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  1. Is this test the same as a Nucleic Acid Amplification Test, NAAT ? It sounds the same from my searches but not having a scientific background, I hope someone out there might know.
  2. Great timing as I too need this test in Oct...don't relish the thought of going to GDL though..
  3. I have used Maskota Lake at Revolution and the Carretera...across from the Wed Tianguis for about 5 yrs and as far as I know, they are the only ones Lakeside with a microchip reader.
  4. When we lived in Comala, Colima we had a lot of fruit trees in our jardin, thus lots of bats plus the requisite poo on the walls. We hung strips of aluminum foil from the eves and that seemed to deter them quite well. Not real purty but effective....good luck.
  5. My driver, Manuel Castillo, was telling me today that he has been having clients call, make appointments, then not returning his calls and not even calling to cancel rides to GDL, the airport, etc. The least we can do to help people is to have some common courtesy towards service providers....just a suggestion. For them time is money.
  6. There is an orthopedic shop next to my house on Degollado...2 blocks east of Madero
  7. Maskotas Lake at Revolution and the carretera in Ajijic can do it and they also have the scanner to read chips. Dr Luis or Dr Marcos can do the implant quickly for you.
  8. Chapala, Riberas, SAT, Ajijic?
  9. I'm headed to Intercam in the morning where I have an account. Thank you.
  10. Is there any place Lakeside to get one? Rather urgent. TIA
  11. I got a envelope last week and I always tip him...I know not required but..
  12. Chillin...I had those in Hawaii lat year..very strange but good....kids would love them!
  13. Don't forget that your phone is more accurate than pencil n paper....just take a photo of the sign.
  14. Do any of the vets Lakeside keep records of your pet's treatments?
  15. I always thank the clerk when they ask for my ID....maybe that will engine them to do it more!
  16. I don't think they answer the phone unless Mari is there...maybe try this...it is his emergency #..331 282 4445
  17. I am still "waiting" on 2 live from last year and was told by the post office here in Chapala that they were probably being held due to change over of political parties! One from the use and the other from India....someone got a nice dress and someone else an order of supplements. GRRRRR
  18. Willie


    Yay! A nice addition to resources and history.
  19. Speaking of paying taxes....I wonder how many are reporting their rental income to the government? Locals and foreigners.....
  20. Just remember that if they used an oil based product the first time, you cannot use an acrylic product on top of that.
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