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  1. Would've been easier if others had followed that advice.
  2. Biggest problem I have found with a few Derek did was the stick was associated with his account and Amazon would not allow me to download needed programs. You may have to create an Amazon account and register the stick under your account.
  3. Does this mean Telmex fiber coming to Riberas eventually?
  4. You'll need a VPN and factor in your internet speed will be cut by half at best while using it.
  5. Mostly it is removing and updating outdated apps.
  6. Could be your apps need updating. I have fixed quite a few sticks that Derek sold. My advice is look up the apps on youtube. Many tutorials, it's not hard and no cost to you.
  7. Just a guess here... Ilox offers streaming tv and likely has a deal w/ Netflix. Sounds like they are throttling any competition and also explains the starting out with a private ip. Guess count your blessings they aren't doing the data cap yet.
  8. By HD model they mean buy the Fire Stick 4k. The cheaper priced fire stick (which gets sold a lot around here as" jail broken") is 5 or 6 year old tech.I am seeing lots of positive reviews of the new TiVo Stream 4k. It runs Android Tv like the Nvidia Shield does for $49.99. https://www.tivo.com/products/stream-4k
  9. I have the newish receivers (still have them if anyone wants to buy lol). Probably was a matter of repositioning the dish. I'm saving $100+ per month now and get the good ol' MeTv, Cozi or whatever I'm in the mood for. I'm good.
  10. Yeah, when Shaw went all digital, I lost half my channels. Wasn't worth it to me so I went straight chord cutter.
  11. You need a VPN for legal streaming services from the US thus not on the up and up. You may as well save some money and pay for iptv. I have used Area-51 for 2 years and have no complaints. There is a guy on youtube that reviews iptv services... here is his link. Btw you'll need internet speed over 10 for most streaming to work well. Cable Kill IPTV Reviews
  12. I'd just search youtube for Plex or do a google search for your issue. This is all anyone who is going to charge you will be doing anyways.
  13. Easiest way to tell is by the logo on the remote and stick. The old stick says Amazon on it.
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