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  1. It has not gotten by a moderator. Bontekoe has been suspended for 2 weeks. They would have been banned, except this is their first offense. Maybe that person had too much to drink today. If there is a next time they will be permanently banned.
  2. Moved back to the general forum. Please continue discussion on the original post. This one is locked
  3. There have been quite a few duplicate and triplicate posts lately. Please wait after submitting the first time. Sometimes it takes a few moments. Thanks for you cooperation on this everyone.
  4. It is located in Riberas at Dr. Pinto's old location
  5. Nope...not banned. You are posting. Try logging out and back in again.
  6. Unpaid consultants who want all of us to have a web board so we can exchange information. Like Moderator-2 said, it is the Admin. who is really in charge. The Admin. does not have the time to moderate, but you can be sure if things get out of hand, he will be right there. Please follow the rules.
  7. Do you mean Saturday April 18 or Sunday April 19?
  8. Yes we moderators have BIG hearts. I sent a special request to Moderators 2 & 3. Thank you both.
  9. Your posts are clear to me. Words are not running together to me
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