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  1. Some local Veterinarians may have traps that you can borrow or rent. The Veterinarian (Ladron de Guevara Animal Hospital) next to the Cat Shelter may still have some.
  2. Erroneous presumption. Fits in well with your over all appearance.
  3. This is the same thing. A comparison can't be factually stated or correctly made without a proper head count of the number of infected. Nor can it be accurate, for additional reasons. For one, CDC states: "This includes deaths where COVID-19 is listed as a “presumed” or “probable” cause." Presumptions are not facts. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/tech_notes.htm Also, many states and countries report quite differently regarding their "deaths". A Pew Trusts report a few days ago mentions this. "... the patchwork of available information shows the differing ability of health officials to accurately collect and report data" https://www.pewtrusts.org/en/research-and-analysis/blogs/stateline/2020/04/27/public-coronavirus-data-varies-widely-between-states And this from USATODAY: Mapping coronavirus numbers across the USA reveals stark variations in reported cases between counties separated by state lines". https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/investigations/2020/05/04/covid-19-numbers-along-state-lines-show-problems-reopening-plans/3050921001/ And BBC points out. "There are differences in how countries record Covid-19 deaths. France and Germany, for example, have been including deaths in care homes in the headline numbers they produce every day. But the daily figures for England referred only to deaths in hospitals until 29 April, when they started factoring in deaths in care homes as well. A further complication is that there is no accepted international standard for how you measure deaths, or their causes. Does somebody need to have been tested for coronavirus to count towards the statistics, or are the suspicions of a doctor enough? Germany counts deaths in care homes only if people have tested positive for the virus. Belgium, on the other hand, includes any death in which a doctor suspects coronavirus was involved. https://www.bbc.com/news/52311014 A person might have been dying from, for example, diabetes, become infected and "die sooner". Or it might have been a 93 year old on oxygen or a ventilator, being held to life by modern medical abilities, become infected and die sooner. Certainly many might argue that the virus was the cause, but it's more likely the virus primarily, a catalyst. I can't prove that. Nobody can yet. Regardless, without knowing the real numbers, and being able to compare apples to apples. Nobody knows.
  4. Do you have anything even slightly resembling intelligent thought to share? Something that any thinking or rational person would consider a valuable contribution to this topic, this form, or this community? Rhetorical, I assure you.
  5. How do you know that figure? Nobody on the planet knows how many people are infected. Nobody. Without it, the contagion percentage can not be calculated. You are right. There is no comparison, but your reasoning is wrong. You can't compare these numbers because the first is years behind us and the second has just shown itself.
  6. Hysteria: behavior exhibiting overwhelming or unmanageable fear or emotional excess... The year was 1957. Elvis Was King, Ike Was President, and 116,000 Americans Died in a Pandemic Elvis’s new movie “Jailhouse Rock” was packing the theaters. The last episode of “I Love Lucy” aired on television. The show “West Side Story” held tryouts in Washington, D.C., and opened on Broadway in September. Ford’s new car the Edsel rolled off the assembly line. The Cold War with Russia was on and “In God We Trust” appeared on U.S. currency. The first Toys R Us store opened. Also that year, the so-called Asian Flu killed 116,000 Americans. Here is the full summary from the Centers for Disease Control: In February 1957, a new influenza A (H2N2) virus emerged in East Asia, triggering a pandemic (“Asian Flu”). This H2N2 virus was comprised of three different genes from an H2N2 virus that originated from an avian influenza A virus, including the H2 hemagglutinin and the N2 neuraminidase genes. It was first reported in Singapore in February 1957, Hong Kong in April 1957, and in coastal cities in the United States in summer 1957. The estimated number of deaths was 1.1 million worldwide and 116,000 in the United States. Like the current pandemic, there was a demographic pattern to the deaths. It hit the elderly population with heart and lung disease. In a frightening twist, the virus could also be fatal for pregnant women. The infection rate was probably even higher than the Spanish flu of 1918 (675,000 Americans died from this), but this lowered the overall case fatality rate to 0.67%. A vaccine became available in late 1957 but was not widely distributed. The population of the U.S. at the time was 172 million, which is a little more than half of the current population. Life expectancy was 69 as versus 78 today. Even with shorter lives, it was a healthier population with lower rates of obesity. To extrapolate the data to a counterfactual, we can conclude that this virus was more wicked than COVID-19 thus far. What’s remarkable when we look back at this year, nothing was shut down. Restaurants, schools, theaters, sporting events, travel – everything continued without interruption. Without a 24-hour news cycle with thousands of news agencies and a billion websites hungry for traffic, mostly people paid no attention other than to keep basic hygiene. It was covered in the press as a medical problem. The notion that there was a political solution never occurred to anyone. [Note of correction. A correspondent pointed out to me that “The October 1957 LDS General Conference was cancelled because of the flu epidemic in 1957 and there may have been other organizations that did so.” I’m grateful for the correction, and it makes the point: society was not ignorant of the pandemic. Instead, there was a variety of intelligent responses depending on the risk. I’m speculating that this event would have included quite a number of people on the list of the vulnerable.] Again, this was a very serious flu, and it persisted for 10 years until it mutated to become the Hong Kong flu of 1968. The New York Times had some but not much coverage. On September 18, 1957, an editorial counseled: “Let us all keep a cool head about Asian influenza as the statistics on the spread and the virulence of the disease begin to accumulate. For one thing, let us be sure that the 1957 type of A influenza virus is innocuous, as early returns show, and that antibiotics can indeed control the complications that may develop.” The mystery of why today vast numbers of governments around the world (but not all) have crushed economies, locked people under house arrest, wrecked business, spread despair, disregarded basic freedoms and rights will require years if not decades to sort out. Is it the news cycle that is creating mass hysteria? Political ambition and arrogance? A decline in philosophical regard for freedom as the best system for dealing with crises? Most likely, the ultimate answer will look roughly like what historians say about the Great War (WWI): it was a perfect storm that created a calamity that no one intended at the outset. For staying calm and treating the terrible Asian flu of 1957 as a medical problem to address with medical intelligence, rather than as an excuse to unleash Medieval-style brutality, this first postwar generation deserves our respect and admiration. Jeffrey A. Tucker Editorial Director for the American Institute for Economic Research.
  7. I used Spyderweb (over-the-air) in a couple of different locations, for a total of maybe eight or ten months. My experience wasn't the kind to brag about, somewhat like common complaints toward Telcel and Telmex... Perhaps it has to do with a lessor inclination toward customer service which is found in many cultures as compared with the USA, Canada, etc. A seemingly total lack of caring if you want their service or don't, and if your service is working or not. It was common to have sporadic internet. In one case, I called and said "there is a problem, no Internet", and I was told there "isn't a problem". I called multiple times over two weeks repeating (with details) there is a problem and was told again and again there wasn't. That is, until they figured out there was. It made no difference that I was reporting a problem and as far as I could determine, my reports received zero attention. However, I know another household that used them for several years, and they reported that "generally" it worked ok. And yes, it seemed quite expensive for the speeds/bandwidth received. I now have over-the-air service from both AT&T and Telcel. Purchased their modem(s) which contain a SIM card, service comes from the cell system. The price seems quite a lot better. There are two price packages (that I know of) with each company, a Five Mb, or a Ten Mb speed options, and if you exceed the monthly maximum bandwidth (150Gb?) there is NO extra cost. The speed WILL be throttled down to 2 or 3 Mb, until the beginning of the next month, at which time, your bandwidth usage is reset and your speed goes back up. If you get either Telcel or AT&T at your location, and, if you can get a decent download speed on your smart phone, one of these might prove to be a better, or much better option. Not to say they are trouble free, just generally, less troublesome.
  8. Ruben 331 048 9610. He's been installing window tint for house, motor home, cars, for quite a while. He commonly carries samples to choose from. There are also suppliers of the material in Guad if you'd prefer to do it yourself, I don't know the address(es). As Alpha1 stated, there are various qualities, colors (tint) and purposes. Some block heat, some are mirrored. 3M has some great products. He'll come by, show you samples and give you a price.
  9. A judgement granted against you by a USA court, in and of itself, is meaningless here in Mexico. Relax. If you lose in the USA and a Judgement against is granted, it is "possible" for the collection effort to come to Mexico, but the costs, steps and time involved would make it highly unlikely unless the amount owed is HUGE. Even then it would not be certain to win. The collections agency would have to take the USA Court documents to a Mexican Consulate, have the documents translated into Spanish by a certified translator approved by the Mexican Consulate, and then "certified" by the Consulate, then the documents would have to come to a Mexican lawyer, who would have to start a new action against you here, using the USA Judgement as the basis. The process here could take years, without certainty of success. You haven't indicated the amount of money that's involved in your problem up north, but, unless it is HUGE, the costs (in Mexico) and time involved would make no sense at all to the collection agency in the USA. If the amount of money is HUGE, or if you are charged with a serious USA Federal crime, or if the plaintiff were extraordinarily well connected with a USA Federal Senator, the USA Justice Department, the FBI or some other such agency that would have the potential to pressure the USA State Department, to ask the Mexican Federal government to step in, it might be possible to skip over process in Mexican courts. Over a civil problem from the USA? Not likely. Pick a local bank you like, services that fit your needs, move the money, and forget about the threat from up north having any reasonable chance of following you here. On the other hand, if you are really worried, choose a bank in a third country, such as Panama or Cayman Islands or other similar venue.
  10. What you're looking in Spanish is called, Hielo Seca (the H is silent) and can be purchased from Praxair, a chain of medical supply shops around Guadalajara. You should be able to search google maps for their locations. One address is Av 8 de Juli No 1753, Col Morelos, C.P. 44910, Guadalajara. 333 268 1652. www. praxair.com.mx My findings suggest the price is quite a lot higher than further north, perhaps because there doesn't seem to be much use (or awareness?) of it by the general population. Also, if you ask for Hielo Seca, many locals won't know what you're talking about (my personal experience). Asking at Home Depot had me staring at a type of insulation made from styrofoam pellets... If you need a larger quantity, need it over time or not until next week, Praxair can sell, or rent you large Co2 tanks and you can "make it" when you need it, returning or refilling the tank as desired. (Dry ice can also be made from a Co2 fire extinguisher). Process is easy, search google or youtube "make dry ice". Releasing the Co2 from a tank into a burlap (or similar material) bag, using some safety measures such as being outdoors and thick gloves, will fill the bag with dry ice. Good luck.
  11. https://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?/topic/83215-composting-worms/
  12. I went by this location yesterday. To be clear, if driving, you'd need to come from the east side, and still, the road will certainly challenge many cars/drivers. All that's needed is a vehicle with some road clearance, and a driver with some patience. Had a nice talk with a young man there, and he explained the following... (he doesn't speak English) The owners (from Guadalajara) of the property set up the worm business with the young man and his father working there a couple of years ago. As things went, they added fresh grown foods and enjoyed some success. Then there were fewer and fewer customers, finally, the land owners put an end to it. The boy got permission to stay on, and he's now living there on his own, with a cat, dog, some chickens and a pig. He had perhaps a single large bag of castings that could have been scraped off the ground. He's hoping to rebuild the worm castings but says it will take a long time. Since he has no capital and few other apparent resources, if he succeeds, it will likely require at least a couple of years. There are perhaps, two dozen long rows enclosed by cinder bricks, a watering system of hoses which may or may not need full or partial replacement. He's there hoping to get something going. He could certainly use a angel's help. Anyone looking for castings might try some of the other options as mentioned above and check with a few of the local nurseries.
  13. The Home Depot portable (frame and cover) garage is around $500 USD. I bought one some years ago, and in the direct sun, that plastic cover doesn't last very long. A couple of years perhaps. You could of course, buy such a product and replace the cover when it gets old, or even start off with a new, better quality fabric. Another alternative would be to buy a cover - similar - to the ones you see the farmers using. Metal framing, either a high grade (UV Blocking plastic (various colors), or the screen type of fabric (black or green) used to make shade but to let some light through. You can get screens rated as blocking 60% to 90% of visible light in many of the hardware stores around lakeside. Most will have someone who can sew it into the size/shape you'd want. Alvaro Revera 33 13 28 93 59 (speaking Spanish) has a company called MacroTuneles in Jocotepec. They are located on the west side of Joco, near the Guadalajara/Morelia Hwy. They build covers for a living, for farmers and smaller applications, and have higher quality, longer lasting fabrics, including 95% light block screen.
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