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  1. Mister Alan, and to the rest of you, Why would it matter to you, or anyone else for that matter, whether I reject or accept you view on anything??? Why would it matter to any of you posting on this board, if anyone else on this board did or didn't accept your point of view? Why do so many people get so worked up and argue with such animosity, when it's already been shown, pretty much nobody here is changing their views on anything? Is it just for sport? Too many bored people? Anyway, who wants to live in a world that has only one point of view about anything, where everyth
  2. There is certainly truth in this! But, it's not just the deniers, true of people both against, and for. Having a vested interest is pretty much the only rule of law in our modern world. People, including many who work for the government in career postions, politicians, ALL Lobbists, most likely all corporations - they all want to profit in some way or another, without regard to the well being or welfare of the rest of the people or world. That's partly way so many prescribed "actions" to combat problems end up serving just a minority, at the cost of the majority.
  3. A bullying sort of way? I guess you don't have a mirror to look in? You're bullying at me telling me to go away. You are bullying me with your words and intent. Why is it that you can't offer any facts to prove your point? Why is it that you and others, have to attack me, instead of providing some proof to support your beliefs?? You don't have any proof? Or how about this attempt to again, put me down personally, and which still doesn't offer any actual, supportive facts to support their position? "Al Gore has forgotten more about climate change than you will ever know.
  4. From you, a misrepresentation of what I said (and believe). I wrote: "Fact: Climates Change!" "it's true, the climate IS changing!" "I personally, believe, that man's antics, ... is certainly an additional cause." Don't misrepresent what I said, thought it probably makes you feel better, hiding from the truth. Further, you sadly or ignorently, ignore that I piss on both parties, that I do not side with either's retoric. Again, a flase claim from you, ment to do nothing more than disparge me personally. "not-a-subtle put down" Yes! I did make a putdown? Who's tryi
  5. Some of you argue that the “source” of this list is "bad" (aka: not aligned with your preferred/political point of view) implying thus, that anything FROM that source MUST then be bad/wrong. Or arguing if there were/weren't other, concurrent prognostications that were right. Some have attempted to discredit the articles because the author(s) aren't recognizable (by you) therefore, again, the article can't have validity – thus bad/wrong. These knee-jerk reaction-posts aren't examples of thoughtful consideration (though they are the most commonplace posting herein), or even reasonable respo
  6. Ya. Probably they made up all those articles and quotes.
  7. (Medical alert: If you're a true believer and have any pre-existing co-morbidities, your doctor would certainly suggest you don't read this.) Dire climate predictions from Scientists and Politicians which haven't come true... (it's a long list) But, as is often said of recent, "It's science! It must be true." https://cei.org/blog/wrong-again-50-years-of-failed-eco-pocalyptic-predictions/
  8. Friday, last week, I took a VW Jetta 1.8 Turbo, by appointment, over to Moy to check/fix the charging system. This was my first time at his business. (My testing indicated a bad alternator.) Moy called me later in the afternoon and said that the alternator was in fact, bad and a replacement alternator is "about 6,000p", and labor of 2,000p. The cost for the alternator seemed WAY too much to me, but I needed it done and said yes. He also said the alternator belt was old and should be replaced. I agreed. He called me on Saturday and said the car was ready to pick up, and that he t
  9. Actually, if you look closely when you go by next time, I think you will see that the sign says "We Accept Most USA Insurances". At least, that's what I saw last time I passed by and confirmed via google street view just now. Their process might be different than what you have come to expect elsewhere, difficult, time consuming, confusing, and even heavily bureaucratic, sure. But not everyone is going to see it as misleading. Another view would be, "Hey, this is great, I might be able to use my USA Health insurance down here!" Or not.
  10. "Centros De Servcio Master", Av. Lazaro Cardenas #1723, Col. Del Sur, Guadalajara. Authorized service for Makita, DeWwalt, Milwuakee, Bosch, etc. Also massive retails sales of the above. From the Abastos, head east on the paralle a short distance, you'll see a row of several store fronts, all with signs for the above brands. They appear to service all brands.
  11. Another option available locally is what might be Elephant Grass. If you're willing to travel a little past Joco, I can probably arrange for you to get all you want. Send me a PM if you are interested. It'd be cut fresh and you'd need to assemble it in whatever fashion you like.
  12. David, Years back I asked a Pharmacist up north if there was a generic alternative to Nyquil. After telling me there wasn't, she went on to say it was "easy to replicate Nyquil's effects, it's essentially just antihistamine and alcohol". Since, I have confirmed this with several Doctors, none have said anything against the practice. Read the label, see for yourself. A couple of antihistamine pills and a shot of alcohol.
  13. Some local Veterinarians may have traps that you can borrow or rent. The Veterinarian (Ladron de Guevara Animal Hospital) next to the Cat Shelter may still have some.
  14. Erroneous presumption. Fits in well with your over all appearance.
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