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  1. We took quite a few pair to DIF (National System for the Integral Development of the Family) in Chapala on Degollado.
  2. I haven't seen any "old ladies" at Soriana since around the end of March or around then. That is why there are propina boxes at each check out lane, it is for those, that because of their age, can't work during the current health situation. Recently, I have experienced the cashier has been the one helping place purchased items in bags.
  3. We went to Centro de Salud in Chapala this morning for shots. We have membership cards but they didn't want them. They wanted identification documents. we used drivers license. Whole process took about 30 minutes. Easy.
  4. Same thing for me every year. We live in Brisas de Chapala and have a mountain right behind us with huge, beautiful yellow bushes/trees. My symptoms aren't bad enough to need to be medicated, though. When the jacarandas bloom, that's when I need medicine.
  5. Or people who can spell!
  6. At Simi, 28 tablets in small bottle. However, I just checked and they 10mg, not 20mg like you want. I take 2 mg a day as my rx is for 20mg/day. I do not have any information on purchasing 20mg tablets. Sorry.
  7. I always get carded. Maybe some of us look younger than others, or, maybe the clerk followed protocol with me and asked to see my card. Who knows, who cares as long as we get the discount.
  8. Simi has Lisinopril for 50 pesos per box. However, every Monday they give 25% discount on their medicine. Lisinopril is about 50 pesos per box at Walmart. If you have an INOPAM or DIF card, and buy 4 boxes, the 4th box is free.
  9. Found this morning . A very friendly male,white, with a lot of hair, very friendly, well groomed dog in Brisas de Chapala. The dog is tied up at the guard house. Contact the guards for more information. 3767655351
  10. I asked the young man twice about the perogies. He confirmed that the person moved to Canada. I then asked about the cabbage rolls and he said that person was unable to make them right now. If in fact you are correct, would you please let us know when perogies are available again.
  11. FYI Perogies are no longer available at Cremeria. They told me today that the person that was making them moved back to Canada.
  12. How presumptuous about expats. I would imagine they may be struggling now too. Many foreigners have nationalized and are actually Mexican.
  13. You ask "why"... Because it makes me feel more comfortable.
  14. I carry a very small bottle of my own sanitizer and put it on after they squirt theirs on me.
  15. We asked that question at DMV in Laredo last year. Importation paperwork from MX makes the car legally Mexican, of course. DMV told us we needed to have proof of residency in TX, car inspected and a couple of other minor things to register it in TX. They did not want any previous paperwork regarding the vehicle before it was imported to MX. We did not follow through with this project so we have no idea if it actually worked or not.
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