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  1. Thx for all the help!!!! Rev Chalmers does not know h I w to reach Admire so will head down there in the morning.
  2. Yep, trying to figure out how to edit or if I just have to re-post the whole bloody mess.......
  3. Yes, thank you..I know that BUT can't find a way to contact him and didn't want to disturb him at church on Sunday.
  4. I have been unable to make contact with anyone associated with this church and get a recording saying "service is not available" so maybe there are phone problems in that area. I REALLY need to make contact with Jonathan Admire who is the visiting pastor there. Can anyone help, plz? TIA
  5. I used Dr Rios for my cataract surgeries in Sept and Oct and have had incredible results...for the first time in MANY years I do not need glasses! Just reporting my results.
  6. I order a lot of supplements from I herb...it usually takes about 5_6 weeks to arrive. You can only order up to $80USD per order to be shipped to Mexico. Good luck!
  7. Dr Rigaberto Rios......Alta Retina.....766 1521....Ajijic Just had both of my eyes "done".....trifocal lens implants....incredible..I can see without glasses for the first time in over 60 years - even after having had lasik...this is the BEST!!!!! Great caring service!
  8. We purchased ours from a place in GDL on Minors Heroes and had them sealed before they shipped them to Mazatlan. After 12years they still look as good as the day installed. They were a shinier finish than what I would have liked but turned out great for us.
  9. We ate there yesterday for the first time and since it was the last day of the week that they are open, they were getting low on several items, but we were able to get everything we wanted......it was incredibly wonderful. We WILL be back!!!!!
  10. My experience with Puritan's is that they use,DHL ... the merchandise is shipped to Holland, then to Mexico and is delivered to Mexipost for delivery via surface mail. A very convoluted way to get the goods here but seems to work....just takes some planning, especially around the holidays when everything gets bottled up. Once an order took almost 3 months to arrive. When I think it is about time for the order to show up, I start checking with the post office in Ajijic and they have always been so nice and helpful and surprise of surprises, they have on occasion even delivered it to the house! I always tip the delivery person.
  11. I have ordered from Puritan's for years...in Mazatlan as well as here. I was told in order to use my US credit card with a ship to address in Mexico, that I had to use the Spanish language website...worked just fine. I was told by Aduana in GDL that the packages must be under 2 kg...no mention of a dollar limit. YMMV
  12. Try looking at mazinfo.com. It is a Yahoo group. We have lived in MZT for about 18yrs.....and while the makeup of the foreign community has changed over the years, it is quite a wonderful place to live. Lots of ways to be entertained. Absolute paradise Nov-May.
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