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  1. This information was copied from a post in March and refers to tests at Soriana: Open Mon-Fri. 8am-4pm. Sat8am-1pm Cost COVID antigenos 489 pesos. Results 15-90 minutes COVID anticuerpos 489 pesos. Results 15-90 minutes COVID RT -PCR 2,990 pesos. Results 24-72 hours
  2. No. "THE POINT got lost" when the discussion became about how to prepare meat, not where to buy it as the original post and a couple of replies indicate.
  3. We have sent wire transfers to the U.S. from hsbc and O'Rourke.
  4. We buy Sonoran rib-eye from Los 3 Butchery . The best we have had since we actually lived in Sonora. One steak is large enough for the 2 of us.
  5. We have a bird that comes every spring through summer near our house. It sounds like it is screaming "help" most of the time and, occasionally, "let me out". It is kind of funny except when it decides to start screaming very early in the morning. Gone during fall and winter months.
  6. If you don't have to file tax return because your income is lower than the requirements, or you have not received an income tax refund for many years, the Treasury department may not have your banking information. You can fill out Non-filers form with your U.S. bank information and receive a direct deposit. IRS.gov, and look for "Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here."
  7. My point exactly. Event time, not clock time.
  8. After 23 years in MX, we have found it is helpful to ask if someone means " event time" (when the sun comes up, when it gets dark, etc.), or "clock time".
  9. We need a large amount of brick pavers, rectangular, rough on top and cement color. Does anyone know where to purchase or order these lakeside?
  10. Phil, I cut an ad out of the Ojo about a month ago for a lakeside delivery service. We have not used them, but, others may have and will probably chime in. Here is their contact information from the ad: web site www.macdonald-services.com/chapala-ajijic email delivery@macdonald-services.com phone 415 121 9266
  11. Thank you Ferret! Well no wonder people are upset. You have to go to La Floresta before you can go to Walmart from the Libramiento. Of course, there will be those that turn into where Domino's, Santander, Fester are located and then swing around to the Auto Zone entrance.
  12. I have to go out shopping on Monday or Tuesday but I am confused by the posts. Would someone please tell me how I get into Walmart from the Libramiento if the straight thru entrance from the Libramiento is blocked off? Thanks in advance.
  13. Some chiropractor's are doctors, retired or otherwise. An osteopathic doctor is qualified to adjust your spine and other parts of the body. www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/consumer-health/expert-answers/osteopathic-medicine/faq-20058168 osteopathic.org/what-is-osteopathic-medicine/what-is-a-do/ www.webmd.com/pain-management/features/osteopathic-doctor
  14. When this fails, we simply unplug our modem, wait about 20 second, plug it back in and, the sites that previously would not load...load.
  15. From Ducks Unlimited re: Flying Ribeye www.ducks.org/Hunting/Waterfowl-Recipes-Wild-Game-Cooking/Flying-Prime-Rib
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