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  1. It's been raining downtown Chapala for over an hour...lightly and it is cool now.
  2. My husband passed away 2 wks ago and our daughters want his ashes to spread over the waters of the San Juan Islands in Wa but I cannot find a way to get them up there. Is anyone driving in the near future? I would have everything boxed and addressed with sufficient funds to send them USPS to the girls as my daughter has found is possible. TIA
  3. Happyjillin....the snarky comment at the end of your response was not called for. Muy grosero! But thank you for the clarification.....
  4. If the principal was driving without his license and had been drinking.....are those issues to be ignored? Just asking...
  5. My husband moved to a independent living residence, Casa Calms in San Juan Cosala and loved it....he then became more physically challenged and was moved to Ohana owned by the same young couple...totally bi-lingual. Ohana is a memory care residence but he just could not be alone any more so it was a good fit for him and he like it. Both on the lake with great views and excellent service. He recently passed away and I couldn't have asked for more care and help from Ana and Alonzo!
  6. Gringal.... I no longer see an ad at the top of my inbox.....but there is a window on the right saying features are missing...... among those is the one of the ease of forwarding messages and erasing the "from" Plus all my inbox is no longer on one scroll-able page but now only 25 appear at a time Also , this happens ONLY on my laptop!!!! Very strange. It is more time consuming to use it & I should not be blackmailed into skipping annoying, unwanted ads!
  7. Gringal...but I don't want basic mail...there are features missing. This only happens in my laptop...my Fire n fon are fine!
  8. Or is it just my computer? When I start the computer in the morning I get a message in the middle of the screen where the icons show that says: Your Windows license will expire soon You need to activate Windows in settings Go to settings.....Close So if I click on close it lets me open Google Chrome just as normal.....however....I then get another box that says: Looks like ad blocker on Go to ad free Unblock ads Dismiss and take me to Basic Mail If I click on the last about Basic Mail.....I am now looking at a new format for mail which i DO NOT like. I have tried signing out of Yahoo, reentering it but the same mail message comes on screen. When I go to the setting symbol, there is nothing there that I can change to affect this! If I use the back button, it will take me to the original mail format, then after a few minutes, I get the ad blocker message again..... Does anyone have a "cure" for this? TIA
  9. I had some back in the early 80s....they paid about 70% back then.......the good old days?
  10. Hearing them strongly in Chapala Centro for several days...yay!!!!
  11. I have just discovered that Bancomer did not automatically pay my CFE bill last time or this billing period!!! yikes! It has done so for many years in Mazatlan as well as here for over 4 yrs.....now all of a sudden NO. I also received a notice from Telmex of the same. Had any one else experienced this?
  12. Noooo,we don't all.use private health care.....
  13. For years now I have always had my CFE bill paid automatically from my Bancomer account. While I had house sitters for 2 wks in Feb, the usage was upped to the DAC rate and they did not deduct payment from my account but I just discovered that when I looked at the new bill today...YIKES! Could it be that the bill is NOT paid automatically when bumped into the DAC rate? Of course this comes up on Fri when I can't get to the bank to see what is going on from that end! Has anyone else had this problem recently?
  14. A friend lives where they are not allowed to invest in this type of currency. He has found that one can do so here in Mexico. Can anyone that is familiar with this, PM me on how they might acquire some in Mexico...it is waaay behind me! TIA
  15. There is one that comes to Quality Care.....you might want to call them and see when he comes.
  16. I Went to the cash machine this morning at Bancomer in Chapala about 7:30...just the cleaning lady in the lobby...an older gentleman waiting outside - no mask on him.
  17. Yes, those with numbers have to be "purchased" from city hall....not sure what it would take for your situation but for mine, there were a lot of hoops.....
  18. Wonder if it will last? Mexico was willing to PAY for them, not a donation to the country. https://www.yahoo.com/news/mexico-closes-us-owned-plant-003007312.html
  19. I had wondered what was going on with that building...anything you do will be an improvement!
  20. What a nice thing for them to do!!!!! Many thanks.
  21. Slainte39....sure hope they are not ficus nor jacarandra...their roots systems are quite invasive and cause many problems.
  22. Bisbee Gal...we too had lantana in Scottsdale and loved it! It would have been lovely too but I was hoping for some shade when sitting in the ever growing load of traffic.
  23. In Hawaii, Big Island, they are ticketing for being on the road unless for an essential trip somewhere...mandatory home quarantine and not allowed to arrive with no accommodations or returning home...then just be in 14 day self quarantine. Tough but they have low , low numbers so far.
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