8. SoxFan

    Great Burgers

    Who sells this 25p burger? Location?
  9. Your problem may be the private IP. Many people have had to request a public IP to stream using Ilox.
  10. I just had mine done at the new Farmacia Guadalajara so I assume all the locations do them.
  11. Anyone with a Shaw receiver and I believe El Barco has games on.
  12. I'm not a fan of Kodi. Addons come and go. You will spend more time deleting and adding apps than you will watching Kodi. Apks are the way to go. On Android you should have Chrome as a browser and you can download using that browser. Here's a site with current apks. Mobdro and Tv Tap for live tv and I enjoy Cinema and Cyberflix for movies. Many tutorial videos on youtube, if you want to learn. https://apktime.com/index
  13. Pesos. The exact amount for the month will be posted in Customs and Immigration forum on this board. I learned the hard way 😂
  14. One of the kids at Steren will come over and do it for you. Just stop by the store and ask.
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