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  1. Here is a message straight from the Dean of Lake Chapala Resource Academy. I hope it serves the purpose and generates interest by new people in town looking for a different type of resource. "Hola. My name is Larry L. Looker and I am the founder and Dean of Lake Chapala Resource Academy. My wife and I retired in October 2013 and moved to Chapala on December 30, 2013. We are both permanent residents who now call Mexico and the Lake Chapala area our home. My thirty year career in corporate training and development was incredibly rewarding. Not only ..." Read entire post: https://www.lakechapalaresourceacademy.org/latest-news/from-the-dean-of-lake-chapala-resource-academy/
  2. Good comments and good learnings for me. As requested here is additional information on the expert panel for the Housing Workshop. Lake Chapala Resource Academy is proud to announce our Lakeside housing experts for the upcoming Expat Living Workshop. On Thursday, September 28th at Lake Chapala Society, Brad, Jorge, Mark, and Roberto will remove their professional hats and don their professor hats to teach 30 new Lakeside residents about renting, buying, and building in the Lakeside area. As the founder and Dean of Lake Chapala Resource Academy, I would like to publically recognize and thank these four professionals for joining forces with me to educate expats and help raise money for three of our local charities. (In order of appearance) Brad Grieves, founder of Ajijic Home Inspections, will teach about systems, structures, and security in a Lakeside casa. Jorge Torres, Rental Manager for Hernandez Realty Group will teach about finding the right rental in the right location. Mark Rome is a real estate agent for Ajijic Real Estate and will guide us through the Lakeside way of buying a house or property. Roberto Millan is owner and architect for Roberto Millan Arquitecto. He will share how he and his team transform a dream into the reality of a new Lakeside home. TO LEARN MORE about these professionals and our selected charities, please go to: https://www.lakechapalaresourceacademy.org/
  3. Xena - I'm sorry about the misunderstanding. No ill intent directed back. Tomorrow I'll post on the website the agenda along with the names of the presenters. I will also, maybe not by tomorrow, add something about my background; however, since I am not doing any of the teaching it is less important - but I can understand why people would want to know.
  4. Thank you moderator for finding a home for this announcement. To reply to Xena - Yes there is not sales. This is for education. And no ALL proceeds don't go to those charities. All profits which means I have to pay for the food, drinks, venue, etc. I hope that is okay that I also help support local businesses.
  5. I would like to announce an additional resource to help newcomers transition into the Lake Chapala area. Lake Chapala Resource Academy is proud to offer a half-day workshop about buying, renting, and building in this area. This event is about learning – not sales. *Expat Living Workshop - Housing in Lakeside Learn about renting, buying, and building before you commit. September 28, 2017 ~ 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM ~ LCS Sala building · Knowledge from a home inspector, property manager, real estate agent, and architect builder · Advice and wisdom from a panel of Lake Chapala expats and · Support a charity you select. To learn more about this workshop and the local charities please visit www.lakechapalaresourceacademy.org *For educational purposes - No sales
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