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  1. Type NEW Mexican Citizenship Exam 2018 in the search option. This post has a lot of answers for citizenship questions.
  2. daisy2031, the original post had 20222 not 2022.
  3. I doubt any of us will be alive in 20222.
  4. Our previous dog groomer lived there and had 32 dogs.
  5. http://www.chapalalaw.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Driving2018.pdf This has already been referred to above. I have copied the part that pertains to your situation: Article 183.- The following infractions will be fined from 10 to 30 UMAs ($806.00 to $2,418.00 pesos 2018) excluding 25 & 50% discounts for prompt payment) for the following infractions: I. Not using a seat belt or using it inadequately, the driver as well as the other passengers; Collective, massive and public transport vehicles and site and radio taxis shall observe, respecting this law, the technical rules spelled out and corresponding to the conditions and quality of service. II. Transporting a child under twelve years old in the front seats except vehicles which have no rear seats. In both cases the child should be transported in security seats and with a proper restraint system adequate for their age and build duly secured. Public transportation vehicles should follow the legal technical specifications applicable.
  6. FYI We called them and they do not start serving these tacos until 2PM on Tuesdays.
  7. Does anyone know if they are serving these tacos for lunch? I couldn't find any information on their website. Thanks!
  8. We have used Amazon.mx for imported items that Amazon.com does not ship here. When you place the order, a box will appear showing you the amount for shipping and duties. We have never had a problem with them. We have items delivered to our house, not a mail service location.
  9. David Rodwell, there are several small companies locally that you can hire to drive you to and from Guadalajara. Here is contact number for one that we have used and are very happy with: Francisco Miramontes ‭(333) 157-8060‬
  10. I used Google: Chapala Bus Lines, with their main bus station located in downtown Chapala, have routes connecting all Lakeside towns, villages, and communities with each other and with Guadalajara. Their buses run 365 days a year, and generally run every 20 to 30 minutes in the daytime (from around 7-8 am until 8:30-9 pm and sometimes later). They are surprisingly punctual, rarely varying more than a few minutes from their scheduled time. Some of the outlying smaller areas may only have bus service arriving and leaving once an hour. If your Spanish is good enough, or if you have a Spanish-speaker to help you, you can call the station in Chapala at 376-765-2212 ...
  11. https://www.expatsinmexico.com/lake-chapala-education/
  12. Her husband, Abraham, is an attorney. He helps in the dental supply store next to her office.
  13. Try this link. Lots of information available about local dentistry. https://www.google.com.mx/search?q=holistic+dentist+ajijic&client=ms-opera-mobile&channel=new&espv=1&pccc=1#scso=_YGpsXbXcB8TcswW2prGwCw60:0.3333435058594.3333282470703.6666717529297.66666603088379.333333492279053.6666667461395264.6666666865348816
  14. There is a kiosk also across from Telmex where you park. Also, a key place across from Spago's on the street where Wednesday tiangus is held.
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