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  1. Been a member of this web board but have found it rather uninteresting. Same old thing. Most folks grumbling and everybody claiming to have proof of their righteousness. Snooping around for covid facts, same old thing again. Everyone is an epidemiologist of infectious disease. Not sure what Mainecoons degree is yet. I can’t figure this one out. I must admit though, that person must go through keyboards like wow! So much time on one a web board must be so exhausting. Hey, if you enjoy it. Super! I do find many entries repetitive, leadind to boring. I don’t have to read them all do I?
  2. I’m quite new to this.... tried it briefly years ago and decided to give it another go. Thus far I have read enough. I skimmed through this web board and basically noticed rudeness and complaining. Is it the “stay home” practice bringing out the worst? Or perhaps extremely bored people that find reading a good book to challenging. Often exercise alleviates specific conditions associated with isolation. Good luck!
  3. Will alcohol help the hungry children? Their distraught fathers might think different and crave the drink to hide from the disparity of not being able to feed their family. The little money they have can’t be wasted. If you have so much cash to buy your much needed booze then spend some of it to buy food for the needy kids. Careful, no wasting!
  4. Think about it. It is alcohol. We are facing a pandemic. The worst is yet to come.
  5. Believe me, you will do just fine without. Try water. Alcohol in this hot weather only adds to dehydration and possibly other problems.
  6. Please let me know the problem with dr, j,


    1. pol2sol


      So long ago, forgot, sorry.

    2. Yo1


      I don't remember who dr. J is.

  7. Love living amongst Mexican people. We have vacationed at Mexican beach resorts for several years. Those trips were vacations that just happen to be in Mexico and not at all a comparison to living in Jalisco. We have met so many kind, wise and generous people during our five years here. Looking beyond the despair and poverty we wanted to retire here. Keeping open minded and reminding ourselves of the well known quote "when in Rome......" the choice became easier. The colour, even before primavera time, the sounds, even the "annoying" shrill of cicadas joining the choir of the feathery birds. The odour, even of the very reused fat of whatever food is fried. Those people stand behind the huge greasy caldrons proudly smilie and offer you to taste what is being prepared. Those same people at the parks and boardwalks prove that joy and relaxation are where we stand. The blueberries (my favourite fruit/berry) are a mere bonus.
  8. I am not into this discussion but could not help myself by remarking on how much time Mainecoone must have on his hands. Rather rude at times as well. Wow!
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