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  1. I have used both her sister and her brother-in-law with good results.
  2. Great to know about...thx for sharing!!!
  3. With parking at a premium, I too am in favor of ridding our streets of abandoned/dead cars! Driving tips... Learning the local laws is a good place to start.
  4. Is there any way to really know how widely this is used in mexico? I have looked on the internet for info with no success. Having grown up in the breadbasket of the US, I am terrified of this poison.
  5. RV...Yes it was Daniel...a big man. Last we knew, his ex wife was making the pies to order. But I've heard the Williamsburg pies are just as wonderful.
  6. RV gringo...we used to go there a lot....the sugar cookie type crust was the best as well....his ex-wife used to make them in Mazatlan and they were just great. After he passed away another restaurant took over running the place but it was never the same. His name also escapes both of us! We haven't found anything like those here!!!
  7. Willie

    eyelid surgery

    I had this procedure done at the recommendation of my then ophthalmologist, by a specialist in this procedure - supposedly! Now my eyelids do not close completely!!!! So my eyes dry out at night and I use gel drops at night to help with this and they do work well. They surgeon suggested that I tape my eyelids down at night! Arrrggh...grrrrr. Be careful and ask LOTS of questions, I was too trusting.
  8. I am extremely happy with my tri-focal lends implants....no cheaters needed ...at least at this point. Be aware of the new brightness of colors and sensitivity to light....that was a surprise for me and I still have trouble with sunlight.
  9. We lived in Scottsdale for a number of years, then moved to Mazatlan for 20 yrs...drove this western route always. When younger it took exactly 16 yrs from Mazatlan to our door in Scottsdale....can't do that kind of driving nowadays!
  10. Willie

    Real Chef's

    We LOVE El Jardin de Ninette!!
  11. Ana Romo makes lovely dishes...expensive but handmade and exquisite. She has a shop in San Antonio beside the sign company near the new hospital.
  12. Here ya go! Expensive but worth it occasionally! Love this place and you can't beat the service!!!!!! https://m.facebook.com/Chez-Charracate-Wine-Bar-1878849368997746/
  13. In Mazatlan they would confiscate your rear plate if you had a parking infraction..not sure about Jalisco.
  14. Most airlines want a 3hr advance check in...it can be hairy, especially if weather is bad. Don't take chances....
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