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  1. Hi Guiness, Name of Quality Care's ENT please. Thank you!
  2. Great service, excellent food, friendly owner. Consistently. Definitely a keeper! japa
  3. We've had dinner at Masayume in Ajijic a few times, and enjoyed the Tempura! (Located between the Donut place and bank mountainside)
  4. I have a 30 min medical procedure on disc. I would like to make a copy. What lakeside business is able to do this for me?
  5. Newly arrived within the past week. Locals say this dog does not appear to belong to anyone and it appears to be newly dumped. Does anyone recognize this dog? Appears to be trying to look for someone.
  6. Don't use this thread to belittle the organizations which have saved so many animals. Do you really think that they would be able to accomplish what they have without being organized. The Spay and Neuter programs alone, are a very involved effort. When someone takes an animal off the street, it should not be to dump later. Dogs are left standing in front of homes, where they once lived, and skittish on the streets after experiencing care. It shatters them emotionally, for as with the foster I took in, the vets will stated "This is not a street dog. This dog had a home before it was abandoned, likely due to becoming pregnant or it's owner abandoned her. This dog was so dehydrated it surely would not have lived." We had found this dog collapsed due to lack of food, on the street. Point blank many who were homed and abandoned, do not have street skills. They are terrified after being released. Some won't even try to survive, but lay down in the heat and give up. Thank you for all you do, every last person and animal rescue organization here. If anyone would like to help, but cannot do a life commitment to a pet, there are many ways to reach out. Donations, fostering and accompanying a dog as a flight angel to their new home NOB.
  7. If people reading this could post on their social media, that would be wonderful. Due to such efforts many others have been found in the past weeks, and that would be so wonderful if this dog were also returned home. Thank you!
  8. I passed on these suggestions to the original poster. Thank you!
  9. Urgent - lost dog - chapala haciendas - got out on Ruisinor street Thursday Morning March 15th - med size grey poodle - collar with name tag and bell - owner is frantic - please, if you see her message me or call 01-045-331-419-4196 Please share... we lost this little dog in Chapala Haciendas 2, there's no sign of her and no one saw her walking on the streets, her name is Cali, French poodle medium, grey color, bring identification plate and a bell, There's a reward of $ 5000 pesos Por favor compartan... perdimos a esta perrita en Chapala Haciendas 2, no hay rastro de ella y nadie la vió andando en las calles, se llama Cali, French poodle mediana, color gris, trae placa de identificación y un cascabel, hay recompensa de $5000 pesos ....
  10. Is this the same Dr. Dr. Ignacio Guerrero https://www.innogastric.com/ referenced in the above comments? (Asking due to difference in phone number) Justo Sierra 2064 Col. Ladrón de Guevara Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. 331 1596-1744 / 331524-3307 Thanks!
  11. You can get the 23 and me test from Amazon: $99.00 + $20.16 Shipping & Import Fees Deposit to Mexico Though I would recommend having someone who is returning to send it back to the company/do it right before that person leaves.
  12. Reposting: Posting for ‎Kim Campbell: LOST DOG! Answers to Jazmin. Black with a white chest mark. Med sized looks like a whippet cross.West Ajijic, Villa Nova area. Jazmin is approachable and can be lured with a treat. If anyone sees her please call 766.2343
  13. EXACTLY! Which brings the question: When is a starch not worth eating? lol
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