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  1. Willie

    Plants for Large Arbor?

    I absolutely LOVE the jade vine and have one....just hope I live long enough to see it flower. I don't know if it would grow here but my mother had a snail vine in Phoenix and it was quite lovely too.....light lavender, curled snail shaped flowers.
  2. Willie

    work has begun

    Trash trucks came 2x this morning... Calle Degollado in Chapala..........
  3. Willie


    Now painting the outside of the new one across form Chula Vista...you can see inside some of the rooms as well.
  4. Willie

    TAR Airlines

    We have used them to MZT...good experience! Great price!
  5. Have you tried pouring pure vinegar on the spots where you don't want the weeds....just used a gallon on the grass growing in the street in front of our house...DEAD now. Cheaper and environmentally good!
  6. So Cedros, you are willing to poison the world around us just so it is an "easier" way to deal with weeds?!?
  7. Recent news: https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/tighter-rules-on-drones-coming/
  8. And why do you feel the need to use this horrible poison? Might there be other solutions? Please reconsider this!!!!!!!!!
  9. Willie

    New Drone Requirements

    One of the guys at Steren told me they probably wouldn't enforce it here...jajajaja?
  10. Willie

    Mazatlan II

    Well, they might want to talk to the people that actually live there day to day! Not a nice scene with all the flooding downtown and in the Golden Zone (tourist area)....it seems like it is almost worse than before they "fixed up" the town for the Tinguis Turistico earlier this year. There have been some videos posted on Facebook of the flooding. The Benteins lived not far from us in Centro Historico, also on a grade so no problems with runoff.
  11. Guess not turned on....can't find anything but books and some photos from 2016...not sure why nothing more current.....boo-hoo.....ARRRRGGH!
  12. ok, will try that...thx!
  13. I was in the middle of using mine this morning and it went black.....unable to restart.....nada! There had been no indications of "issues"....no blinking, stuttering of power, etc. I called Amazon and of course their first line of dealing with this, is to sell me a new one.....I don't want a new one - I like the one I have and besides that all my bookmarks and photos are gone they tell me!!! YIKES!!! My books are on the cloud thank goodness but didn't know I could put the other stuff there too. I am looking for ANYONE that might be able to help me with this or at least confirm what I was told by Amazon. TIA
  14. Willie

    Furniture stores

    Get hold of Julie & Wayne..............email: juliewayne@yahoo.com