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  1. I'm just going to call them the day before. Heaven forbid I overpay 20 pesos next time. Thanks for this.
  2. Just an update from today's passport renewal experience. a) I got my check on Monday at the current exchange rate and was turned down by the Consulate because my check was 20 pesos too much and not today's exchange rate. b) Went to two of the banks listed (HSBC and the one on Ajijic plaza) and was turned away because I did not have an account with them and was told I would have to open an account for them to make the check. Just a heads up.
  3. This modem designed for the supposed faster speeds coming soon?
  4. I responded in your other post but I'll do it here as well. It's hard to find a good review of this product. I'd steer clear and go with a tried and true like TPLink or Netgear.
  5. Doesn't seem to get the best reviews. Only 2.5 stars on Amazon. Probably do a lot better w/ TPLink or Netgear. https://www.highya.com/superboost-wifi-reviews
  6. I'll be ecstatic when one of these providers figure out that the people in Riberas would like high speed internet as well.
  7. I have Area 51 and Prime Media which I watch using Amazon Firetv. I do watch Area 51 iptv on my laptop some. For my laptop, I use Kodi. Your iptv provider should provide you with a m3u playlist url and an epg url. Here's a video how to add your iptv to Kodi. https://youtu.be/nXoGBmxo6sc
  8. Curious if anyone has lost any speed or performance from going with the public IP?
  9. Tried my iptv on Ilox and it was a no go. I believe you have to contact Ilox and have them do something for you. Not sure if there will be a loss of speed if/when they do their thing? My iptv works fine on Telmex. I'm getting 9 to 10 Mbps.
  10. Be awesome if one of these companies would notice people not living in Ajijic like high speed internet as well.
  11. https://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?/topic/35442-bonafont-water/&do=findComment&comment=276624
  12. I am a happy Area-51 customer. I mainly use it for the SEC Network and boxing ppvs. Iptv is great as long as your net has the juice. I live in Riberas and Telmex is pretty consistent for me. Here is a nice site with multiple iptv providers all in one place. Set up is rather easy. There are many youtube videos with reviews and how to install. Takes 10 minutes tops. http://cablekill.us/paidtv
  13. The top secrecy and lack of advertising should bring in the customers.
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