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  1. https://theguadalajarareporter.net/index.php/news/news/lake-chapala/52647-weekly-worship-november-10-2018
  2. ed, I would try moving this to the FURRY FRIENDS forum. You may also like to try this site https://www.trustedhousesitters.com/house-and-pet-sitters/mexico/jalisco/ajijic/ Just a couple of suggestions...
  3. ibarra

    Blood Donation Needed

    ZEB, we had a friend in the same situation (everyone she knew was over the age limit or on medication). We were given advice at the hospital in Guadalajara where she was admitted to tell her Doctor/s that she was having trouble locating donors. The next thing we knew, staff, nurses, including her doctor donated blood in her name at the hospital. It was an incredible kindness and it happened relatively quickly. Just a suggestion...
  4. ibarra


    Genesis Digital, 34 Ocampo, 766-0788. The man's name is Hugo. We paid 150 a few months ago, waited about 15 minutes to pick them up after he took the photos.
  5. ibarra

    Carpool to Lucky Dog?

    Try posting this closer to your visit. Probably someone will be able to help you when they know their schedules.
  6. ibarra

    Pet Place

  7. https://www.facebook.com/pg/veterinariapetplace/about/?ref=page_internal
  8. Someone else recommended Ecologia. I will start there, thanks.
  9. A large portion of the mountain across the arroyo from Brisas de Chapala has been cleared of trees etc.. We would like to find out if a permit has been given for this project. Where do we go for this information? Assume it would be with the Municipality of Chapala, but where? If anyone is interested in the actual location, they are entering through the gate just before GAMMA Hotel, sign says Rancho los Tigres. Construction is happening on the right, up the mountain at an angle past where the squatters are in the small trailer. For residents of Brisas de Chapala, this is on the mountain opposite Brisas Norte, the Club House and the golf course.
  10. ibarra

    Hurricane Willa

    According to NOAA, we should have heavy wind tonight around 8pm. https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/refresh/graphics_ep4+shtml/114905.shtml?mltoa34#contents
  11. ibarra

    Insurance Agent / Broker

    We have used Parker for Homeowner and car insurance (2 cars) since 2007. We have had claims on both cars and the agents were very helpful. One of our cars was completely totaled in another State in MX and Parker was there for us through the whole ordeal. A friend of ours who has health insurance through them and has filed many, many claims raves about Parker and their service.
  12. ibarra

    Should I use an attorney?

    Are you asking if you should use a facilitator in Mexico to obtain temporal status? If you are, many do hire help. I am including a link of a very popular law firm lakeside. There are many facilitators available, not all are attorneys. You did not say where you will be going in Mexico so I am not sure that this link will actually be of any service to you. http://www.chapalalaw.com/immigration-2/
  13. ibarra

    Men's electric shavers

    Coppel had a couple a few months ago.
  14. https://www.chapala.com/reynobanos.html