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  1. I like Skype for those 800 numbers...or you can also use Whatspp...on Skype I loaded, I think $10 USD from my CC and it's been almost a year now and I haven't used up $5 worth of time and I've been on some long holds at times.
  2. Patzcuaro.....they have lovely ones...
  3. I have always tippped our mail man yet when I go to the post office with my tracking numbers -MX, they never have the package...I'm missed a piece of clothing and an order of dietary supplements from last year, even with tracking numbers they refused to contact CDMX....said it was probably due to change of political parties. I'm off to them again this more for a new package and may try to insist nicely they look "again" for this new package.
  4. Has anyone had problems receiving packages from this post office recently? TIA
  5. I too use my BBVA and USAA cc with Mercado Libre..no problem.
  6. He went back to Sinaola the next morning...again, no checkpoints. It will be up to her host to care of anything like quarantine...risky business that I sure wouldn't undertake right now.
  7. Just met her but doesn't sound like she might do that but one can hope. Did suggest it tho. I was actually surprised they got thru so easily.
  8. Had a friend who brought a lady here on Wed from Sinaloa...no problems either direction.
  9. Sounds like several people got up on the sensitive side of the bed today......
  10. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/hydrangea_quercifolia
  11. It is a type of hydranga...Google it.
  12. I too have a blue one in bloom...love them!
  13. Don't be intimidated by growing orchids! They really are quite hardy, often living in the wild at nature's whim. Never get water in the crown of the plant, don't keep them too wet or too dry. Most don't like direct sun but bright light. Google is a great resource. I have 2 right now that that have been blooming for about 2 mos. I suggest a start with a phalaenopsis as these are quite easy to grow and might reward you quickly. They usually have a large selection at decent prices at Costco.
  14. We had to have a pump between our house and the water line in the street in Mazatlan because there often wasn't enough pressure to get water into the house, let alone our tinaco..worked great and we put in a 5000 liter tinaco at ground level with a pressurized system and a 1500 liter tinaco on the roof for gravity feed as a back up in case the electricity went out.
  15. I have plugs for years but all of a sudden they don't seem to last long! It's getting expensive! Dr Rios did my first ones but his phone number will not ring now.
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