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  1. I am still "waiting" on 2 live from last year and was told by the post office here in Chapala that they were probably being held due to change over of political parties! One from the use and the other from India....someone got a nice dress and someone else an order of supplements. GRRRRR
  2. Willie


    Yay! A nice addition to resources and history.
  3. Speaking of paying taxes....I wonder how many are reporting their rental income to the government? Locals and foreigners.....
  4. Just remember that if they used an oil based product the first time, you cannot use an acrylic product on top of that.
  5. I have neighbors that recently moved here from CdMx to a house that they used to use for holidays only and they have a child that when was an infant would scream and cry for hours on end. Made me crazy with worry as a mother. The child is now nearing 2 hrs of age and still screams off and on a LOT. I spoke to my neighbors and they all agree that there must be something wrong mentally/behaviorally with this child but none are inclined to get involved. I hate it but ni modo!!!!
  6. In left all my exs in Texas...just like the song says.
  7. Manuel Castillo...331 699 7202....super guy, does this a lot.
  8. Found the right web page...sorry.
  9. Does anyone know what time they open? Are the courier services still picking up there? TIA
  10. No one has mentioned Dr Sam Thelin in in Chapala...he used to head up Cruz Roja....saved my husband's life a couple of years ago.
  11. I had to go out Wed and there were 3 funerals going up and down Madero in Chapala in time time span of 2 hr.
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