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  1. I need to sell my California plated car (going permanente) which is a 2003 Toyota Highlander in pretty good shape. But I am clueless about several things. First, people have suggested Laredo, McAllen and San Antonio. San Antonio is obviously further, but if I would get a better price for the car AND a better flight back to Guadalajara, it would be worth it. Does anyone know anything about this procedure that would help me make the right choices. Thank you, Everybody, for your anticipated feedback!
  2. My spare tire was stolen. I have been relying on a guy who promised me he could get one, but after waiting far too long. I am leaving soon for a long drive to the states and MUST HAVE A SPARE TIRE! Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I could find one for my 2003 Toyota Highlander? Thanks! Donna
  3. I am so sick of having to wait (in this example) "279 seconds" to perform my second search? This happens all the time and makes your search function almost useless. Thought you might like to know. When I tried to contact customer service, I was presented with a "security" feature that was beyond understanding (mine at least) asking me to "align pictures" with ... with WHAT? Does this security feature have to differ so dramatically with ANY OTHER security feature I have ever seen.? So much so that customer service can't be reached? Sorry ... out of patience. This kind of stuff happens ever
  4. My spare tire and jack were stolen from my 2003 Toyota Highlander. Does anyone know where I might find a decent used tire for the spare. I also need a jack, but don't know how specific the fit has to be. Used or new? Auto Ignoramus. Thanks. Donna
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