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  1. IMBurnen

    North American size Queen bed

    Ahh, thank you Cristina for once again addressing one of my peeves about those who fail to remember where they are....
  2. IMBurnen

    Looking for good redneck breakfast

    Gee, I moved away and forgot about y'all being food obsessed! Why hasn't anyone mentioned Mom's Deli in Riberas? Do they not still have the best biscuits and gravy around. I bet if you went there they would show you how they make them. Git 'r done as they say NOB...
  3. IMBurnen

    Budgeting costs of reconnaissance

    I will make two suggestions. One, make your first point of contact your local Mexican consulate. They can tell you, exactly, what is required. While every poster here is well intentioned, the rules change, there is a new government taking over, and you can expect prices to rise for government services. Two, there are many areas of Mexico that are pleasant, have excellent resources and are way cheaper than the Lakeside area to live. Do more research before choosing. I lived in Lakeside 6 years before relocating to Cuernavaca, which suits me better. There are lots of option in life and the obvious choice is not always the best. Good luck.
  4. IMBurnen

    Self Rising Flour

    Hola More Liana! This is a wonderful recipe and was originally published in the 1930's on the back of a Hershey's cocoa powder tin. I used to love my grandmother's chocolate cake and when I finally persuaded her to give me the (this) recipe, she admitted where she obtained it. Just a little history to demonstrate good survives. Saludos
  5. Five years after moving to Lakeside (and living in Joco, Chapala and Ajijic) I decided that the area seemed increasingly Northern, not just in services and resources, but in attitudes. Instead of crying I visited 6 other cities in Mexico then, like Goldilocks, winnowed out what mattered to me and chose Cuernavaca "City of Eternal Spring". How delighted I have been to find a small city that is clean, in good repair and with abundant resources. I know there must be lots of expats out there as they sometimes post to the local equivalent of this board, but I don't see them unless I so choose. There are very few NOB style restaurants and expats here speak Spanish, many fluently. So no tantrums in stores and there has been civility and reasonable expectations in all my experiences here. This place is not for everyone, I'm just reinforcing the point that if you're miserable where you are, please, change it.
  6. All your reasons for moving make sense, as do all the reasons for making a different choice that have been listed. I recently relocated, (after years) away from Ajijic (to Cuernavaca which is great for me) to escape what, for me, had become a noisy, dirty and congested area. Ajijic is great to visit, more difficult to live in so I endorse the suggestions of Chapala and Jocotepec. I lived in both and really liked Chapala - just try to find a space a little distance from the malecon to avoid the weekend party world. Good luck!
  7. Checking for a friend who would like to come to Mexico for dental work. Many dentists but not all are equal. Prefer close to a major city, GDL, CDMX, PV or Baja areas optimal. Please describe your experience with this dentist and, would you go back again? Thanks.
  8. Hola..I too am in search of a smaller place to live in Mexico besides Lake Chapala...been here 8 years and am ready to try new places...I would love to know the area you are in now...my Spanish is good enough to get by...I have been considering Alamos, in Sonora, but the summers would be a killer...although, I wouldn't mind living in two places if I had do...

    Thanks!  Elizabeth

    1. Ajijic_hiker


      My guess is that it's Tepoztlan...am I right?  I've been reading good things about that town...

    2. IMBurnen


      Apologies for the delay, I did a second move into the center of the city and have been offline for a while. Tepoztlan is lovely and interesting. As with all Mexican small towns the concerns are the same-street repairs, water/sewage. I have met several who live there and love it, and my trips there have always been positive. There are other small towns that were recommended to me: Cuautla, about a 45 min. drive from Cvaca and others that have slipped out of my cheese sieve brain. I knew I had to get away from the congestion and ego driven restaurant reviews at Lakeside and I did quite a lot of research. I find prices for everything except labor a little cheaper here, and am impressed with the available resources. If you want to connect with the expat community it's possible, but I am trying not to be too involved at this point. I know there have been many changes, but I visited Morelia, Querretaro, San Luis Potosi and Oaxaca. The first three are rapidly expanding their industrial base, so of no interest and Oaxaca is just too far South for me, in terms of climate. So yeah, not a fan of Sonora for the heat or the cartels. If you decide to visit this area let me know and I'll try to be helpful. I arrived knowing not one person and am progressing, poco a poco. All the best, Carolyn

  9. IMBurnen

    Lakeside increased population?

    I sometimes read these links, always with amazement that there is the belief that the only possible option for those disenchanted with the Chapala area is to return NOB. I have relocated, after 5 years in Ajijic, to a small city South of DF. The weather is considered by Mexicans to be the best in the country, there are infinite resources, the rents are cheaper and I have no complaints. Trash is picked up on schedule, streets and sidewalks are paved and although I'm sure the expat community here have their gripes, I haven't heard them. So by all means be unhappy in place or investigate the possibilities within Mexico. I will say that there is not the preponderance of English speakers so if you cannot learn the basics of the language of the country where you live, it wouldn't work for you outside the Chapala area. However, after I was scammed, robbed and burgled in Ajijic in one year, it seemed reasonable to see how the rest of the country would treat me. So far, so good.
  10. As I live just South of Mexico City let me correct the magnitude-it was 7.2. I understand that ramping it up sounds better to news services but the ground swayed and nothing fell, not even me. Always best to check with a local.
  11. IMBurnen


    Neighbor 2 doors down, who are snowbirds of long standing, were burgled during daylight hours while they were at lunch last Sunday. They told me they've decided to sell since prices are astronomical now. Very next door have sold their house, after 16 years, and I am packed and leave on Sunday for a different part of Mexico. I call it the "make way for newbies wave". You guys have fun now.
  12. IMBurnen

    Old timers fav restaurant

    Glad someone mentioned Chopsticks, which is actually Vietnamese. Their Pho on Fridays only is excellent, as is the homemade ice cream.
  13. IMBurnen

    recommended vehicle?

    You can bring your car, by all means if you have a temporary visa. You can drive it for 4 years at which time you have to drive it back out, sell it or donate stateside, fly back and buy a Mexican plated car. But not, I hope, from any of the local agencies who profit from those who know little about how the backhands work here. Try to find one from a private owner and get a reputable (yes there are some) mechanic to check it out first. You can buy US plated vehicle insurance through an agency in San Diego and replace plates once yours expire by sending your docs to the State of South Dakota, who will issue you plates. That's why you see so many SD car plates locally. Good luck in any case.
  14. IMBurnen

    Help With Puff Pastry Dough

    The hojaldre they sell in most grocery stores in Mexico is made with lard, not butter. That will make the difference you describe.
  15. IMBurnen

    Being generous in Mexico

    It is this very attitude and level of response that inspired me to recently relocate to another part of Mexico. Instead of whining about a persons view who has stated his/her presence for 36 years, you could pay more attention and try to think of something positive to say-if you still remember how. Merry Christmas to the un-Scrooged among us.