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  1. Checking my Utility Bill from My Village in the U S, I pay $12 per 1000 gal. of water used. Sewer is $15 a month and garbage is $27 a month that includes brush and grass clippings pickup. Mexican people can't afford that. But. Nobody waters their grass anymore. If you see someone watering grass, it is so odd you think they must be multi-millionaires. Wastewater treatment has made a dramatic change in the cleanliness of the rivers and lakes. Well worth the 27 bucks a month. I'm sure the Mexican people would conserve water and could pay for more wastewater treatment plants.
  2. My guess is with the restaurants closed down in the most populated states there will be a glut of beef in the supermarkets.
  3. This winter I saw more for sale and/or for rent signs around and construction everywhere, then in the last five years. Maybe not so good for sellers. In the U S now, there is a possibility of the market getting real soft, real fast, with unemployment predicted to rise to between 10 and 30%. Hopefully Mexico doesn't become the next Italy.
  4. What is the problem with bankruptcy? As in BANK. If everybody goes belly up that is a big problema for the bond holders and all the companies in the U S are loaded with debt. The Government wants to bail out the companies rather than the banks which would be catastrophic. They don't want a replay of 2008 because the people would wail about another Wallstreet bailout.
  5. Creating an economic collapse may not have been the best idea. The Government thinks they can control everything but they might find out that once they pushed the economy over the cliff it will not be as easy as they think bringing it back. Right now they are trying to prevent bankruptcy in the big companies but it could be an avalanche starting with the small companies and working up. Most deaths are from old timers who are not working anyway. Like Mainecoons says why collapse the whole economy? IN ITALY: The national health institute said the average age of those who have died was 81, with the majority suffering from underlying health problems. An estimated 72% of all those who have died were men. According to government data, 4.25% of individuals confirmed to have the coronavirus in Italy have died, the highest rate in the world. The country has one of the world's oldest populations.
  6. The State Department on Thursday issued an extraordinary advisory urging Americans not to travel overseas, to return to the United States if they can, or to otherwise shelter in place, a move that comes amid concerns about the coronavirus pandemic. The Level 4 travel advisory for all international travel appears to be unprecedented and is the most severe such warning issued by the department.
  7. Just to let all my bueno amigos at lakeside know, the doctors and hospitals in the States are not operating as normal. My wife's doctor just cancelled an appointment that was set up last week. They are afraid to see patients now and are shutting down. Sorry but (chickensit) I told them my wife is in bad shape and needs to see the doctor. Too bad. Cancelled. The night before last, my wife was weak and a little confused. I took her to the emergency room put her in a wheel chair and pushed her to reception and told them I would be right back, I had to park the car. When I came back they were pushing her into a triage area set of for coronavirus, locked the door and surrounded me with security and told me I had to leave the hospital and they would call me to pick her up if she wasn't admitted. They called in the middle of the night to pick her up saying nothing about her stroke like symptoms. You guys have to take care of yourself down there Don't think you can come back to the US for care. The system is pretty much broke down here now. Stay healthy.
  8. This virus can make you really, real sick. It makes it hard to breath. It is hard on the old timers. Stay strong, get healthy, boost your immune system with good fruits and vegetables vitamins and supplements. Vitamin C., Nac, fish oil and whatever you think will give you a boost. Rest and exercise, hydration. It is possible that 70% of the population will get the virus. Wash your hands and spray your throat with anti-septic.
  9. The US economy is being pumped up by increasing Government spending every year by the billions. Now they are talking about another tax cut. Some day dumping dollars into the world will end. I hope I don't see it. Cutting Social spending, raising taxes, balanced budget may be ugly. China is devaluing their currency which brings down developing countries currencies in a race to the bottom.
  10. Starting to suspect the grumpy, crabby old geezers aren't the snowbirds.
  11. I just started researching SAMe for NSAID replacement for pain. Looks interesting and may be worth a try. Another great supplement is NAC. Actually stops some flu and cold viruses from replicating. Works for me and my wife. Good for the liver and kidneys and obsessive compulsive thinking.
  12. I'm all for a more visible police and army presence. It works to cut down crime and violence. Here's an example. Last summer in Chicago there was 72 people shot one weekend . It was double the usual number. There was a big concert downtown for the kids LALAPOLOOSA. After the Las Vegas massacre they were worried about security and pulled all the cops out of the neighborhoods to protect the concert. Without cops in the hood the shootings doubled. But if you get shot, you want to be in Chicago. There are about 4 deaths to 20 shot. Their ETM, ambulances and trauma emergency rooms are probably the best in the world treating shooting victims.
  13. I'd worry more about the Mexico 6% inflation rate than I would a couple dollar difference in the exchange.
  14. Ajijic will be a Canadian Province in a couple years. Mexicans know you can't get rid of them. You kill, rob or beat 'em, they just keep coming for those 10% off dinners.
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