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  1. I used to get tuba down in Comala all the time...it is great! A little more problematic here as it is not so common and needs to be used before it ferments too much! If you Google it, you can learn where it came from and how it is made. Once in a while I can find the guy here in Chapala.
  2. Willie

    Juice not nectar!

    To me the hectars seem almost syurpy....yukkk! Maybe it is sort of a seasonal thing but I sure don't remember it to this degree in the past.
  3. Willie

    Juice not nectar!

    Sorry, guess I didn't make myself clear...I am looking for fruit juice...100% juice. Yes, I got a carton of 100% juice in WAl-Mart yesterday..brand is Sonrisa. I still think it's very strange that ALL the stores seem to be carrying all nectar based juices...very odd!
  4. Can anyone explain to me logically why we cannot find fruit juices in ANY of the stores...only nectars, which have added sugars? I did find 1/2 liter cartons of pure pineapple juice - organic- at $25 MX per...accck!
  5. Another thing the city kids was to provide them with a huge wall where they could do their "art". That also helped.
  6. What they did in Mazatlan was to get the known taggers involved in the clean up with a public recognition of their efforts i.e. photos and article in the local newspapers about their involvement in the clone up. They and their families loved it. It got improved fast.
  7. Yes, I read what you said and was just confirming that I too had heard to called that. No need to get so snarky about it! Hope your day gets better.
  8. I've heard them referred to as "kapok" trees...I'm sure Anglicized.....
  9. But then again, perhaps they are just the red headed step child to their place in GDL.
  10. Look between the "lines"......there has been speculation s......
  11. We used to use TAR to go from GDL to MZT at really great prices but they stopped that route...boo-hoo! They are a great airline.
  12. It's not too late.........Moto Week in Mazatlan starts tomorrow.......always lots or fun. They are expecting about 25,000 bikes this year.
  13. It take the places of a will and can be changed but is expensive to do so......TALK TO A NOTARIO! We used them for property "ownership" in Mazatlan.
  14. I understand it is available at the Chapala city hall...now closed until next week.
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