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  1. Unfortunately, I’m looking for a Can Am Spyder RT Limited in the 2014 to 2015 years and cannot locate a single unit in all of Mexico. Texas, OTOH has many to choose from. I’d like to find an official formula for nationalizing an import.
  2. South. The characters in the South are regular size while those used in the North are little uns.
  3. That 'bashing' just said we longer need nor want your business. And I thought the hugs were 'Welcome back, we're really glad to see you again'. Hate in the heart destroys so much.
  4. For me it's Grape Nuts
  5. I was there this evening. I stood at the counter for a few minutes while the counter waitress sat on a chair. I finally walked away away without trying any of the dishes. No welcome, no words.
  6. We have happily been using Raul Perez to repair anything construction wise, including electrical, plumbing wall cracks and roof leaks. Very dependable, honest and trustworthy. Excellent English. He is at: 333.173.3160. email: rpenajijic@hotmail.com. Mike
  7. My choice is Armando's Hideaway in Ajijic. Somewhat small and intimate. I'll be there in a week for my own 34th anniversary.
  8. Sure had traffic backed up. Didn't see how they were selecting people to check.
  9. Those aren't crosswalks. They're target areas.
  10. Lower Riberas often has water standing in the streets.
  11. I agree with Gringal. We ALWAYS go next to Alex' Pasta Bar for any TelCel needs. It can sometimes have 3 or 4 people waiting but when it's your turn you will be taken care of.
  12. Lake Chapala is definitely not dying. The traffic appears to increase monthly. When you read forum comments many people are yet planning to move to the area. It's vibrant, with opportunities to spend your time enjoying being with others and a whole country and culture to discover. Add the weather, friendliness of all inhabitants and we're "where it's at".
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