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  1. I have neighbors that recently moved here from CdMx to a house that they used to use for holidays only and they have a child that when was an infant would scream and cry for hours on end. Made me crazy with worry as a mother. The child is now nearing 2 hrs of age and still screams off and on a LOT. I spoke to my neighbors and they all agree that there must be something wrong mentally/behaviorally with this child but none are inclined to get involved. I hate it but ni modo!!!!
  2. In left all my exs in Texas...just like the song says.
  3. Manuel Castillo...331 699 7202....super guy, does this a lot.
  4. Found the right web page...sorry.
  5. Does anyone know what time they open? Are the courier services still picking up there? TIA
  6. No one has mentioned Dr Sam Thelin in in Chapala...he used to head up Cruz Roja....saved my husband's life a couple of years ago.
  7. I had to go out Wed and there were 3 funerals going up and down Madero in Chapala in time time span of 2 hr.
  8. I wonder when Alfaro's message will filter down to that level?
  9. I don't understand what goes on with this post office....her husband runs the one in Ajijic and it never took too long for me to receive mail there. Here is a completely different story! Good luck...my check got deposited into my U.S. account after I gave up and sent the form required to change banks.
  10. I know a gal in Mazatlan that has been training dogs for diabetes detection with great succeed. She was going to also work on cancer sniffing. Dogs noses are amazing Lou!!!
  11. I love my RO system..had it in by Jackie at H2ole
  12. Willie

    Tomato paste

    Last I got was at Pancho's
  13. Might be raining mud soon.
  14. I NEVER eat tilapia...it is about garbage to me! I'm like Bridgette...farmed fish are not really good for you.
  15. Love Ana...she goes above and beyond!
  16. My Casa does a lot of rentals as well as Access Lake Chapala....
  17. I use Marias with great success.
  18. I had my dirt/mud replaced with Astro turf...dogs and I are all happy!
  19. She always remembers my name when I go in, even after quite a while. I always make a point to leave a tip in the pig or to her personally for anything extra that she does. She is brilliant with the phones!!!
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