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  1. I would agree about the total population here but then not all of the half million use the hospice services either but the overwhelming majority of their clients have been Mexicans. It is a service deserved by all.
  2. Just that it would serve ALL of Lakeside, not just the foreign community...actually quite a large population.
  3. Xena...before making the assumption about population, check out Hospice Mazatlan...you might just be surprised. Remember that it is not just for the foreign community.
  4. I wish someone would look at Hospice Mazatlán as a model of what could be done here with by those with health care experience...it is a fabulous organization with legal non-profit designation AND has garnered a number of federal and state recognition s and assistance.
  5. Posting for a friend: Nadine Raber....nadine_raber@hotmail.com Mature, responsible woman and significant other willing to house sit : between Sept 15 to Nov 15 Chapala to Ajijic They have been coming to Lakeside for a number of years and are avid bridge players and travelers. I have personally know them for over 10yrs and are great people.
  6. LED is fine for quantity of light but not quality, unless you can some that do not emit blue light.
  7. I am in no way affiliated with this business. I just think everyone should know of its availability. It is called Mira Soul Center and that is the name of their Facebook page. It is located in Mirasol. I have taken my husband who is 89 yrs old in Aug for 2 weeks now on Wednesday 10-4 and when I pick him up, he is so revitalized! At least 1 day per week where he doesn't just sit around the house with only me to talk to. It is also a much needed break for me as well. They are served lunch with a choice from 2 entrees and he really likes the food. Check it out! I don't think you will be disappointed. I'm hoping she can expand these days to more frequent days. Cassandra really knows what she is doing!I
  8. Willie

    Tamales Elba?

    They used to be next to El Pechugon in Ajijic, but have been gone for some time now. I've looked around for them but haven't been able to find them in a new location. Does anyone know where they might be found? They had the best tamales!!!!!
  9. Some will refund but not all.....source of $$$ for them that they don't want to give up. Sort of like the social security paid by the undocumented.....
  10. Thx! I'm supposed to have an appointment on the 5th.....I sure will check before I go sashshaying in there for it.
  11. Gringal, what did you find out about the MRI?
  12. I sold RE in Mazatlan for about 8 yrs.....do NOT go near ejido land!!!! The entire community must sign the sale documents and yes, it can be done but I know of a project that took more than a year for all the signers to agree. We did sell a piece on the beach of an ejido at the buyer's insistence.....we had to chase around a lot to accomplish this but it was a small ejido and finally the comisario signed the final docs. When the buyer was delayed NOB in starting work on the property and finally did return to the little house after at least a year and was looking around it...a man came along and wanted to know what they were doing in "his" property! It did not end well for the foreigner. The fideicomiso is good for 50 yrs and can be renewed for another 50 unless that has recently changed. It is fairly expensive with the annual fees which are a cash cow for the administrating bank. This trust document usually takes the place of title insurance as known NOB. Do your due diligence!!!
  13. Check into dietary causes of arthritis inflammation! Might be surprised...
  14. Oh carp! Lost post....La Hahaha very dirty/trashy....no pride but govmt buildings/attractions kept up. I asked a local if people were moving there and he said "why would anyone in their right mind do that" ?
  15. All that being said....I can't wait to go back...fabulous architecture, food, music, people....interesting history.
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