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  1. I addressed this same issue in the thread regarding "Masks". We were contacted a couple of days ago. No masks no gloves. We, like MtnMama were able to stay at least a meter and a half away from the census taker at all times so it wasn't a problem. They touched our doorbell but nothing else. The doorbell is in the bright sunlight and I doubt very much if anything could survive in that heat for very long. It is quite disrespectful and inconsiderate of them though to not be wearing any protection. I found it quite interesting that the census taker had all of the questions in English but could not speak English. She had to hold up the clipboard at one point as I did not understand what she was saying in Spanish, that is when I saw that the document was in English. The question about whether we had difficulty seeing, hearing or walking needed to be translated for me as my Spanish wasn't good enough for that question.
  2. I just left Soriana. Large signs near entrance by furniture store with limits for certain items. Hamburger - 4 packages.
  3. I went to Soriana at 7am this morning. I didn't see anyone waiting for buses in either side of the carretera wearing masks. One other shopper, no mask no gloves. I didn't see any employees with masks or gloves. I wore both. We live in Colonos de Brisas de Chapala, doorbell just rang. It was a 2020 census person. No mask, no gloves.
  4. https://lagodechapala.com/ https://www.eluniversal.com.mx/english/covid-19-live-updates-mexico https://www.infobae.com/america/mexico/
  5. We and several of our neighbors have received calls from a Spanish speaking woman the past couple of days. She is crying and wants 10000 pesos or she will do something unspeakable to you or a family member. She has also told people she will come and get your vehicle if you don't pay. We hung up quickly but in a matter of a few seconds, she said she wanted our " red" car. Weird because we do own a red vehicle.
  6. Somewhere over the rainbow... there's a land that I heard of... once in a lullaby !
  7. Does anyone know if you can buy Chloroquine anywhere lakeside?
  8. No shortage of tp at Soriana. SuperLake was out of Kirkland 2 ply on Saturday. Supplies of dog treats, well, that's another story... FYI I asked the cashier at Soriana this morning if she was taking any added precautions because of CV. She asked me what coronavirus was, hadn' t heard anything about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. We had about 10 minutes of pretty heavy rain in Colonos de Brisas de Chapala.
  10. Against my better judgement, I went to GDL Farmacia in Ajijic around 9:30 this morning. I needed to refill an RX. Just curious, so while there, I walked around the entire store, absolutely no hand sanitizer anywhere. (Not a problem for us as we will use, and have always used, alcohol in an oil base mixed and put in a spray bottle.) When I was paying at the farmacia cashier, I asked, in Spanish, if they had any alcohol swabs that come in individual packets to be used when you give or get an injection to clean the area. Nada!. I went to SuperLake, same thing, no hand sanitizer but, lots of bottles of alcohol placed in strategic locations. They were completely out of Kirkland toilet paper also.
  11. Amutio used to sell them, property still do.
  12. We have been going to Casa Fuerte for 12 years. Great place. Worth the price.
  13. CURP is pretty much required for everything. It should be printed on Permanente card as well as Temporal card.
  14. I would imagine a couple of the tellers stayed home in recognition of International Women's Day. The mayor in Chapala, supposedly did not work today because of IWD. Historically speaking, HSBC is out of money most Monday morning's because visitors are here over the weekend and HSBC is the most visible ATM machine location on that corner.
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