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  1. I have the trifocal lenses implanted Dr Rios...they are great! There was absolutely NO pain.. Fast recovery for me, but YMMV. One thing the Drs don't tell you is how much brighter EVERYTHING will be after cataract surgery. Be prepared to need dark sun glasses afterward....3 yrs later, I still suffer from the sunlight but wouldn't trade my new vision for anything!
  2. I too live downtown Chapala and feel they are NOT enforcing the no double parking law...just came home...a mess all along Madero.
  3. We are at Charlottes yesterday (Sun) and got there a little after 12....their Facebook page says they open at 12. Personnel were there, and seating set up out front and inside BUT we couldn't sit inside because the owner had not arrived with the keys!?! Therefire, they could not open the front sliders but the help could go in and out from the back. The owner arrived about 20min later, all smiles. We did eat outside but had really wanted to avoid the road noise. The food was great as was the young waitress. We will go back.
  4. We were there last Sun and it was FABULOUS!!! Excellent food - everyone loved what they ordered and outstanding service. They are next to Donas Donuts, across from Guadalajara Farmacia.
  5. Vetteforrron....do you have photos of your facilities, please?
  6. Willie

    Where is...

    I thought there was a thread about a 5th wheel for sale with 4 lol outs...can't find it now....was I hallucinating?
  7. As much as I like Carlos and Gosha and their food....the pricing here is a little rich for my bolsa. Wishing them success!
  8. Forgot about that service...thx Chapalence!
  9. I have ordered our supplements for many years from IHerb with no problems....all of a sudden I have 2 shipments supposedly sitting in aduana in CD Mexico for 3 mos now When I inquire at our post office here in Chapala, they tell me to contact the shipper(!?!) And tell me they have no way to contact aduana (!!!). One of the guys told me probably new employees testing their "skills" checking to see if they are drugs and just to have patience. Arrrgh!!!!! Now looking for another source for delivery...sigh.
  10. I make. mine...ezpz...way cheaper and I know what is in it!!! Peel apples..put in ceramic bowl...cover with plate....15 min later after stirring a couple of times..I use my immersible mixer and I have perfect apple sauce!
  11. Maybe Amutio, next to Guadalajara Farmacia
  12. Willie


    BOYZ!!!! Out of the sandbox....
  13. I saw an ad for a 2 BR w parking, furnished in Ajijic for $7500 MX per mo...FB page...I think Gringos Lakeside...
  14. Just ate there today. I had the enchiladas rancheras.....3 to serving, with beans and rice. Enchiladas fairly cool when served but other stuff hot. Red salsa excellent....green salsa pretty picante. Excellent attention. Very nice, gracious people!
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