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  1. Thanks for checking out that link. We each have to choose what is right for us. There will always be those who counter our choices, much like the static that many of us heard in our choice to move to Mexico. Point being, is if you listen too closely to those who say nay, then you may indeed miss out. I am not here to change peoples views, ridicule, or gossip about others, when perspective differs. If you will please note, the original post said: Please PM me directly.
  2. For those who are interested, I have included a link to a (free) book, to understand what I am referring to in that of Samuel Hahnemann approach to Homeopathy: http://www.drdooley.net/Book.pdf The word itself, Homeopathy, conjures up images of a person treating themselves with herbs and multiple "natural" off the shelf treatments. In fact, the above approach, uses one remedy, to treat the whole person, and frowns upon multiple ingredients or remedies. That read is a valued resource, many true Homeopathic Doctors recommend patients read. A great clarifier to be certain, for so much is termed Homeopathy.
  3. An open mind and research brought us to Mexico. Just think what the same might do for your health. http://www.integrativepractitioner.com/whats-new/news-and-commentary/harvard-study-has-good-news-for-homeopathic-medicine/
  4. I am looking to connect with others who (are living in this immediate area of Lake Chapala) : Have sought out and utilized Homeopathy, as per Dr. Samuel Hahnemann's teachings. This would be for a mutual sharing of resources and experience. I am interested in hearing from those who have benefited (or would like to benefit), as this applies for both human and pet health. Please PM me directly. Thank you.

    Toxins in Meat

    Chlorophyll & Diatomaceous Earth (food grade only) are noted for their heavy metal detoxification benefits. Good for everyone, no matter where you live, the benefits of the above, go beyond that of heavy metal detoxification.
  6. Wow on that vid AND YOUR DESCRIPTION!!! Thank you so much for being sweet to share all this with us!
  7. Sounds like a great outing. So the trails are better maintained on which area of those you mentioned. Are we speaking about three different areas, Vocano Park, Penas Park, & Ciudad Guzman? How would you rate each for ease/difficulty... Easy/beginner, Moderate, Intermediate, Advanced? Which trails are steepest, and which have the least incline? Thank you so much... Appreciate your taking the time to respond.
  8. Rainy season is such a great time to go hiking, How we love rainy season! The waterfall in the Ajijic Mountains is great, and oh how our dogs love it at full blast! Drier dustier trails with rolling pebbles are a challenge to negotiate. Hiking is definitely more challenging, compared to the the National Parks trails I have enjoyed. I actually located one simpler stretch of trail in this area. That serves well in dry season and for hikers who don't prefer the steep rock climb feel to a path. That said, what other easier to navigate trails both in this area and beyond? Up to 2 hours tops (Dogs accompany).
  9. Blue Angle representative phoned me today. I appreciate her taking the time to phone. While I did not agree with the thinking or line of questioning presented to me on that phone call, If I were to give the benefit of the doubt... What potentially happened is: WEA withheld information regarding the premium increase. At least one of the agents is switching to Doctors. WEA is unethical in not informing those agents, and goodness knows what else they have in mind for this WEA membership which agents at Blue Angle offer. So given the benefit of the doubt, let us assume the above. Therefore: Yes, Valerie (and I am sure the others) are under stress regarding WEA's unethical actions. The agent I spoke with was not pleased with WEA and what had taken place. I won't go deeper into that conversation, which went in hopeless circles at times. Advice: That agent suggested I go with an independent policy with WEA, given my age and health. I explained, I would not go with an unethical provider who presents (as my husband terms) a bait & switch. They are an experienced company and knew what they were doing when they offered that rate of approx $1,300 and then hiked it up to $1940. Knowing WEA lack of ethic and lacking registration in Mexico, why would I take a risk/policy with them? So benefit of doubt in mind, they did not inform their agents either. Concluding that phone call, I did suggest that it is time for Blue Angle to find a better option for these WEA members, and ditch WEA, before this unethical behavior repeats, with members of the WEA group policy incur higher rates and/or possibility of this group being dropped.
  10. Bottom Line: Many reminders have come into my mail box for the renewal/cancel option. Many members are having difficulty asking questions, as per the premium notices instructions (contact info@blueanglesolutions.com if we have questions) for writing to that email does not bring a response. People are reporting to me, that when they get through to someone (on one occasion the person would not identify herself) the communication is evasive in regard to their questions. Personality aside, if questions were answered, that would satisfy most, but that is not the case, quite the contrary. A simple email which was unprofessional, in response to my emailed concerns. Many are in agreement, Blue Angle is done for. In a way it's good that our concerns were not addressed in a professional or prompt manner. Otherwise we would not have found out other facts (WEA & Doctors Insurance are not registered in Mexico). Then where would we be 10-15 years from now! Thank you for everyone who participated in this thread. I have heard in PM's from those who have said it served them well, in making a decision. Members are welcome to contact me directly in the future (PM).
  11. Right, and there is a faster method that they are working on to be implemented in the US, but that appears years off? The reasons or such are so important, that there is a government funded initiative (5 year funded in 2015) http://www.cdc.gov/drugresistance/pdf/ar_initiative_fact_sheet.pdf
  12. I suppose a reservation and deposit/CC in advance could speed and smooth that process, just like when living in the US. Calling the 800 number at report in time... should any black faces appear, is a good idea.
  13. True in the case of many foods being brought in, maybe not... but thus far 3 visits, brought two reviews, and she had so many food items... and both of the two waved in. Back to the two weeks of vites... nada compared to that load! My suitcase looks mild compared to a cooler chest with items packed in dry ice. I was initially told that the customs officials look for items that are more than three of a kind, and in packaging. Maybe they are thinking you want to open a retail vite shop eh? lol
  14. No problemo! Ha ha... I actually had my sister bring several months supply and all types of items. Dog supples, sups, skin care items. She does that for me every time she visits. This time they actually looked at the suitcase (yup she brings me a whole suitcase of stuff) and the waved it on by. Always goes in a check in luggage. She brings stuff we haven't requested... food items.. wow.. I would have not brought in. Brought my husband tastykake pies. I still have the KandyKakes in the freezer for when I am recovered from recent stomach hit. She also has brought all types of food and even a (she keeps kosher) Birthday cake for me last time. Threw in some lox and frozen bagels and bialys... Never would have asked her to bring those.. lol They looked at the cooler package and asked what's in there... she said dry ice with a frozen cake etc... Waved her right on through! If she can bring all that through, and they saw all of it... I'd say your's is a breeze!
  15. Has anyone rented a car at the JFK airport (NY) using their Mexican Drivers license? Do some car rentals (again JFK) give you a tough time, while others do not?
  16. "problem" acknowledged... The doctor had to change my antibiotic, due to ineffectiveness noted on the first... So I actually began my dosing on Cipro after 3 on the other.... ugh Quite frankly good thing it was caught, from now on I will review all prescriptions prior to filing. It was EASY information to locate. (shaking head here) So OK... the culture takes a few days... better to know still eh? Now culturing... What are the tests available? How does this work? Blood or other sample? Good to be educated for you know what tests to request or have your doctor notified of said results. Why be on an ineffective antibiotic or one that your nasty problem has built resistance towards!
  17. This one is new to me.. seems worth the effort if you know prior to antibiotic use and that doctor prescribing, that your (salmonella???) nasty bug is resistant to certain antibiotics. Anyone have more information on the specs of this testing? I am seeing it is done a variety of ways, and wondering about those details. I will definitely research this further.
  18. ah is that the same as a pencil cactus? I know aloe and jade are toxic for pets.
  19. You are resistant, or what you had was resistant, to cipro? What type of culture test or "sensitivity" test are you referring to? Interesting... please explain. Yes, Doctors reach for that quite often... So it is good to know!
  20. Thanks for this post... Oleander... Just happened to be the new plant that we purchased for the front yard! One of my dogs, is a reincarnation of a goat... So a sniff here and interest in this plant is not going to be a good thing. This post was just in time. Up it goes into the (inaccessible) rock garden... with all it's pretty little flowers. Wonder what other plants in this area, are indeed poisonous?
  21. Great question, one that I have not an answer to at this point. Maybe one of the other members has the answer? My daughter brings mine in a cooler bag, when she visits from the US. I certainly would be interested if someone has a quality source for this, here or in Guad. A high potency (40 billion or higher) with at least 8 strains, would be my choice. I use the Udo's choice super 8 high potency: Supplement Facts Serving Size: 1 Capsule Servings per Container: 30 Amount Per Serving % Daily Value Super 8 Probiotic Blend 280.34 mg Lactobacillus Acidophilus HA-122 45% Lactobacillus Rhamnosus HA-111 25% Lactobacillus Rhamnosus HA-114 10% Lactobacillus Plantarum HA-119 7% Bifidobacterium Bifidum HA-132 6% Lactobacillus Casei HA-108 3% Bifidobacterium Longum HA-108 3% Lactobacillus Salivarius HA-118 1%
  22. GREAT question! I've done it both ways, quite by accident. In the "early days" I would get diarrhea several days into antibiotic treatment. I never dosed with probiotics back then. However, I find personally, that though the antibiotic may kill off some of the probiotics, somehow I avoid those stomach problems when dosing during. Your question made me curious as to if there were any studies on this. I found an interesting link: http://chriskresser.com/what-to-do-if-you-need-to-take-antibiotics/ (What To Do If You Need To Take Antibiotics) which indeed sites the findings in studies.
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