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  1. Are rutabaga available lakeside? If yes, where and by what name (colinabos or nabo suede or?) ? We want to make patsy's.
  2. kmetzger, I am sorry that the Non-filers form did not work for you. Perhaps the information will help someone else, though. Thank you for letting people know about Form 3911 as I believe many people have not received their payments.
  3. I Did you try entering a PIN number to see what happens? Are you using a 2019 form?
  4. Call Telmex directly and ask them your question. If you need English, ask for it and, be patient, they will eventually come on the line. 800 123 2222
  5. You have an error somewhere. You must complete all of the form even if your answer is zero. Maybe sleep on it and try it again in the morning .
  6. First you have to create an account. Then fill out the form. Try this link: https://www.freefilefillableforms.com/#/fd/createaccount As More Liana just stated, use zero for your income.
  7. Regarding filling out the Non-filers form for those that have filed 2019 taxes and are not scheduled to receive a refund--- only fill out the banking information, not the part regarding your income, you have already submitted a tax return. You are using this form to alert the IRS of your banking information only.
  8. The form is also for people who do not receive a refund. If you don't receive a refund, your direct deposit information is not on record with IRS. It is on record with Social Security but not the IRS. The form is also available to update your direct deposit information if it needs to be updated. Example: You received a refund in 2017, ( no refunds since then), and, you changed banks.
  9. I posted several times too about the need to complete the Non-filers form. Our funds were deposited shortly after form was completed.
  10. On my laptop, I press Shift plus the number 2.
  11. In addition to the email address listed above, perhaps you can try this website: https://mx.usembassy.gov/embassy-consulates/guadalajara/
  12. You can also use a DIF or INAPAM card there for a discount.
  13. We maintain an account in the U.S. and have an account with a Bank in MX. We are both on S.S., do not have any pensions from the U.S. One S.S. check is direct deposited in the U.S., one in MX. We use an ATM card to withdraw money from both accounts. If we need larger amounts from the U.S. account, we wire transfer funds to our MX account. We have lived full time in MX for almost 22 years, no major problems with this system of obtaining or depositing funds.
  14. There are a couple of stores in Chapala on Madera, lakeside that sell beauty supplies like hair dye and make up, they may have it. By the way, men straighten their hair too!
  15. I thought we weren't supposed to discuss politics on this board.
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