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  1. We tried that first. Our dogs running up and down the mat destroyed it as their toenails dig into the material causing it to come apart. Not a valid option for us, at least.
  2. Do a search on Google or whatever. Type in Moving to Mexico Customs Declaration. There are many sites with information.
  3. We have done it both ways. It went faster with the appointment. We waited almost an hour without an appointment, 15 minutes with one. However, como Mexico no hay dos!
  4. When we went to INE to get my husband's INE card, they were all smiles. Congratulated him and shook his hand. Every time we tell someone that he is now a Mexican, they are very pleased. Never experienced what you have described.
  5. We bought a rubber backed rug at Walmart so it doesn't slip off of ramp. Small pieces of carpet can be found in rug sections or near outdoor mats. However, they usually aren't rubber backed and slide easily.
  6. Look at the post at the top of this page from Spencer. I believe you will find answers there.
  7. I concur completely with Ezzie. FYI We always get a small refund in fees about 2 months after delivery.
  8. There is a custom leather shop across from Mia's Consignment shop. When you drive by it you will see belts displayed on a rack and usually purses. I have had a couple of purses custom made by him and he did a wonderful job. We have had belts made also there.
  9. Take a bus. Take a cab/van from the bus station in Nuevo Laredo to Laredo airport to pick up rental car. There are people at the bus station to help you load the cages into a taxi van. The driver can help you at the airport. I do that twice a year. If the cats are in cages it probably won't be a problem. Bus stops 3 times on the way there. The travel agency in Chapala near the main stop light should be able to give you advice about the cats on the bus. When I went in October, a large German shepherd was put in the luggage compartment in a cage. If you have paper work for the cats, the taxi should be able to drive right through customs without you having to go in to the building. Worse case, they waive you over right after customs officer and inspect the cages. I watched the person with the German shepherd load it onto a taxi van. They were foreigners going to the U.S. also.
  10. When we renewed our DL in Guadalajara last month, they would not accept a black and white copy of CURP. I was happy that we had color copies with us also.
  11. Mexico Daily has an article today about it. I tried to copy the link but received a security alert message.
  12. Google it. I did because as I had not heard of it before. There are many recipes for it. If you know what it is you will understand why it is hard.
  13. Eric Blair: Here is what we have done for almost 22 years in MX. Read the gauge before you have your tank filled. Ours is always at the same level when we we order. Call the propane truck, have whatever amount (pesos) you want put in the tank, or fill it, whatever you usually do. A few minutes after the tank is filled, read the gauge and determine what amount has been put in. Repeat that process each time you order and the amount received should be about the same each month. Yes, prices go up. But, the level of what you receive, if you order consistently, should not change. We also check our levels the same day every week and determine approximate amount of usage so that we know if there is a leak (our tank is 12 years old. We have used Zeta gas for 12 years and have had the same 2 people fill our tank for around 7 years (we lived in another State in MX for 10 years prior to moving here and used the same procedures). 376 766 0790 Of course, I know there will probably be feed back about Zeta.
  14. Tonala. Better selection, better prices. Barbara's Bazaar used to have quite a few.
  15. Dra. Carmen Castillo Quality Care carmelotcg@gmail.com
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