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  1. Unfortunately, I’m looking for a Can Am Spyder RT Limited in the 2014 to 2015 years and cannot locate a single unit in all of Mexico. Texas, OTOH has many to choose from. I’d like to find an official formula for nationalizing an import.
  2. South. The characters in the South are regular size while those used in the North are little uns.
  3. That 'bashing' just said we longer need nor want your business. And I thought the hugs were 'Welcome back, we're really glad to see you again'. Hate in the heart destroys so much.
  4. For me it's Grape Nuts
  5. I was there this evening. I stood at the counter for a few minutes while the counter waitress sat on a chair. I finally walked away away without trying any of the dishes. No welcome, no words.
  6. My choice is Armando's Hideaway in Ajijic. Somewhat small and intimate. I'll be there in a week for my own 34th anniversary.
  7. I 2nd Chili Verde and Goshas. A Gosha's sandwich is big enough to share. Add a SMALL cream of zucchini soup each and you'll be full.
  8. I, along with my sister who was here visiting, had hearing tests done at LCS. He quoted $1400usd for 1 for me and $2800usd for my sister for 2. Costco was half that.
  9. I just purchased 2 Kirkland hearing aids from Costco at $27000 pesos for both.
  10. We were there the same night. Two reservations for 10 really stretched their abilities. We did wait just over an hour for our food and yes, it took awhile to get drinks. I understand they were a cook short that night but the wait staff needs some direction to keep things moving.like taking drink orders and bringing them in a timely matter. It took 15 minutes to get a glass of water. We were a party of 10 and noticed smaller parties that were seated later were served earlier. I'm sure they wanted to serve all meals to our table at the same time, which they did. Unfortunately, that meant some dishes were not hot or even very warm when served. The chicken fried chicken would have been good had it come with a country gravy but it came with about a teaspoon of what appeared to be skim milk drizzled on it. Came with fries though the menu called for mashed potatoes. We all gave our meals a 5 on a scale of 1-10 but would like to give it another shot once they have some of the newness kinks worked out. They WERE interested in feedback and I know they were overwhelmed Thursday night. We had made reservations in person 5 days earlier but they did not have a record of it even though I watched him write it down and tell one of the owners at the time.
  11. Hello,

      I would like to see the Golden if it's still available

    Mike Hopkins


  12. We are contracting through Gustavo Marquez for a split unit. He also installs evap coolers. The installation is turnkey including wiring to the main switch, all the way to painting your wall after installation. Gustavo will also be installing our swimming pool. He speaks perfect English and walks you through your choices and what to expect. His office # is 766 6034, cell: 333 157 3048. Email at mg0708@prodigy.net.mx
  13. Visited TelMex in Ajijic today about my grade F speed (30 kbs) and they gave me a phone number to call in Mexico City. Unfortunately it's all in Spanish. Does anyone have a number that responds in English?
  14. Strom White has all the supplies you might need.
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