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  1. CG...the ones I saw, bush type, are oleanders......all parts very poisonous and extremely problematic for those with pollen allergies. We had them all over Arizona and they finally outlawed them.
  2. No one has to "make" masks...for those without financial means they can use folded fabric and a couple of hair ties and they are actually more comfortable and fit better ...usually. And they are washable.
  3. Wouldn't Palmas have been beautiful lining the highway!!!
  4. On Ferret...thank you SOOOO much for this! Abrazos!
  5. You can tuck a coffee filter in between the layers of fabric...have been told they are pretty good about stopping cooties.
  6. No problems at Soriana about 1/2 hr ago...both beer and wine available.
  7. Yep...probably gonna have to dust it off one of these days
  8. Well, I for one do NOT want it around me!
  9. A Dr friend reminded me that there must be personnel to work in them......
  10. In this world, it is not what you know but WHO you know!.....same as a lot of places.
  11. Bancomer in Chapala was open yesterday....appropriate spacing inside and a line kept outside...plan accordingly.
  12. He tells me does use a mask and I am using him Monday to help move a few things back to my house from San JuanCosala...
  13. For the pet lovers out there, I would like to recommend Lila Wells work. She is a local artist, of varied talents and has done 2 portraits of our chihuahuas that are so lifelike it is amazing and they are done in colored pencil. If you treasure memories of your furbabies, these are perfect....or as a gift too. A portrait of our Frijol.... Contact: -- Lila Wells BeingLila@gmail.com Phone inside Mexico: 333-455-3543 NEW Phone from USA: 011-52-333-455-3543 Street Address: Prol. Lázaro Cárdenas 53, Ajijic, JAL 45920 Mexico Mailing Address: (NO PACKAGES PLEASE) 5810 Santa Maria Ave. #205, PMB 71-2002 Laredo, TX 78041 USA Here is a link for her work: https://www.flickr.com/photos/31199348@N05/albums
  14. To Manuel Castillo...an all around terrific guy, totally bi-lingual, honest, helpful! He has helped in countless ways and I have known him for a number of years and use him when I need to go to GDL or the airport, etc. He also does tours. He grew up in Chicago so understands English perfectly. He has a late model Toyota Avanza, is insured and sanitizes it after each client. I have no financial interest in his enterprise....just want to help a deserving young man.
  15. Are people getting over sensitive due to all this stress?!?
  16. Also closed in Chapala....all gov offices, museums, parks, etc.
  17. Ferret...yes, I know ...I tried to correct the spelling but it didn't take!!!!
  18. Same for Obama in San Juan. Cosalá...no one admitted except staff.
  19. Take a look at El Universal today for cases in Mexico.....
  20. This hotel is right in Olas Altas...a wonderful location and you can walk to El Centro. We had an apartment for 6 yrs a block from there before we bought our house. You will love it and a great time of year to be there!
  21. Went through there 2x this afternoon....mountainside lane open .....alternating access for traffic while paving !?!?!!! lakeside lane.
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