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  1. Mister Alan, and to the rest of you, Why would it matter to you, or anyone else for that matter, whether I reject or accept you view on anything??? Why would it matter to any of you posting on this board, if anyone else on this board did or didn't accept your point of view? Why do so many people get so worked up and argue with such animosity, when it's already been shown, pretty much nobody here is changing their views on anything? Is it just for sport? Too many bored people? Anyway, who wants to live in a world that has only one point of view about anything, where everything is a compromise and the only color is gray? What time in the entirety of human history, has there ever been just one point of view held by everyone about anything? How did that turn out? Is the Sun carried across the sky by a chariot? Is the world flat? Even with a simple rainbow, we all see something slightly different. Project a narrow light beam through a prism, with the outbound light projecting the resulting colors onto a paper and ask a couple of people to put a mark at the exact point one color turns to the next color, and each person will place that mark in a slightly different position. Instead of arguing about where the line is, isn't just interesting that they can see the same thing so differently? Why is it so threatening to so many, that someone else sees something different than you see? You Alan, make clear inference that I wouldn't accept anything “not from my ilk”, as if that makes ME bad/stupid and what, different from you? In what world do you imagine yourself as being open minded, open to another's point of view or having changed your views as a result of something someone wrote here? When have you demonstrated the ability to listen, hear and actually consider another opinion? Or to change yours? Your posts certainly do not show it. Maybe this is more of a “do as I say, not as I do? All of the respondents to this thread who argued Climate Change is real, refused to acknowledged the FACTS that those many news articles of the original posting, were actually printed; and that they were printed by many, well know, mostly left-leaning (and possibly some right-leaning) papers, and, the fact that none of those proficiencies came true. What, you think by pretending it didn't happen, that it's not a fact that you somehow gain credibility? (Not) So many of you here (both liberal and conservatives) seem hell-bent to rain down your differing opinions upon one another as if there is only ONE way to think, and it's your way or the highway. When you and others get tired of arguing your points, perhaps, fail to prove your points, you turn to belittling, name calling, telling someone to get off the board. Third grade behavior hardly proves a point and never convinces someone to change their mind. Here, I'm speaking to the plural "you", all of you bothering to read this, on both sides of the political viewpoints, and the you that couldn't care less about which side to speak on, that just want to make jokes and pour gasoline on the fires and sit back and enjoy the nasty, unpleasant interactions. In what world of free speech, of basic common decency, is continued abuse against, and trying to discredit someone else just because they don't agree with you, a decent way of interacting? The earlier parts of this thread and things other's have said in their reply posts are a perfect examples. I posted a list of articles which quote people with good standing in, as it happens, mostly left leaning circles; people who made claims of specific bad things happening and specific times frames they would happen, and of which, NONE happened. Fact. None of them happened. And when challenged by Maincoons to disprove any of it with factual evidence, not just opinion, none of you stepped up. Of course you didn't, because they are facts. Instead, it was just more of the same name calling, disrespect and misdirection. There is no factual argument that disproves that these things were claimed, who claimed them, which papers printed them, or, that they ALL ended up being false. SO what?! The sky is still up there! Perhaps the similar claims being made today WILL come true and in the time frames being claimed. But those in the previous articles didn't. Indisputable fact. Some people can read that list and laugh. Some might read it and wonder, if the fact that all those claims ended up being wrong, might it suggest anything about similar claims being made today, many by the same people proven wrong in the past. Others might just shrug and move on. Who cares? How does their belief change anything related to the planet getting warmer or getting colder or doing anything at all? Seems like people who support the many similar claims being made today get all up in arms when this truth is presented; and want to jump on anyone who points out such historical facts. Shoot the messenger! Hide the facts! At least one person who, apparently can't stand the idea that there IS some history of false claims related to the topic of Climate Change, wrote that my thread should be removed because it has nothing to do with Mexico! What? Climate change is only for the USA? For Canada? Doesn't apply to Mexico? How does such a statement give any credibility to the writer? How does ignoring previous claims proven false, convince anyone that claims made today are valid? It would make much more sense to admit those "old' claims were wrong, and move on to why these new claims are probably right. At least in that way, you'd still have somebody listening, instead of ending up talking to yourself. If someone doesn't like what someone else posts here, don't bother to read it! If you did read it and feel you wasted "5 minutes you'll never get back", why bother to waste another 5 minutes of your precious time responding and telling everybody? Apparently wasting your time isn't so much of a big deal. At the very least, if you have a differing point of view, once you've posted it, why not move on? Where is there a requirement for so many on both sides of any point, to have to make the other person join your view point? Who cares if they do or don't? Is everybody so insecure in their viewpoint(s) that having someone question it, or, God forbid, disagree with it, that you have to jump up with sticks or guns to fight them off? To degrade your self by denigrating others? How in the world does that prove you're right? If you think the other person is small minded, stupid, or whatever, why continue to argue? Why respond at all? Think responding makes you look any bigger? Smarter? So many people posting here are taking on the attitude of the so-called Cancel Culture developing these days, which only accepts free speech as long as it agrees with their point of view; they can neither consider, or tolerate any view but their own and seek to cancle any other thought. This is a terrible and dangerous trend for everybody everywhere, regardless of what you believe or what side you are on, in part, because sooner or later, you're going to find yourself on the wrong side of some subject to everybody else. Ever read the The Hangman by Maurice Ogden? Eventually, if the Cancel Culture continues to thrive, at some point it will come for you too. Following the crowd might work well in any number of circumstances, however, disallowing other, even conflicting ideas or viewpoints may give some selfrightous satisfaction, but it also eliminates the opportunity to test, confirm, improve or explore other options, which just might turn out to be better. What is it about the people on this forum, who spend so much of their time replying to so many other posts, that gives them the urge to kick, stomp and attack any and everybody that doesn't happen to agree with them? In what way does this help support a free or happy society, community? How does it solve any problem? How does this make any of our lives better? In what way is the concept of freedom of speech and the right to have an opinion upheld by such behavior? Does anyone consider what i twould be like if our so call leaders build us a world where you have no right to speak at all? And what gives anyone posting here, the "right" to tell someone that doesn't agree with them, to get off this board? They aren't the owner of the board, they don't make the rules which, and mostly they don't follow the rules themselves. They have no right whatsoever to act or talk like that to other people also here just because those other's don't agree. You Alan, and everyone else, has the right to disagree. Be thankful for that right, and don't forget everone else has the same right. You have the right to have and hold and believe whatever you want and express your opinion, but not to the point that you or anyone else keeps slamming it into someone else's face again and again, over and over, ad nausem... certainly not, when all that's left is to be rude, inconsiderate, or imply nasty things... This constant bickering between what may or may not be, simply political "sides" on this board reminds me of a group of mealy-mouthed, dirty little ignorant children, standing on opposite sides of the street, screaming at each other and throwing rocks because they don't agree or they aren't like yourselves. Haven't any of you something actually CONStructive to do instead of all this destruction? This board is meant to be a valuable resource for all of us living or coming to or curious about this wonderful place. But instead, its mostly used for pissing-matches, name calling, us against them rhetorical B.S., which not only shows there are differences, but also widens the gap and creates huge amounts of animosity, solving nothing, and pushes away other people who'd like to use this board, as it was intended, not how it has developed. I'm reminded of a court house scene in a well known movie where an old black man is on the witness stand, and the opposing attorney keeps calling him “boy”. Finally, the old man says to the attorney, something like, "Sir, I'm 65 years old! How old do I have to be before you stop calling me Boy!?" So, how old do you all have to be before you stop behaving like unruly, ill-mannered children? Even after I clearly stated I believe in climate change, many of you simply ignored that, and instead, just kept beating on me personally and beating your view point on the subject to death. It does nothing for your appearance, nor to sway anyone else to your viewpoint. Instead of trying beat up, best, or trample each other, how about displaying a few things like common decency and a little respect? Any newbie coming to this board and reading the non-stop bickering that goes on here would reasonably come to the conclusion that the Lake Side Gringo community is nothing but a bunch of .... well, fill in your own descriptors... and apparently, they'd be right. Many of you contribute your time and/or money and efforts to charitable activities for the native community here, to schools and the firehouse and orphans and bettering the roads or parkways and so on, why not give a little charity here to your fellow gringos? Personally, I sincerely and deeply care about the (terrible) examples being set here and the near total lack of any trace of human decency, respect or simple kindness to one another. I am grateful only a few Mexicans bother to read here, as I am embarrassed by the constant crap and what it makes all gringos look like. Not to imply that it matters, I also care about the denigration of our planet, our children's educations, our health and lost livelihoods, and the continued attacks on our so called, inalienable rights; but at least I have some peace of mind, knowing our planet will be here long after the rest of us are done trampling on it and our fellows and once again, turned back to dust. Again, I quote Dr. Albert Schweitzer, who said, “men simply don't think”. Why not be a part of the group that does. Help, by your own words and actions to turn this board around, end the B.S. and endless disagreements and begin making this a truly valuable resource. It's a choice. We stay the same or we remain the same.
  2. There is certainly truth in this! But, it's not just the deniers, true of people both against, and for. Having a vested interest is pretty much the only rule of law in our modern world. People, including many who work for the government in career postions, politicians, ALL Lobbists, most likely all corporations - they all want to profit in some way or another, without regard to the well being or welfare of the rest of the people or world. That's partly way so many prescribed "actions" to combat problems end up serving just a minority, at the cost of the majority.
  3. A bullying sort of way? I guess you don't have a mirror to look in? You're bullying at me telling me to go away. You are bullying me with your words and intent. Why is it that you can't offer any facts to prove your point? Why is it that you and others, have to attack me, instead of providing some proof to support your beliefs?? You don't have any proof? Or how about this attempt to again, put me down personally, and which still doesn't offer any actual, supportive facts to support their position? "Al Gore has forgotten more about climate change than you will ever know." Such is just stupid. I haven't claimed to know anything about Climate Change, except a little of what history has to offer. AL Gore made claims of disaster, none of which has come true? Can you prove this to be inaccurate or false? Each of you who've tried to discredit me, have ignored my written acknowledgement of, and belief in, Climate Change. Instead, you've attacked the journalist's who wrote the articles quoting the "experts", and you ignore that the very same newspapers who've published those past articles, continue to publish more of the same! Doesn't anybody actually THINK? Are you completely unable to admit, simply admit, those things didn't take place? Why would that be? They were printed in established papers, spoken by experts supporting what appears to be your "cause" and they were wrong. Admit it. Then move on! This doesn't make the whole Climate Change issue wrong, just those specific precognitions! Get a life! In a war, you may lose a few battles, fighting for your cause, but those losses don't mean you'll lose the war. Grow up and have the courage, if not humility, to admit, many forecasts related to disastrous events were simply wrong. Until you can do that, they only people who will listen to you are those just like you. Want to make a difference? What to help change the world? Start dealing honestly with facts and admit falsehoods. Then people will listen. What a great world you'd create by attacking and trampling down any voice that doesn't agree with you, where there can be no peaceful discussion, only hate and disrespect. Which is most of what gets posted on this board, which is why there are so few gringos who bother to read or post here. Just a sad little "click" who've nothing better to do. Doessn't matter the topic, Climate Change, Trump, Clinton, Biden, same thing, time after time. Pitiful.
  4. From you, a misrepresentation of what I said (and believe). I wrote: "Fact: Climates Change!" "it's true, the climate IS changing!" "I personally, believe, that man's antics, ... is certainly an additional cause." Don't misrepresent what I said, thought it probably makes you feel better, hiding from the truth. Further, you sadly or ignorently, ignore that I piss on both parties, that I do not side with either's retoric. Again, a flase claim from you, ment to do nothing more than disparge me personally. "not-a-subtle put down" Yes! I did make a putdown? Who's trying to be subtle?? By writing your view, you give futher evidence of the small minded, group-think, topic-redirection posts that make up the majority of what's written on this board. You, as many, don't actually respond with facts, or even with considered words, but rather just use the same bylines which amount to "you don't agree with me so you're just a stupid shit." Which doesn't measure up to even a "psuedo" intellectual comment. All this back and forth remains the character of so much of what is written here. My original post simply lists a bunch of news stories, which years later (yes, even 50 years later) can now been seen as complete B.S. Yet, instead of just looking and thinking, or God forbid, and admitting that this all those stories were turned out to be lies, no, you (and others) find the only things you can do is to disparage me, the reporters that wrote the stories, mention things that have no relevance, all because, you know full well, if all those were lies, that means some of the current climate change might also be lies. Oh God! Please say it's not so! Are you having fun yet?
  5. Some of you argue that the “source” of this list is "bad" (aka: not aligned with your preferred/political point of view) implying thus, that anything FROM that source MUST then be bad/wrong. Or arguing if there were/weren't other, concurrent prognostications that were right. Some have attempted to discredit the articles because the author(s) aren't recognizable (by you) therefore, again, the article can't have validity – thus bad/wrong. These knee-jerk reaction-posts aren't examples of thoughtful consideration (though they are the most commonplace posting herein), or even reasonable responses. They miss the point(s) entirely, exhibit significant intellectual and analytical short comings, or if you prefer, simply express dogmatic leanings which are threatened by anything contradictive. Misdirection is a poor but common substitute where/when a valid argument isn't known or available. The source, CEI, didn't write ANY of the articles. All it did was search them out and put them together. The point isn't “arguing” that the authors of the articles were right or wrong, nor, if the sources quoted by the authors are right or wrong, though history has proven they were completely wrong. The point is, many, well know people and numerous, well known, accredited and in some cases, “worshiped” newspapers and cable news stations, such as CNN, Fox, The New York Times and Time Magazine, etc., printed (or noted) these articles (often again and again), quoted the sources (giving them credence) not the authors of, and pushed the information into the minds of the masses, of which you are a part. One of those sources was AL Gore, who's predictions have so far, proven to be complete B.S. (that's not Bachelor of Science). And in his case, it takes little research to discover his economic interests in having a nation and/or the world believing his misrepresentations and falsehoods. Sources for those articles included: a biologist from Stanford University, a scientist from the National Center for Atmospheric Research, another from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and Columbia University, scientists from Brown University's Department of Geological Sciences, a Professor from University of Michigan, a Deputy Minister of Canada's Environmental Agency, a $537 Million Dollar (1980 dollars - present approximate equivalent today: $1.7 Trillion USD) study ordered by the US Congress (Politicians), A Director of NASA's Goddard Institute of Space Studies and more... During some time frames, these reports were about Global Warming, others about Global Cooling. All within a couple of decades! Up? Down? Which is it? Did is change since five years ago? Fact: Climates Change! Today's meaning of this phrase is something akin to “End of the world” (Sky-is-falling). But that's just the current political redefinition, or application, when in fact, climate change is nature; it is natural and constant since time began and will remain so regardless if you buy an electric car or continuing to burn fossil fuels. Causes of said change include changes in the Earth's magnetic field, which, in case you aren't up to speed, is happening as we speak. The magnetic North Pole is moving so fast the last few years that the world's maps, which are routinely update every ten years or so (for Magnetic Declination adjustments) had to be updated "early" to avoid possible accidents in the shipping industry and other's for which magnetic navigation is routine. And if you're still reading, relax, it's true, the climate IS changing! You think something about that is new? Aren't there deserts today which in the past were green lands? Or even underwater? When has “sea level” been static over the eons? Sea level going up? Sea level going down? Yes. It is. Shit happens. I personally, believe, that man's antics, his (and hers) inclinations to rape, pillage and plunder any and every natural resource; to pollute, disfigure and destroy lands, waterways and oceans, for immediate profits has an affect - it is certainly an additional cause. But this still misses the point. And that is, perhaps, that most, if not all, the scary, dreadful, the sky-is-falling sound-bites, 24/7 full color charts and graphics and "science" sound-bites from the same groups of Politicians, Scientists, Experts and "accredited" news sources (all of whom have either/both an axe to grind or an economic interest) – and not just the so-called Republicans sources - (New York Times, Al Gore, Stanford University, University(s) of California, NASA, et al), is nearly all false or contains false implications/data. Live with it. Further, the fact that most of it is false, doesn't mean there is no bit of truth in the prognostications. If you research what propaganda is, and how and why it work so well, you'd know/learn that the most successful lies have a small measure of truth. More importantly, the more frequently the lie is told, again and again, 24/7, day after day, month after month, the greater the number of people that will believe them. (Trump's Golden Showers in a Moscow hotel?) Including you. At least, those of you who qualify as “people”. The late, great Doctor, Albert Schwteizer was once asked, "What's wrong with Men (people) today?". He replied, "Men simply don't think". Switch sides! (There are more than one) Join the side that actually uses their minds for something more than gossip and B.S., who choose to consider, to think about what's being said by the so-called “experts”, and whom, have the ability to come to rational conclusions of their own. You might just find you sleep a little better. Listening to and believing whatever your particular group's Demigod 's are saying, has nothing to do with "thinking", and a lot to do with the premeditated, intentional formation of a belief regardless of any degree of falsehood from someone who does not have your best interests at heart. Refusing to consider there could well be, rational, factual, different points of view, and even, mutually exclusive yet, co-existing truths, you are destined to live the beliefs those Demigods are pushing, and don't for a minute try to think they don't have their own, personal agendas which in the end, are just as harmful to you and the guy you've been arguing with, over the same topics, hours upon hour, day after day, on this web board. Ah, forget all that. Keep on jumping down the throats of any and everybody else that doesn't agree with you. Who cares who's actually right? The LOUDEST and most PROLIFIC voices can nearly always stifle the truth, so, keep up the effort, as certainly at some point, only one voice, one thought, and one belief are all that a community will ever have or need. Eh? Take Pride! Keep repeating that which has no value and offers no common good, short of heart-burn for someone. After all, maybe you're just a bunch of old farts with nothing better to do than sit at the computer for hours and hours just waiting for someone to post something that you can argue with, someone you can call names, and generally, just burn time till you die? That's a real contribution to helping improve the world!
  6. Ya. Probably they made up all those articles and quotes.
  7. (Medical alert: If you're a true believer and have any pre-existing co-morbidities, your doctor would certainly suggest you don't read this.) Dire climate predictions from Scientists and Politicians which haven't come true... (it's a long list) But, as is often said of recent, "It's science! It must be true." https://cei.org/blog/wrong-again-50-years-of-failed-eco-pocalyptic-predictions/
  8. Friday, last week, I took a VW Jetta 1.8 Turbo, by appointment, over to Moy to check/fix the charging system. This was my first time at his business. (My testing indicated a bad alternator.) Moy called me later in the afternoon and said that the alternator was in fact, bad and a replacement alternator is "about 6,000p", and labor of 2,000p. The cost for the alternator seemed WAY too much to me, but I needed it done and said yes. He also said the alternator belt was old and should be replaced. I agreed. He called me on Saturday and said the car was ready to pick up, and that he took it for a test drive to see if it was working. (A test drive isn't necessary to confirm an alternator is working.) He told he got a discount from the parts supplier so the total ends up less than he'd quoted. He complimented the model of my car, the power/acceleration of and driving fun the car gives. And he asked me how much I wanted for it. Easy to understand his interest, but I said it's not for sale. As I live some distance from his shop, I said I would come in Monday before noon to pay and pick it up. He offered to drive it out to me, which sounds nice, but I didn't need it that and frankly, didn't want him taking it for a joy ride. We agreed on Monday. Monday while I'm driving to his shop he called and asked me if I was coming. I said yes, I'm west of San Juan Cosala and should be there in a half hour or so. "Fine. I have an errand to run and will be back in 30 minutes." When I arrived at his shop, he wasn't there and neither was my car. He took my car for this second drive, without asking or informing me, even though we were on the phone just minutes before he left. He told me he'd had trouble starting the car, and so he took it for a drive to make sure it was running correctly. Then he told me the car's computer had three error codes, two indicating a possible bad Cam Position Sensor and one indicating a bad Wheel sensor. And handed me his bill, with the invoice from Autozone for the Alternator and the Belt and his company invoice. My co-driver spoke fluent Spanish and discussed everything with him, the changed belt, did he exchange the alternator. He said yes. To be certain, she asked him a second time and again he said yes, he had exchanged the alternator. They also talked about the two sensors and oil changes. I have some auto mechanic training, and asked him to explain to me the function of these two sensors in English, but he really could not explain them at all. Nothing he was saying about the sensors made any sense to me at all. Asking the price of the Cam sensor, he said 6,000p and, "you can expect to replace it every six months". A routine $300 USD part every six months? Doesn't sound good! Unwilling to go further at the moment, I paid him the total on the bill and went home. I decided to look the bill over again and thus come to the conclusion that he has padded the bill by almost 100%! With an alternator replacement, as with many other parts, it is common to exchange your old part, or, you pay a refundable deposit which you get back if you take them the part later. The Autozone invoice indicated the Alternator had a sale price (costo) of 2,519.10 and an exchange deposit (casco) of 1,800p. It showed a sale price of 386.10 for the belt. It's total is 4,705.2p. That means this invoice does not show the return of the old Alternator. Often, that will be done on a later visit to the store. Attached was his company invoice which listed three items. The first line listed the Alternator 4,705p. This amount is the total of the Autozone invoice, which includes the price of the alternator, the belt and the exchange deposit, 2,519, 386.10 and 1,800. The next line of his invoice is for the belt, 386.10. Note, this amount is already included in the first line of his invoice for the Alternator. (double billing?). The last line was for his labor charge of 2,250p (not the 2,000p he told me). His company invoice was for 7,340p. So, it appears he's charging me the 1,800p exchange deposit, money he woulds receive back from Autozone unpon exchanging my old Alternator, and he's already said twice he exchanged it (meaning, he'd have received the deposit back). He's charging me twice for the price of the Belt, and extra 250p labor. In order to take off and replace the Alternator, it is necessary to remove and reinstall the belt, it's not an extra service, rather it's a part of his initial 2,000p Labor charge. In my view, he's over charged me 1,800p and 386.10p and 250p for a total of 2,436.10p. When subtracting these items from the other numbers, the actual bill should have been 4,905.10 but he billed me for 7,340p. The bill was almost exactly twice the proper amount. I returned to his shop on Wednesday to discuss this with him, he spent quite a while trying to convince me he didn't exchange the old alternator because "it didn't work, they wouldn't take it." But that's the whole point of the exchange; it doesn't work, you give it to them, they have someone else rebuilt it and then resell it as a rebuilt part. I didn't accept this answer. He "noticed" that he had double billed me for the belt and was willing to give me 386 back, but, if he paid me the 1,800, he'd lose money on the deal. He said the extra 250 of labor was because he had to install the belt, which again, is just a part of changing out Alternators regardless of a new belt of putting on the old one. In the end, I walked away having been paid back 1,800p, tired of the interaction and willing to let him keep the other 636p just to be done and on my way. That still gives him a 24% bonus. At no time was I or was he, unpleasant or disrespectful or threatening. He didn’t always look me in the eye. As follow up, I stopped at Orma to check the price for the Cam Position Sensor, strangely, it wasn't even close to the 6,000p he told me, it was right at 500p. Quite a difference. To those of you who are very satisfied with him, with his work, you might consider taking a closer look at his invoices/charges in the future. Or, maybe, this is just a one-time thing, all a big mistake? I don't expect to use his services again.
  9. Actually, if you look closely when you go by next time, I think you will see that the sign says "We Accept Most USA Insurances". At least, that's what I saw last time I passed by and confirmed via google street view just now. Their process might be different than what you have come to expect elsewhere, difficult, time consuming, confusing, and even heavily bureaucratic, sure. But not everyone is going to see it as misleading. Another view would be, "Hey, this is great, I might be able to use my USA Health insurance down here!" Or not.
  10. "Centros De Servcio Master", Av. Lazaro Cardenas #1723, Col. Del Sur, Guadalajara. Authorized service for Makita, DeWwalt, Milwuakee, Bosch, etc. Also massive retails sales of the above. From the Abastos, head east on the paralle a short distance, you'll see a row of several store fronts, all with signs for the above brands. They appear to service all brands.
  11. Another option available locally is what might be Elephant Grass. If you're willing to travel a little past Joco, I can probably arrange for you to get all you want. Send me a PM if you are interested. It'd be cut fresh and you'd need to assemble it in whatever fashion you like.
  12. David, Years back I asked a Pharmacist up north if there was a generic alternative to Nyquil. After telling me there wasn't, she went on to say it was "easy to replicate Nyquil's effects, it's essentially just antihistamine and alcohol". Since, I have confirmed this with several Doctors, none have said anything against the practice. Read the label, see for yourself. A couple of antihistamine pills and a shot of alcohol.
  13. Some local Veterinarians may have traps that you can borrow or rent. The Veterinarian (Ladron de Guevara Animal Hospital) next to the Cat Shelter may still have some.
  14. Erroneous presumption. Fits in well with your over all appearance.
  15. This is the same thing. A comparison can't be factually stated or correctly made without a proper head count of the number of infected. Nor can it be accurate, for additional reasons. For one, CDC states: "This includes deaths where COVID-19 is listed as a “presumed” or “probable” cause." Presumptions are not facts. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/tech_notes.htm Also, many states and countries report quite differently regarding their "deaths". A Pew Trusts report a few days ago mentions this. "... the patchwork of available information shows the differing ability of health officials to accurately collect and report data" https://www.pewtrusts.org/en/research-and-analysis/blogs/stateline/2020/04/27/public-coronavirus-data-varies-widely-between-states And this from USATODAY: Mapping coronavirus numbers across the USA reveals stark variations in reported cases between counties separated by state lines". https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/investigations/2020/05/04/covid-19-numbers-along-state-lines-show-problems-reopening-plans/3050921001/ And BBC points out. "There are differences in how countries record Covid-19 deaths. France and Germany, for example, have been including deaths in care homes in the headline numbers they produce every day. But the daily figures for England referred only to deaths in hospitals until 29 April, when they started factoring in deaths in care homes as well. A further complication is that there is no accepted international standard for how you measure deaths, or their causes. Does somebody need to have been tested for coronavirus to count towards the statistics, or are the suspicions of a doctor enough? Germany counts deaths in care homes only if people have tested positive for the virus. Belgium, on the other hand, includes any death in which a doctor suspects coronavirus was involved. https://www.bbc.com/news/52311014 A person might have been dying from, for example, diabetes, become infected and "die sooner". Or it might have been a 93 year old on oxygen or a ventilator, being held to life by modern medical abilities, become infected and die sooner. Certainly many might argue that the virus was the cause, but it's more likely the virus primarily, a catalyst. I can't prove that. Nobody can yet. Regardless, without knowing the real numbers, and being able to compare apples to apples. Nobody knows.
  16. Do you have anything even slightly resembling intelligent thought to share? Something that any thinking or rational person would consider a valuable contribution to this topic, this form, or this community? Rhetorical, I assure you.
  17. How do you know that figure? Nobody on the planet knows how many people are infected. Nobody. Without it, the contagion percentage can not be calculated. You are right. There is no comparison, but your reasoning is wrong. You can't compare these numbers because the first is years behind us and the second has just shown itself.
  18. Hysteria: behavior exhibiting overwhelming or unmanageable fear or emotional excess... The year was 1957. Elvis Was King, Ike Was President, and 116,000 Americans Died in a Pandemic Elvis’s new movie “Jailhouse Rock” was packing the theaters. The last episode of “I Love Lucy” aired on television. The show “West Side Story” held tryouts in Washington, D.C., and opened on Broadway in September. Ford’s new car the Edsel rolled off the assembly line. The Cold War with Russia was on and “In God We Trust” appeared on U.S. currency. The first Toys R Us store opened. Also that year, the so-called Asian Flu killed 116,000 Americans. Here is the full summary from the Centers for Disease Control: In February 1957, a new influenza A (H2N2) virus emerged in East Asia, triggering a pandemic (“Asian Flu”). This H2N2 virus was comprised of three different genes from an H2N2 virus that originated from an avian influenza A virus, including the H2 hemagglutinin and the N2 neuraminidase genes. It was first reported in Singapore in February 1957, Hong Kong in April 1957, and in coastal cities in the United States in summer 1957. The estimated number of deaths was 1.1 million worldwide and 116,000 in the United States. Like the current pandemic, there was a demographic pattern to the deaths. It hit the elderly population with heart and lung disease. In a frightening twist, the virus could also be fatal for pregnant women. The infection rate was probably even higher than the Spanish flu of 1918 (675,000 Americans died from this), but this lowered the overall case fatality rate to 0.67%. A vaccine became available in late 1957 but was not widely distributed. The population of the U.S. at the time was 172 million, which is a little more than half of the current population. Life expectancy was 69 as versus 78 today. Even with shorter lives, it was a healthier population with lower rates of obesity. To extrapolate the data to a counterfactual, we can conclude that this virus was more wicked than COVID-19 thus far. What’s remarkable when we look back at this year, nothing was shut down. Restaurants, schools, theaters, sporting events, travel – everything continued without interruption. Without a 24-hour news cycle with thousands of news agencies and a billion websites hungry for traffic, mostly people paid no attention other than to keep basic hygiene. It was covered in the press as a medical problem. The notion that there was a political solution never occurred to anyone. [Note of correction. A correspondent pointed out to me that “The October 1957 LDS General Conference was cancelled because of the flu epidemic in 1957 and there may have been other organizations that did so.” I’m grateful for the correction, and it makes the point: society was not ignorant of the pandemic. Instead, there was a variety of intelligent responses depending on the risk. I’m speculating that this event would have included quite a number of people on the list of the vulnerable.] Again, this was a very serious flu, and it persisted for 10 years until it mutated to become the Hong Kong flu of 1968. The New York Times had some but not much coverage. On September 18, 1957, an editorial counseled: “Let us all keep a cool head about Asian influenza as the statistics on the spread and the virulence of the disease begin to accumulate. For one thing, let us be sure that the 1957 type of A influenza virus is innocuous, as early returns show, and that antibiotics can indeed control the complications that may develop.” The mystery of why today vast numbers of governments around the world (but not all) have crushed economies, locked people under house arrest, wrecked business, spread despair, disregarded basic freedoms and rights will require years if not decades to sort out. Is it the news cycle that is creating mass hysteria? Political ambition and arrogance? A decline in philosophical regard for freedom as the best system for dealing with crises? Most likely, the ultimate answer will look roughly like what historians say about the Great War (WWI): it was a perfect storm that created a calamity that no one intended at the outset. For staying calm and treating the terrible Asian flu of 1957 as a medical problem to address with medical intelligence, rather than as an excuse to unleash Medieval-style brutality, this first postwar generation deserves our respect and admiration. Jeffrey A. Tucker Editorial Director for the American Institute for Economic Research.
  19. I used Spyderweb (over-the-air) in a couple of different locations, for a total of maybe eight or ten months. My experience wasn't the kind to brag about, somewhat like common complaints toward Telcel and Telmex... Perhaps it has to do with a lessor inclination toward customer service which is found in many cultures as compared with the USA, Canada, etc. A seemingly total lack of caring if you want their service or don't, and if your service is working or not. It was common to have sporadic internet. In one case, I called and said "there is a problem, no Internet", and I was told there "isn't a problem". I called multiple times over two weeks repeating (with details) there is a problem and was told again and again there wasn't. That is, until they figured out there was. It made no difference that I was reporting a problem and as far as I could determine, my reports received zero attention. However, I know another household that used them for several years, and they reported that "generally" it worked ok. And yes, it seemed quite expensive for the speeds/bandwidth received. I now have over-the-air service from both AT&T and Telcel. Purchased their modem(s) which contain a SIM card, service comes from the cell system. The price seems quite a lot better. There are two price packages (that I know of) with each company, a Five Mb, or a Ten Mb speed options, and if you exceed the monthly maximum bandwidth (150Gb?) there is NO extra cost. The speed WILL be throttled down to 2 or 3 Mb, until the beginning of the next month, at which time, your bandwidth usage is reset and your speed goes back up. If you get either Telcel or AT&T at your location, and, if you can get a decent download speed on your smart phone, one of these might prove to be a better, or much better option. Not to say they are trouble free, just generally, less troublesome.
  20. Ruben 331 048 9610. He's been installing window tint for house, motor home, cars, for quite a while. He commonly carries samples to choose from. There are also suppliers of the material in Guad if you'd prefer to do it yourself, I don't know the address(es). As Alpha1 stated, there are various qualities, colors (tint) and purposes. Some block heat, some are mirrored. 3M has some great products. He'll come by, show you samples and give you a price.
  21. A judgement granted against you by a USA court, in and of itself, is meaningless here in Mexico. Relax. If you lose in the USA and a Judgement against is granted, it is "possible" for the collection effort to come to Mexico, but the costs, steps and time involved would make it highly unlikely unless the amount owed is HUGE. Even then it would not be certain to win. The collections agency would have to take the USA Court documents to a Mexican Consulate, have the documents translated into Spanish by a certified translator approved by the Mexican Consulate, and then "certified" by the Consulate, then the documents would have to come to a Mexican lawyer, who would have to start a new action against you here, using the USA Judgement as the basis. The process here could take years, without certainty of success. You haven't indicated the amount of money that's involved in your problem up north, but, unless it is HUGE, the costs (in Mexico) and time involved would make no sense at all to the collection agency in the USA. If the amount of money is HUGE, or if you are charged with a serious USA Federal crime, or if the plaintiff were extraordinarily well connected with a USA Federal Senator, the USA Justice Department, the FBI or some other such agency that would have the potential to pressure the USA State Department, to ask the Mexican Federal government to step in, it might be possible to skip over process in Mexican courts. Over a civil problem from the USA? Not likely. Pick a local bank you like, services that fit your needs, move the money, and forget about the threat from up north having any reasonable chance of following you here. On the other hand, if you are really worried, choose a bank in a third country, such as Panama or Cayman Islands or other similar venue.
  22. What you're looking in Spanish is called, Hielo Seca (the H is silent) and can be purchased from Praxair, a chain of medical supply shops around Guadalajara. You should be able to search google maps for their locations. One address is Av 8 de Juli No 1753, Col Morelos, C.P. 44910, Guadalajara. 333 268 1652. www. praxair.com.mx My findings suggest the price is quite a lot higher than further north, perhaps because there doesn't seem to be much use (or awareness?) of it by the general population. Also, if you ask for Hielo Seca, many locals won't know what you're talking about (my personal experience). Asking at Home Depot had me staring at a type of insulation made from styrofoam pellets... If you need a larger quantity, need it over time or not until next week, Praxair can sell, or rent you large Co2 tanks and you can "make it" when you need it, returning or refilling the tank as desired. (Dry ice can also be made from a Co2 fire extinguisher). Process is easy, search google or youtube "make dry ice". Releasing the Co2 from a tank into a burlap (or similar material) bag, using some safety measures such as being outdoors and thick gloves, will fill the bag with dry ice. Good luck.
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