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  1. Dulce, a mixed breed 2 year old female has been in off the streets for about 6 weeks. I have been fostering her while she recovered from spay and general malaise due to "street life". She walks on a leash, sits, stays and comes. She adores training and would do well in a family with other dogs or as a solo. She's house trained, respectful and funny as hell. In all my years of fostering, I've only ever had a handful of dogs that are this eager to please and quick to learn. Please consider her if you are thinking of adding a dog to your pack. You can PM me for a meet and greet.
  2. Thanks, MC. Man, I hope it's true. If anyone makes an early airport run in the morning (Saturday), post an update please.
  3. Check your spam mail, that's where my notice went.
  4. Did you know you can use cinnamon as a rooting compound?
  5. yellow headed blackbird. nests in the bullrush at nite....noisy in the morning and evening.....
  6. serenity 6, if you find a good area, let me know, i'm itching for more dirt. everest
  7. Thank you, we drove to Joco yesterday and found comparable tile for about a third less. The young lady there explained to us about the quality and showed us a variety. I have not checked with the place in San Antonio, will do that today. I have a local Ixtla man doing the tile, I hope he knows his stuff!
  8. I'd like to buy from somewhere other than the place across the highway from Lake Taco. Thank you.
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