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  1. Posting for owner. Please call the number below if you have seen this dog. "Jill" left the house through a door left open by a workman. We miss her terribly and know someone has her in their home. Please contact me with any information or sightings. We are in West Ajijic close to the organic market but on the mountainside. The black and white dog near the highway by La Cancinta is a look-alike, but not Jill. Every poster I put up in the community gets taken down, has happened repeatedly no matter how well I secure it. Please contact me at my local phone number with any info: 106-1233 or my US cell number: 01-559-760-6206 or email at dvanarsd@gmail.com. Many thanks in advance!
  2. DOES ANYONE KNOW THIS PERSON: ANN DIRKS Something that belongs to her, with her name (and number which does not work) was found. Please contact Erin at 331-691-7567 or leave response with info here. Thank you
  3. Posting for Mariza Gomez Rocha: "Help me find Aspen. whippet white 7 years. lost on Saturday sept 23 in San Antonio. needs medical treatment. Thank you !!! Cel 3331405546" https://www.facebook.com/groups/LAKESIDEADVOCATESFOR/permalink/2019273548316989/?pnref=story
  4. FROM FACEBOOK POST: https://www.facebook.com/groups/976862439040002/permalink/1464066760319565/
  5. She comes and sells out in 5-10 mins, tops! 40 something pies gone in that time frame. Great product, strong following. She spends a lot of hours in the kitchen, and there is no need to go to a market, set up a table, when her following lines up and sells her out! Her energies are better spent in the kitchen. She will be returning to the Ajijic Square, this coming Saturday, 10:30. Look for the Line of Gringos.
  6. Next Saturday she returns to the plaza location!
  7. So true, so very sweet and she does respond/want to please so badly. Wish my younger dog knew when to stop... lol.. mine will wear any dog out!
  8. Intelligent - Very affectionate, trusting and eager to bond to a person. Vet said she is in excellent health and is sure she was abandoned. Vet said she has had a litter. She was scrawny initially but put on weight and has come to herself.
  9. One of the occupants of that household was waiting for a taxi to come by and left the yard/driveway door open. Men rushed in with guns.
  10. Thanks for this information. It came in very handy today. Our car was skillfully opened and all gate and garage changers swiped. That is the short version, but they do know where we live. Carlos came right out and wiped out our garage opener codes. He will return Monday with a new clicker. The clicker will be useless to the thief. He will also at that time, program my car to open the garage door without a clicker. Sharp guy, punctual: On a Saturday or any day for that matter that is excellent response. I would say in general take your remote gate openers with you or hide them or better yet, have this guy program your car to open gate without a clicker! Seems I am hearing of an increase in theft in the area. I even heard of a strong arm gun robbery that took place 10 days ago on Lazaro Cardenas, when a garage door was opened while they waited for a cab.
  11. FIRST, I shall apologize for those who signed on too late for the 10:30 sale of Diane Goldstein's Chicken Pot Pie. Next I will announce, this morning on the plaza, next to the Ajijic Square butcher shop... at 10:30 Today Sept 9th, Diane will be selling her Chicken Pot Pies, Creamy, Decadent, she promised me 4 no matter how many of you show up. So this is no risk to me! Butter Crust, Creamy and Packed. Need I say more. Since mom is not here, I have adopted Diane for my comfort food specialist.. smile. See you there, she likely won't set up anything for we all line up somewhere on the walkway and she sells out in a matter of what... 15 to 20 mins! I come from a family of bakers and chefs... These are delights.
  12. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/ireland-cows-methane-emissions-climate-change-supercows-james-cook-university-a7849646.html
  13. Hello! They call me Good Girl. I like that name, but one day I want to have a different name. After all, Foster Mom calls the two boys by two names... Good Boy AND their SPECIAL name that she cheers them on with. I have been accepted into a language, play and culture immersion course for dogs. This, my Foster Mom says, is a technique used in dog culture education. First, I underwent instruction in a variety of topics, including toy share, socializing, leash manners, language (Porti-speak Portuguese Water Dog Octaves) and general social studies for dogs. My instructor, Dylan Dog has demonstrated the appropriate level of octave in speaking to other dogs. We make the oddest sounds when these methods are used. Little grumblings, moans and other noises that I never knew were to be used. The humans seem to enjoy listening to this non bark type of communication and seem very entertained. My play share studies have taught me a lot. At first I believed the objective was to get and keep what they call a toy, all for myself. Foster mom explained to me how it is done on all fours. I never saw a human get on all fours and I found that quite exciting. How could I not share that toy with her??? She then invited the other dogs to play with us, and let them take over. Now I cannot imagine play with out another dogs mouth on a toy. It would be completely boring and bland. I have completed immersion levels 1 and 2, and believe that I might even be able to instruct other dogs! Best of all, they say I am SPECIAL! Please call my Foster Mom if you would like to see just how special! I am 40 pounds, female and about 2 years of age. I am good natured, housetrained, spayed and all my medical (spaying/worming etc) is complete. Trials permitted to see if I would make a good addition to your life.. I cannot wait to meet you!
  14. UPDATE ON MOMMY DOG. She is social and enjoys other dogs!!! The person whom is allowing her to recover after being spayed, has experience in sizing up a dog's personality and says the following: Mom dog is a great dog she gets along with my gang of dogs no problem... She likes to play. She is not (yet) comfortable coming into the house so was probably kept outdoors. She walks on a leash but she acts like this is a new thing for her. She will be a great family dog.
  15. The real person whom is the angle, is the person who volunteered to take her in while she heals. Without that person this dog would have been very low on luck. Will update all as this dog continues to heal and come to herself. It is not too early for me to take you to see her. Please send me a private message if anyone would like to just check her out to see if she is a match. She is only halfway saved. If this was a street dog, she could be put out again once healed. She definitely is not cut out for the streets.
  16. This dog is very gentle, calm, trusting and affectionate. She has been through a lot and likely was abandoned after she became pregnant, or possibly after having puppies. She was so despondent and/or weak when we saved her, she had to be carried to safety. She is now coming to herself and her personality (extremely sweet and good natured/intelligent/alert/non-barker) is emerging. A very delightful dog indeed. She surely would have been not long for this world if not rescued, for she is not street smart and had given up. Estimated to be approximately 2-3 years of age. 40 pounds roughly. 1 She has been Spayed 2 She was bathed and is now clean as can be. She was covered in ticks so had to be treated She was given a treatment good for 3 months 3 She has been treated for internal parasites. This will be repeated in 2 weeks I will have the stitches taken out at that time and ask about vaccines. The Vet wants me to keep her in Iso through Saturday She is receiving a daily shot for pain and to prevent infection. The weight loss he feels is due to her having nursed a large litter of puppies and is not a concern as she is now eating well. She is a very nice dog I practiced walking around the iso area with a leash she was fine for that short area We will know better Sunday when she can be free on the property. We will report in as to how she responds to being with other dogs. She is very healthy (big shock), and was likely very out of it due to loss of puppies/abandonment. She will come with all medical complete and will be a delight health-wise and personality wise. Following pictures are quite different than from when she was picked up, with her having cowered and refusing to stand. She is reclining on pillow in photo below and I would guess she weighs about 40 pounds. Look at that happy stretch. Won't someone claim this best friend to be! (Short term foster also accepted - for as long as you are able (1 week) or until adopted. It truly takes a village... I was not alone in helping this sweet soul... I thank everyone who has helped out.
  17. Thanks but I could not have done this by myself. I did just a little. That is all one has to do sometimes to help. A wonderful person stepped in to permit her a safe haven & help for her recovery. I could not have carried her on my own, and yet another person helped with that. The person who picked her up to take her to the Vet, believes that she may have been abandoned after becoming pregnant. I have seen a lot of negativity towards animals since moving here. What I have noticed is, the more hostility toward animals shown, the more some very special people double their efforts to step up for those animals. Those are the people I admire. That is what I try to strive for in helping out no matter how little. Yes, there are an amazing group of animal lovers in our community! The spay and neuter programs are wonderful as well.
  18. Owner is asking me to put a post out reporting her dog exited her gate. His name is Chief. HE IS A SWEETHEART and is NOT aggressive. OWNER: frea1006@gmail.com Fred & Rea Will add more details when owner responds. This is a large older dog. Thank you.
  19. I don't agree that a glass of wine qualifies you for arrest if you are not affected. I am affected with one glass (at this altitude) so I pass on it. But back to the arrests: When in Rome... At least abide by the law. The law, or at least those enforcing and arresting, do so with under one drink in you. Good to know, and so why drink unless there is a designated driver? Gotta drink... hmmm... That may be evidence of a deeper need for help. I am the designated driver in this household, and quite frankly my one glass of wine once in a blue moon, can take place on my terrace with a lovely view of the lake! I would seriously be concerned if I could not do without that drink!
  20. This dog now has a vet appointment, and she will be completely free of any parasites and spayed. She was so afraid, thin and almost too weak to eat. Even though afraid, there is not a snip or growl out of her. She let us carry her and I was even allowed to touch her bones (what dog doesn't like a meaty bone). When the person whom volunteered to have her heal in an isolation section of her place came... She came with other dogs int he car, and this dog just layed down on the back seat, clearly afraid but not hostile at all to the other dogs which were more than a bit curious about her. What a gentle soul. Her story has just begun. I will make an adoption post soon.
  21. Photo didn't come through, but thanks for the sweet news of your girl. First to get her to the vet. Thanks for your great story!
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