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  1. Please let me know the problem with dr, j,


  2. Love living amongst Mexican people. We have vacationed at Mexican beach resorts for several years. Those trips were vacations that just happen to be in Mexico and not at all a comparison to living in Jalisco. We have met so many kind, wise and generous people during our five years here. Looking beyond the despair and poverty we wanted to retire here. Keeping open minded and reminding ourselves of the well known quote "when in Rome......" the choice became easier. The colour, even before primavera time, the sounds, even the "annoying" shrill of cicadas joining the choir of the feathery birds. The odour, even of the very reused fat of whatever food is fried. Those people stand behind the huge greasy caldrons proudly smilie and offer you to taste what is being prepared. Those same people at the parks and boardwalks prove that joy and relaxation are where we stand. The blueberries (my favourite fruit/berry) are a mere bonus.
  3. I am not into this discussion but could not help myself by remarking on how much time Mainecoone must have on his hands. Rather rude at times as well. Wow!
  4. Thanks for helping out. I am looking for adult swimming instruction. Learning to swim and breaking my fear of water is on my bucket list and I am determined about this one.
  5. Does anybody know if swimming lessons are offered lakeside or does one need to go to Guad? Thanks in advance.
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