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  1. You should receive an email from them stating your order was received. You can also look on the Amazon site. Toolbar box next to where it asks you to sign in - Returns & Orders - next to cart symbol.
  2. No one is disputing that a Permanente Visa is available. You said you had a "retirement " visa".
  3. I couldn't find anything about a "retirement " visa. A search revealed only temporal or permanente. Please provide link for your " retirement " visa information.
  4. If you search on amazon.com (link I posted above) , then click on the item you are interested in, if that item is available from amazon.mx it will appear on the side and you can click on that link to find out price and if it is imported or not. Sometimes they are not imported and actually cost less than having them shipped from the U.S. Most of the items that we have ordered from amazon.mx have arrived within 2 days.
  5. Do you want it for indoors or out? We got both from Amazon.com. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=retractable+clothesline&crid=3SCH5CMT5KU1O&sprefix=retractable+c%2Caps%2C1196&ref=nb_sb_ss_mission-aware-v1_1_13
  6. You can only register online for an appointment. RFC numbers are only given in person.
  7. NIcolas Telsa - What do you want from us? You have a personal problem with your fraccionamiento. We can't help you with that. Take it up with your neighbors who actually have a say in what goes on in your fraccionamiento.
  8. Seems logical that if your RFC number was printed from gov website that it is real. Fake numbers would not have shown up as valid, therefore, you would have nothing to print.
  9. Let me know if I can help with the flowers ...whenever.
  10. Easiest way is to put them on and show them they don't fit! Or here is what I would say, translated to Spanish, may not be correct the way a local would say it, but... This part is too small. Can you repair them and make them bigger? Esta parte es demasiado pequeña. ¿Puedes repararlos y hacerlos más grandes?
  11. Did you look on your receipt from this years refrendo? Others in this thread found their numbers there.
  12. Mia's always have men's shirts. Sometimes they are new with tags.
  13. Were you able to get flowers delivered? If not, I would be happy to buy them for you and deliver them. Please let me know.
  14. I'm not sure how but several people we know were having trouble recovering their RFC numbers themselves and went to different internet places and the people working there had no problem accessing the gov site and getting their already existing numbers.
  15. Go to an internet cafe or copy place, take your CURP number and let them retrieve your number.
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