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  1. The US economy is being pumped up by increasing Government spending every year by the billions. Now they are talking about another tax cut. Some day dumping dollars into the world will end. I hope I don't see it. Cutting Social spending, raising taxes, balanced budget may be ugly. China is devaluing their currency which brings down developing countries currencies in a race to the bottom.
  2. Starting to suspect the grumpy, crabby old geezers aren't the snowbirds.
  3. I just started researching SAMe for NSAID replacement for pain. Looks interesting and may be worth a try. Another great supplement is NAC. Actually stops some flu and cold viruses from replicating. Works for me and my wife. Good for the liver and kidneys and obsessive compulsive thinking.
  4. I'm all for a more visible police and army presence. It works to cut down crime and violence. Here's an example. Last summer in Chicago there was 72 people shot one weekend . It was double the usual number. There was a big concert downtown for the kids LALAPOLOOSA. After the Las Vegas massacre they were worried about security and pulled all the cops out of the neighborhoods to protect the concert. Without cops in the hood the shootings doubled. But if you get shot, you want to be in Chicago. There are about 4 deaths to 20 shot. Their ETM, ambulances and trauma emergency rooms are probably the best in the world treating shooting victims.
  5. I'd worry more about the Mexico 6% inflation rate than I would a couple dollar difference in the exchange.
  6. Ajijic will be a Canadian Province in a couple years. Mexicans know you can't get rid of them. You kill, rob or beat 'em, they just keep coming for those 10% off dinners.
  7. The Mexicans will survive the warming. They are out in the heat in sweatshirts and hoods. The rest of us have a hard tine going out in 95 degree humidity or 120 degrees in the dessert. The smartest money man I listen to said if you live along any coast it is time to move. Property values are going to be falling. Right now insurance premiums are unaffordable in some areas. Even the the Midwest which might be considered safe are starting to get storms that park over an area and dump 10 inches of rain in a few hours. Significant flooding. Nobody is safe.
  8. Is it just my imagination or does it seem a little less friendly around town? More rudeness? Unrelated to that are there more Canadians around now than there used to be.?
  9. Walked by BP in West Ajijic at 10. They were open , not a car there. Said their tanks were full. Flagged down a cab got my car and filled up. Short line at 11:30.
  10. I think there are a lot of people driving around who don't realize they should be conserving their gas. The seriousness of the problem has not sunk in. I will not move my car until it is an emergency. Workers need the gas. After draining all these station tanks, this problem could go on for months if not longer.
  11. Anybody logic out the slippery slope, worse case scenario for Lakeside? When should we panic?
  12. Last year a bought some throws from the ladies on the lake. I think they said it was made in India, but they were nice.
  13. Just out of curiosity, what is the point, logic, rationale of bombs and church bells and a band going off at five in the morning? I think the church is behind it somehow but why? I get the part they want to wake everybody up but then what? I know it is a feast day but should i be participating or just looking for cover. And where can i get some of those bombs myself? If you can't beat them, join them?
  14. Be very careful. My brother had a good job, wife, two kids. Said he had anxiety/depression problems which led to a drinking problem which led to a GP doctor who put him on anti depressant. Wow. Now he could do anything. No fear. Manic, lost job, wife, kids, living homeless in Florida. I have bad panic attacks and have medicine to use if I am going into a stressful situation which I have used a couple of times the last five years. Fear has kept me from doing a lot of stupid things. You have to work on the many things you can do to help yourself without drugs. Don't forget Jesus and if drinking is a part of the problem, AA.
  15. I think a fair guess would be 80% return home eventually. Don't see to many around in their 90's. Lifespan is 80.
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