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  1. I called a bit before 8 am...she said to come then.  She was just finishing up for some other sort of test with a lady and I had to wait about 5 min.  She had me go to a small area, totally separate from the main part of the lab, very sanitary, used a light spray over me, lots of gel, etc.  Filled out a form and discussed options for receiving results and pricing..mostly conversed in Spanish.

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  2. I went to El Lago Laboratorio Clinico in Chapala on Jaurez right behind the bus station this morning for the PCR  test.  She swabbed both nostrils and another of my throat.  I could have had the result tomorrow but do not need it until Wed...$4000MX.  It took about 15-20 min.   Very clean and observant of sanitary protocols.  She uses an INRE lab for the testing.

    I took the test as a pre requirement for travel.

  3. I used to know a person in Mazatlan that got caught in the business of billing the insurance companies in the U.S. at U.S. codes prices for procedures performed at Mexican price , then the Dr. would take "care" of her for doing this.  I do understand that there need to be coding for both worlds of pricing.....how to fix this?  It turned into a true mess for all involved and was caught by the military medical system so you know messy it got!  Just beware.

  4. Did I win some sort of lottery with the gazillions of them that I have had the last week?   Just incredible and even with the door closed it still sounds like a distant buzz saw!  It seems like this is the worst it has ever been.  Tonight not many!

  5. I am VERY familiar with the Hawaii requirements - to the point of a nervous breakdown- but they really don't know much at the state of county level for tourists coming from foreign countries!  I'm just looking all over the Jalisco websites without much luck finding someone who is even familiar with this test, let alone a lab that can do it.  Hoping to find a lab that is willing to order in the test, at my expense.  Need it done within 30 days.

    Any and all ideas or help is certainly welcome!!!!  TIA

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