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    Coffee pods

    I do. But thank you for pointing that out to others who, after many years of doing this need you to tell them again that this is what they may want to do.
  2. ibarra

    Coffee pods

    Older people are back at Soriana. But still bags only big enough for an apple. Gringhombre has it right. You can buy plastic bags, you can put veggies in plastic bags but not groceries at checkout. Hmmm
  3. This is a Costco delivery service. They sell this item for about 131 pesos per bag. But like happyjillin, when we are forced to, we buy them at the Animal Shelter. https://www.lakeside-ss.com/store/Barkys-Beef-Sticks-*-p1536580
  4. Right, Eric. That will happen when Pigs Fly! There are so many laws now that aren't enforced, why not just add another one or two. Maybe they could get around to that after they build the facilities to check our vehicles for smog control etc. Hee Haw!
  5. Thanks for reporting what you found out cedros.
  6. New Look , all Covid precautions in place, full service. A couple of doors away from ISHOP. Link shows what the front of the place looks and has contact information. https://www.newlookajijic.com/about-us
  7. Or, you could go to Telcel and ask them...
  8. Cedros, the message states you will be charged at International rates. That means your account will be charged at International rates. Whenever we use those numbers our Telmex account reflects the additional charge. I don't know what could be clearer than that.
  9. We have been ordering from Amazon.com and shipping to MX for over 20 years. No shipping company has ever been available until item actually ships. You certainly aren't looking at a product that is being sold by Amazon, it must be a third party seller. We would be concerned that Amazon's AZ guarantee would not be valid if there was a problem. But that's us.
  10. If no answers to your satisfaction, try a search using "tailor", there are many entries.
  11. If you have an established Amazon.com account and you have entered your MX address, this is what you should see if you put a laptop etc. in your Cart and continue to Checkout (Note: I just randomly clicked on the first laptop shown.): Order Summary Items: $549.99 Shipping & handling: $9.86 Total before tax: $559.85 Estimated tax to be collected: $0.00 Import Fees Deposit: $112.44 Order total: $672.29
  12. ACD - If you are going to copy and paste an entire article (rather than just providing us with a link to the article), please, while you have it highlighted, use the tool bar at the top of the posting box, click on size and adjust the size of your document. It is simply too large the way you are posting it. No one is able to read it even if they wanted to and, it simply takes up way too much space in the thread. Just a suggestion.
  13. According to the Guadalajara Reporter yesterday, Liverpool will be opening a new store in Distrito La Perla on Mariano Otero the end of this month. Is there a new mall open in this area in GDL?
  14. The original post was August 25 Title - COVID ANTIGEN TESTING WALMART AJIJIC This is the link provided in that post: https://intl-cvx-scheduler.wal-mart.com.mx/
  15. I just saw it in a large container at the garden center. It may be concentrate.
  16. We have an account with a bank and one with a financial institution. Both required the same documents: CURP, copy of passport, copy of permanente or temporal document and proof of residency (current utility bill).
  17. We bought some at Walmart a couple of months ago.
  18. We had Seguro Popular which is now INSABI. We used it for emergency surgery on my husband's knee. No problems, no out of pocket expenses.
  19. Near Tepehua Consignment shop in Riberas which is a few doors east of where Cafe Magana used to be.
  20. Don't we expect more rain almost every day this time of year? Rhetorical!
  21. https://coronavirus.jalisco.gob.mx/ruta-de-la-vacunacion/
  22. Are you going to follow up?
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