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  1. My son is bringing his bicycle to chapala and wondered if there are people or club that rides regularly.
  2. looking for a good working washing machine!
  3. wondered if any one has SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION that not using any more !!
  4. i am really appalled that people think that all real estate should be in AMERICAN DOLLARS --THIS IS Mexico and all business should be in pesos. PEOPLE are very happy to pay their help in pesos and expect car repairs,etc in pesos ...THIS American dollar real estate business is a scam at Lake side .I know of no other country that does business in a foreign currency..
  6. those pumps taking Lake Chapala water to Guadalajara every day should be stopped. How can the lake sustain any level with all this water pumped out The lake is so polluted there are not many fish left..
  7. when would be convenient and what is your address !!
  8. Wondered if any one had some CD movies in english ---hard to find here! I live in Chapala tks
  9. several riding horses for sale in good shape --well shod --saddles included...Owner died --reason for selling !
  10. i live in Chapala and my neighbour -very nice mexican lady has an old english sheep dog --she likes to put the dog on the roof when she works nights and he hollows and cries relentllessly ---sometimes i go out and shoot marbles up at the plastic roof ---sometimes the dog stops for the rest of the night...
  11. any body know why the church is having a big day letting off firecrackers ( cohettes)
  12. sorry i experienced this problem --after hundreds of calls to my bank and other measures they tried nothing ever worked until i went home to canada to my bank and they called somewhere and fixed the card never got the card to work in mexico
  13. horses

    maple syrup

    sorry it,s all gone !!!!
  14. horses

    maple syrup

    sorry it,s all gone !!!!
  15. horses

    maple syrup

    it is great on ice cream!!!
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