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  1. https://www.hunterfan.com.mx/pages/distribuidores Perhaps send them an email and ask. Looks to me like they are all made in the U.S. I could be wrong, though.
  2. I pay 700 pesos at New Look. Highlights, low lights and roots. My stylist is Gloria.
  3. I take the bus to Nuevo Laredo once a year. Then a taxi from the bus station to pick up a rental car at the airport in Laredo. In March I paid 600 pesos for the taxi. They are lined up at the bus station.
  4. We aren't in the U.S. or Canada. Start thinking in pesos. What are the comps locally for a Hospital stay overnight? Only one I can think of is Ajijic Hospital. What do they charge? That is your comp so far until the new Hospital on the Libramiento opens. Comparing prices to GDL doesn't do anyone any good if you don't want to go there, or can't. Comparing prices to other Cities in MX doesn't do anyone any good, we live here, not there. My opinion...
  5. Links for Mexico earthquakes as well as Jalisco earthquakes. https://www.volcanodiscovery.com/earthquakes/mexico.html https://earthquaketrack.com/p/mexico/jalisco/recent
  6. Publicidad 376 108 0405 Carretera Chapala -Jocotopec 29A Juan speaks English if needed.
  7. Please may I hace the contact information for the sign making company

    you referenced today.  And contact information(email and telephone #)

    Thanks so much

  8. Their name is PUBLICIDAD. They also make vinyl signs that are waterproof.
  9. Receipt for what? What office in Chapala? Whatever you are talking about, you will need the original AND A COPY for your DL. Colored CURP form and black and white copy Immigration document if foreign and a copy Passport and a copy Utility bill and a copy (Must copy all of the Telmex pages, CFE, just front and back) INAPAM card or DIF card and copy of both sides on one page (We just renewed and they gave us the discount for being over 60 without these cards) If for some reason your blood type is not on your license, you will need a blood test and the copy of that test.
  10. Temperature gauge isn't working correctly. That will be dealt with next. Thanks to all of you for your positive input.
  11. Carlos at Escalera was able to find the problem rather quickly this morning. Gaskets around the oil pan leaking and therefore need to be replaced. He also found an unrelated transmission fluid leak. Thank you ComputerGuy!
  12. Visible as of last night from the upper most streets in Brisas de Chapala.
  13. I did that, I am not unfamiliar with MX government or other sites. It simply did not work the two days that I tried to use it. Perhaps it had something to do with the holidays.
  14. We have been in MX 21 years, 2 different States, and, have the same theory about recommendations. I promise not to blame you!
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