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  1. I remember when I went into Real Estate looong ago, they explained about the "opportunity" that the obits would provide after a decent amount of time if someone else didn't beat you to contacting the survivors. I always felt that was in such bad taste but did know some who profited from that course of action.
  2. How can one find out where the ticket was written? I never received one and yet had to pay for it today...the date it occurred according to the clerk was a day I went to feed a friend's cat and parked across her driveway.and that is the only thing I had on my calendar for that day. Ugh!
  3. Took me about 15 minutes in Chapala.
  4. Julie and Wayne were showing a couple for sale...looked good.
  5. After waiting 2 mos...I gave up and went to Tolsa in GDL.
  6. I agree withYo1 100%.....don't take chances....the Nogales crossing is easy n safe.
  7. Does anyone know if they are open today....not answering condo maybe not but surprising.
  8. We used to like them when they were out west....the last couple of years, I have heard the owner likened to the "soup nazi".
  9. Perfect...cleaning lady will be here but shouldn't cause a problrm. Looking forward to meeting you!
  10. Yo1 we are downtown Chapala on Degollado....1 block before the mercado....turn left from Madero..go 1.5 boo Blue car out front with handicap parking...#369....Fri is fine ...morning or????
  11. Yo1...yes thre is some kahki/dark olive small patterns throughout.
  12. Original fotos were taken by fon.....how much larger do they need to be?
  13. ok...trying - again! I can't tell what you all are seeing as they are fine on my laptop as well as my Kindle Fire so please let me know if these are still not a decent size for viewing. Thx.
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