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  1. IMBurnen

    Capital One

    I found a simpler method. I use Transferwise and they ship money from my US account to my Mexican one (at excellent exchange rates) and for a very low fee. They are London based and started by the same man who began PayPal. I have used them this way for 4 years without a single issue. Good luck!
  2. Did you see the pm I sent you? It is another option. Good luck.
  3. IMBurnen

    Lost Permanente

    Same thing happened to me. Go immediately to the immigration office in Chapala and report it. They are very helpful and will provide the paperwork to request a replacement. They can also issue a letter to allow your friend to travel in January as the replacement won't arrive by then. Good luck!
  4. IMBurnen

    Help: Anxiety

    Yes, none of these people are doctors and shouldn't be suggesting medications. There are a lot of variables that impact how they work for different people. Consult one of the generally competent young doctors who keep clinic hours at some of the pharmacies and at places like Walmart where they charge $50pesos for a consult. There are a lot of non-pharmaceutical solutions for anxiety and sleep deprivation that you could try first. And no, not a doctor but a psych nurse from a teaching hospital with significant experience of what happens when you embark on a course of meds without guidance. Good luck.
  5. IMBurnen

    Huge changes at Bancomer

    Once you settle the banking issues in Mexico among you, take note of the messages suggesting checks are no longer a necessary or desirable form of dollar transfer. I personally use TransferWise, where I get fabulous exchange rates ($20.48 pesos to the dollar today), low fees (about $9 per $2k transfer) and the money arrives in two days. They are London based and run by the man who originally set up PayPal. Just a suggestion, one of the many.
  6. IMBurnen

    Toilet Paper for Septic Tank use

    All papers are bio-degradable as long as you keep your septic tank in good health. SL used to sell RidX which is a biological treatment powder you can use to achieve this. Regardless of the paper you use!
  7. IMBurnen

    Transporting asthma inhalers to us

    I wouldn't worry so much about the airline, rather whoever will check you through at this border. Nothing is the same now in Tijuana, or so say my friends who live there. I doubt US customs will care but it just takes one :()... Be prepared for either eventuality.
  8. IMBurnen

    Nexium, Prilosec

    Might be helpful to all to look up these names of medications that you're bandying about as good for this or that. Some are proton-pump inhibitors, some have other means of effect. In any case, they should be used for specific and ongoing conditions-they are not like taking Tums.
  9. IMBurnen

    Q anyone??

    In the face of lunacy, politeness is the only option, regardless of citizenship.
  10. IMBurnen

    Should I use an attorney?

    Many do use lawyers once they're in the country. Many do not, me included, after discovering that I was wasting money on local law advice. I found that by going to the local immigration facility they were more than happy to tell me what I needed to do-even gave me instructions on where to find a photographer that would meet their standards for photos. Good luck.
  11. IMBurnen

    North American size Queen bed

    Ahh, thank you Cristina for once again addressing one of my peeves about those who fail to remember where they are....
  12. IMBurnen

    Looking for good redneck breakfast

    Gee, I moved away and forgot about y'all being food obsessed! Why hasn't anyone mentioned Mom's Deli in Riberas? Do they not still have the best biscuits and gravy around. I bet if you went there they would show you how they make them. Git 'r done as they say NOB...
  13. IMBurnen

    Budgeting costs of reconnaissance

    I will make two suggestions. One, make your first point of contact your local Mexican consulate. They can tell you, exactly, what is required. While every poster here is well intentioned, the rules change, there is a new government taking over, and you can expect prices to rise for government services. Two, there are many areas of Mexico that are pleasant, have excellent resources and are way cheaper than the Lakeside area to live. Do more research before choosing. I lived in Lakeside 6 years before relocating to Cuernavaca, which suits me better. There are lots of option in life and the obvious choice is not always the best. Good luck.
  14. IMBurnen

    Self Rising Flour

    Hola More Liana! This is a wonderful recipe and was originally published in the 1930's on the back of a Hershey's cocoa powder tin. I used to love my grandmother's chocolate cake and when I finally persuaded her to give me the (this) recipe, she admitted where she obtained it. Just a little history to demonstrate good survives. Saludos
  15. Five years after moving to Lakeside (and living in Joco, Chapala and Ajijic) I decided that the area seemed increasingly Northern, not just in services and resources, but in attitudes. Instead of crying I visited 6 other cities in Mexico then, like Goldilocks, winnowed out what mattered to me and chose Cuernavaca "City of Eternal Spring". How delighted I have been to find a small city that is clean, in good repair and with abundant resources. I know there must be lots of expats out there as they sometimes post to the local equivalent of this board, but I don't see them unless I so choose. There are very few NOB style restaurants and expats here speak Spanish, many fluently. So no tantrums in stores and there has been civility and reasonable expectations in all my experiences here. This place is not for everyone, I'm just reinforcing the point that if you're miserable where you are, please, change it.